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- The Radio Amateur's Hand Book - 4/44 -

(B) Fig. 46.--Wiring Diagram for Audio Frequency Transformer Amplifying Receiving Set. (With Vacuum Tube Detector and Two Step Amplifier Tubes)

(A) Fig. 47.--Six Step Amplifier with Loop Aerial

(B) Fig. 47.--Efficient Regenerative Receiving Set (With Three Coil Loose Coupler Tuner)

Fig. 48.--Simple Regenerative Receiving Set (With Loose Coupler Tuner)

(A) Fig. 49.--Diagram of Three Coil Loose Coupler

(B) Fig. 49.--Three Coil Loose Coupler Tuner

Fig. 50.--Honeycomb Inductance Coil

Fig. 51.--The Use of the Potentiometer

Fig. 52.--Regenerative Audio Frequency Amplifier Receiving Set

Fig. 53.--How the Vario Coupler is Made and Works

Fig. 54.--How the Variometer is Made and Works

Fig. 55.--Short Wave Regenerative Receiving Set (One Variometer and Three Variable Condensers)

Fig. 56.--Short Wave Regenerative Receiving Set (Two Variometer and Two Variable Condensers)

Fig. 57.--Wiring Diagram Showing Fixed Loading Coils for Intermediate Wave Set

Fig. 58.--Wiring Digram of Intermediate Wave Receptor with One Vario Coupler and 12 Section Bank-wound Inductance Coil

Fig. 59.--Wiring Diagram Showing Long Wave Receptor with Vario Couplers and 8 Bank-wound Inductance Coils

Fig. 60.--Wiring Diagram of Long Wave Autodyne, or Self-heterodyne Receptor (Compare with Fig. 77)

Fig. 61.--Wiring Diagram of Long Wave Separate Heterodyne Receiving Set

Fig. 62.--Cross Section of Bell Telephone Receiver

Fig. 63.--Cross Section of Wireless Headphone

Fig. 64.--The Wireless Headphone

Fig. 65.--Arkay Loud Speaker

Fig. 66.--Amplitone Loud Speaker

Fig. 67.--Amplitron Loud Speaker

Fig. 68.--Magnavox Loud Speaker

Fig. 69.--Schematic Diagram of an Atom

Fig. 70.--Action of Two-electrode Vacuum Tube

(A) and (B) Fig. 71.--How a Two-electrode Tube Acts as Relay or a Detector

(C) Fig. 71--Only the Positive Part of Oscillations Goes through the Tube

(A) and (B) Fig. 72.--How the Positive and Negative Voltages of the Oscillations Act on the Electrons

(C) Fig. 72.--How the Three-electrode Tube Acts as Detector and Amplifier

(D) Fig. 72.--How the Oscillations Control the Flow of the Battery Current through the Tube

Fig. 73.--How the Heterodyne Receptor Works

Fig. 74.--Separate Heterodyne Oscillator

(A) Fig. 75.--Apparatus for Experimental C. W. Telegraph Transmitter.

(B) Fig. 75.--Apparatus for Experimental C. W. Telegraph Transmitter.

Fig. 76.--Experimental C. W. Telegraph Transmitter

Fig. 77--Apparatus of 100-mile C. W. Telegraph Transmitter

Fig. 78.--5- to 50-watt C. W. Telegraph Transmitter (with a Single Oscillation Tube)

Fig. 79.--200-mile C. W. Telegraph Transmitter (with Two Tubes in Parallel)

Fig. 80.--50-watt Oscillator Vacuum Tube

Fig. 81.--Alternating Current Power Transformer (for C. W. Telegraphy and Wireless Telephony)

Fig. 82.--Wiring Diagram for 200- to 500-mile C. W. Telegraph Transmitting Set. (With Alternating Current.)

Fig. 83--Wiring Diagram for 500- to 1000-mile C. W. Telegraph Transmitter

Fig. 84.--Standard Microphone Transmitter

Fig. 85.--Wiring Diagram of Short Distance Wireless Telephone Set. (Microphone in Aerial Wire.)

Fig. 86.--Telephone Induction Coil (used with Microphone Transmitter).

Fig. 87.--Microphone Transformer Used with Microphone Transmitter

Fig. 88.--Magnetic Modulator Used with Microphone Transmitter

(A) Fig. 89.--Wiring Diagram of 25--to 50-mile Wireless Telephone. (Microphone Modulator Shunted Around Grid-leak Condenser)

(B) Fig. 89.--Microphone Modulator Connected in Aerial Wire

Fig. 90.--Wiring Diagram of 50- to 100-mile Wireless Telephone Transmitting Set

Fig. 91.--Plate and Grid Circuit Reactor

Fig. 92.--Filter Reactor for Smoothing Out Rectified Currents

Fig. 93.--100- to 200-mile Wireless Telephone Transmitter

(A) and (B) Fig. 94.--Operation of Vacuum Tube Oscillators

(C) Fig. 94.--How a Direct Current Sets up Oscillations

Fig. 95.--Positive Voltage Only Sets up Oscillations

Fig. 96.--Rasco Baby Crystal Detector

Fig. 97.--How the Tuning Coil is Made

Fig. 98.--Mesco loop-ohm Head Set

Fig. 99.--Schematic Layout of the $5.00 Receiving Set

Fig. 100.--Wiring Diagram for the $5.00 Receiving Set


A. Frederick Collins, Inventor of the Wireless Telephone, 1899. Awarded Gold Medal for same, Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, 1909

Collins' Wireless Telephone Exhibited at the Madison Square Garden, October, 1908

General Pershing "Listening-in"

The World's Largest Radio Receiving Station. Owned by the Radio Corporation of America at Rocky Point near Port Jefferson, L. I.

First Wireless College in the World, at Tufts College, Mass

Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the Telephone, now an ardent Radio Enthusiast

World's Largest Loud Speaker ever made. Installed in Lytle Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, to permit President Harding's Address at Point Pleasant, Ohio, during the Grant Centenary Celebration to be heard within a radius of one square

United States Naval High Power Station, Arlington, Va. General view of Power Room. At the left can be seen the Control Switchboards, and overhead, the great 30 K.W. Arc Transmitter with Accessories

The Transformer and Tuner of the World's Largest Radio Station. Owned by the Radio Corporation of America at Rocky Point near Port Jefferson, L. I.

Broadcasting Government Reports by Wireless from Washington. This shows Mr. Gale at work with his set in the Post Office Department

Wireless Receptor, the size of a Safety Match Box. A Youthful Genius in the person of Kenneth R. Hinman, who is only twelve years old, has made a Wireless Receiving Set that fits neatly into a Safety Match Box. With this Instrument and a Pair of Ordinary Receivers, he is able to catch not only Code Messages but the regular Broadcasting Programs from Stations Twenty and Thirty Miles Distant

Wireless Set made into a Ring, designed by Alfred G. Rinehart, of Elizabeth, New Jersey. This little Receptor is a Practical Set; it will receive Messages, Concerts, etc., measures 1" by 5/8" by

The Radio Amateur's Hand Book - 4/44

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