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- Heroic Romances of Ireland Volume 2 - 27/27 -

nit rius. Atometha lat ar mo chuit fein, dia nom rire Echaid.

not will I come to thee. Take me with thee for my own part, if me Echaid will give up.

Nit ririub immorro, for Echaid, acht tabrad a di laim

Not thee will I give up however, said Echaid, but (I give) a placing of his two hands

imut for lar in tige, amal ro gabais. Dogentar for Mider.

about thee on floor of the house, as thou art. It shall be done! said Mider.

i. mider Atetha a gaisced ina laim cli, ocus gabais in mnai fo a leth-oxail dess,

that is, Mider He took his weapons in his hand left, and took the woman under his shoulder right,

ocus focois-le for forles in tige. Conerget in-t-sluaig imon rig

and carried her off over skylight of the house. Pose up the hosts, about the king

iar melacht forro, co n-accatar in da ela timchell na Temra. Is ed

after a disgrace on them, they saw the two swans around Tara. It is this,

ro gabsat do sid ar Femun. Ocus luid Echaid co fomno

they took (the road) to elfmound about about Femun. And went Echaid with a troop

fer n-Erend imbi do sith ar Femun i. sid ban-find.

of men of Ireland about him to elf mound about Femun i.e. elfmound of the fair-haired women.

B (a si com)[FN#146] arli fer n-Erend, fochlaid each sid [a gap, 12 letters lost]

That was the counsel of the men of Ireland, he dug up each elf-mound.

[FN#146] The letters in parentheses are a conjecture by Strachan, to fill up a gap in the manuscript.

tised a ben. do uadib, Foce [a gap of 13 letters, rest of the version lost.]

should come his wife to him from them.

Heroic Romances of Ireland Volume 2 - 27/27

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