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- History Of The Mackenzies - 104/115 -

"K. MK. 16. 96 I. MK."

By his first wife, Lilias of Findon, who died in childbed on the 21st of October, 1703, Sir Kenneth had issue -

1. George, who was educated at Oxford, where he remained from July, 1702, until May, 1704, during which period he cost his father 8192 merks. He is described as "a youth of great hope and spirit," but he died "of a decay," unmarried, in 1705, in his 21st year.

2. Roderick, who succeeded as second Baronet.

3. Alexander, who died in 1711, in his 18th year.

4. Simon, I. of Scotsburn - who was born on the 16th of May, 1702 - representation extinct, Charles Roderick Mackenzie, the last male representative of the family having died at Seaford, Sussex, on the 25th of April, 1893, without issue.

5. Margaret, who on the 13th of February, 1703, married, first, Aeneas Macleod of Cadboll (tocher 6000 merks), with issue; and secondly, Roderick Mackenzie, IV. of Applecross, with issue.

6. Isabel, who married, first, Kenneth Bayne of Tulloch, without issue; and secondly, Roderick Chisholm, XXI. of Chisholm, with issue.

7. Elizabeth, who married William Mackenzie, III. of Belmaduthy, with issue - a daughter, who married Fraser of Culduthel.

8. Margaret, who married James Cuthbert of Farnese, merchant, Inverness.

Sir Kenneth married, secondly, in 1707, Christian, eldest daughter of the Rev. Roderick Mackenzie, minister and Laird of Avoch, without issue. He married, thirdly, Abigail, daughter of John Urquhart of Newhall, with issue -

9. Kenneth, H.E.I.C.S., who died unmarried.

10. Jean, who married Kenneth Mackenzie, III. of Dundonnel, with issue, and died in 1786.

11. Ann, who in 1750 married Thomas Mackenzie, V. of Ord, with issue.

12. Lilias, born at Findon on the 22nd of February, 1711.

In 1728, two years before his death, he mortified a sum of 906 merks for the education and benefit of the poor in the parish of Avoch.

He died in 1730, and was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

V. SIR RODERICK MACKENZIE, fifth of Scatwell, and second Baronet, who in 1710 married Janet, (who died 10th February, 1761) daughter of Ludovic Grant, XVII. of Grant, with issue -

1. Lewis, his heir and successor.

2. Captain Alexander, who married, first, his cousin Lilias, daughter of Simon Mackenzie, I. of Scotsburn, with issue; and secondly, Janet, daughter of John Mackenzie, III. of Torridon, with issue. Male representation by both marriages extinct.

3. Janet, who in 1730 married Sir Alexander Mackenzie, second Baronet and IX. of Gairloch, with issue.

4. Elizabeth, who married Colin Mackenzie, III. of Mountgerald with issue.

5. Margaret, who married James Cuthbert of Milncraig.

Sir Roderick died on the 24th of April, 1750, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

VI. SIR LEWIS MACKENZIE, third Baronet and sixth of Scatwell. He was born in 1715, and in 1739 married Isabella, eldest daughter of Colin Mackenzie, I. of Mountgerald, with issue -

1. Roderick, his heir and successor.

2. Colin, who was born on the 16th of April, 1746, the day on which the battle of Culloden was fought. He was a merchant in London, in partnership with Mark Sprot, the then eminent financier, and married Janet, daughter of J. Sprot, Edinburgh. He died in 1814 and is buried in Bath Abbey. He has a sasine of Little Findon in life-rent, dated the 2nd of September, 1771. By his wife, he had issue - (1) Colin, who died unmarried, in 1841; (2) Mark, who died unmarried, in 1856; (3) Lewis, Major in the Royal Scots Greys, who married, in 1820, Nancy, only child and heiress of Samuel Forrester Bancroft. He died in 1853, with issue - (a) Lewis Mark Mackenzie, I. of Findon and Mountgerald. He succeeded to the estate of Findon by deed of arrangement with his cousin, Sir James John Randoll Mackenzie, sixth Baronet and IX. of Scatwell, in 1849, and he purchased Mountgerald from Colonel Simon Mackenzie in 1855. He died unmarried in 1856, and was succeeded, as II. of Findon, etc., by his next brother (b) Augustus Colin, who also died unmarried, in 1865; when the only surviving brother (c) Sir James D. Mackenzie, Baronet, Major half-pay, who, born in 1830, served in the 79th and 14th Regiments. He is author of the "Mackenzie Genealogies," published in 1879. Having succeeded to the property, as III. of Findon and Mountgerald, he married, in 1858, Julia Stanley, daughter of Samuel Clutsam, D.C.L., with issue - James Kenneth Douglas, born in 1859; Alice Nancy; Julia Marion; Louisa Augusta; Lilian Geraldine and Evelyn; (d) Earnest Bancroft, who died unmarried in 1861; (e) Colin, who died young; (f) Nancy Copley, who married Thomas Antony Lister of Gargrave, barrister-at-law, with issue - Nancy M. Augusta; (g) and Julia Louisa, who, in 1824, married Baron Iver Holger Rosenkrantz, Chamberlain to the King of Denmark and minister at the Court of Italy (who died in 1873), with issue - four sons.

