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- History Of The Mackenzies - 67/115 -

tenants, giving his own receipt against their being required to pay again to the Forfeited Estates Commissioners, and personally carried the money to her ladyship in London. It was in acknowledgment of this service that Lord Macleod afterwards appointed him Chaplain to his newly raised regiment, Macleod's Highlanders.

It was this Colin who first fully recognised the health-giving properties of the Strathpeffer mineral springs, and who, by erecting a covered shed over one of them, placed it, for the first time, in a condition to benefit the suffering thousands who have since derived so much advantage from it. Shortly before his death, in 1801, at the very old age of ninety-five years, he conducted the opening services of the parish church of Ferintosh, and contributed largely to the funds for its erection, to commemorate the saving of his wife's life, when she was washed ashore on her horse's back, near the site of the church, when her father and brother perished by drowning while crossing the River Conon, opposite Dingwall, in 1759.

The Rev. Colin married first, Margaret, daughter of Hugh Rose, IV. of Clava, with issue, an only daughter, Margaret, who died young on the 22nd of September. 1746. He married, secondly, in 1754, his cousin, Mary, eldest daughter of Donald Mackenzie, Balnabeen, who, as has been already shown, carried on, in the female line, the succession of Alexander (Sanders), eldest son of Colin, third son of Murdoch, V. of Hilton. By her