3. Lewis, who died in the West Indies, unmarried.

4. George, Colonel 72nd Regiment, who married Joan, daughter of John Campbell of Wellwood, Ayrshire, with issue - (1) Lewis, Captain 72nd Regiment, who married Jane, daughter of William Logan, with issue - a daughter, Margaret; (2) John Campbell, Lieutenant 5th Regiment, subsequently Sheriff-Substitute of Lanark. He married, in 1810, Marie Barbier Deshayeux, at St. Jean de Luz, with issue - George Salvador, Lieutenant H.E.I.C.S., drowned in the Ganges in 1844; Admiral John Fraser Campbell, who in 1850, married Annabella, daughter of the Rev. Dr Stirling, minister of Craigie, with issue; Francois, Major H.E.I.C.S., who married, in 1854, Julia, daughter of John Mercer, of Maidstone, with issue; Lilias, who died unmarried; and Louisa Georgina, who, in 1843, married as his second wife, Dr Stair M'Quhae, with issue; (3) George, who died young; (4) another George, who died unmarried; (5) Isabel, who died young; (6) Catherine, who died unmarried; and (7) Jane, who married William Forrester Bow, M.D., with issue - three sons.

5. Lilias, who died unmarried, in 1777.

Sir Lewis was served heir to his father in 1752. His wife died in 1786 at Findon, and he died in 1756, when he was succeeded by his eldest son,

VII. SIR RODERICK MACKENZIE, fourth Baronet and seventh of Scatwell. On the 7th of April, 1764, he married Katharine, daughter of Sir James Colquhoun of Luss, by Lady Helen Sutherland, daughter of William, Lord Strathnaver, with issue -

1. Lewis, Colonel of the Ross and Cromarty Rangers. In 1794, he married Grace, daughter of Thomas Lockhart of Newhall, and died without issue before his father, in 1810.

2. James Wemyss, who succeeded his father.

3. Helen, who in 1790 died unmarried.

4. Katharine Morrison, who in 1819 died unmarried.

In 1795 Sir Roderick built, on his estate of Pittonachty, the present mansion, to which, with the property, he gave the name of the adjoining estate of Rosehaugh, and removed his family to it from the old house at Findon. He also built the present Church of Urquhart, or Ferrintosh, the old one having become uninhabitable from the accumulation of interments within it. He died on the 11th of June, 1811, and was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

VIII. SIR JAMES WEMYSS MACKENZIE, fifth Baronet and eighth of Scatwell, M.P., and Lord-Lieutenant for the County of Ross. He resided for a time in Jamaica, and was Paymaster in the army. He was born on the 10th of August, 1770, and married on the 26th of March, 1810, Henrietta Wharton, only surviving daughter and heiress of William Mackenzie, IV. of Suddie, by Margaret, daughter of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, V. of Coul, widow of Captain Robert Pott of Galallan, without issue; and on the death of her brother, Major-General John Randoll Mackenzie, of the 78th Highlanders, at Talavera, in 1809, she brought to Sir James the estate of Suddie. By her (who died on the 14th of November, 1840) he had an only child, who on his death in 1843, succeeded his father as

IX. SIR JAMES JOHN RANDOLL MACKENZIE, sixth Baronet and ninth of Scatwell, who was born on the 20th of June, 1814, and married on the 10th of October, 1838, Lady Anne Wentworth Fitzwilliam, daughter of Charles William Wentworth, fifth Earl Fitzwilliam, K.G. She died in 1879, without issue.

Sir James in 1849 obtained a disentail of the Scatwell estates, and soon after alienated or sold them. Findon went, under a deed of arrangement, to his cousin, the late Lewis Mark Mackenzie, grandson of Colin, second son of Sir Lewis Mackenzie, VI. and third Baronet of Scatwell, and was until recently possessed by his brother, Sir James Dixon Mackenzie of Findon and Mountgerald, who on the death of Sir James John Randoll Mackenzie, on the 22nd of February, 1884, without issue, assumed the Baronetcy of Scatwell, and who, failing the male representation of the Mackenzies of Ardloch, is heir male also to the Tarbat and Royston Baronetcies, and to the original Earldom of Cromarty. The estate of Scatwell was sold to Mr Murray of Polmaise; Lochluichart to Lord Ashburton; Rosehaugh in 1864, to the late James Fletcher, while that of Suddie was retained in the hands of the trustees under Sir James John Randoll Mackenzie's marriage settlement.


History Of The Mackenzies - 104/115

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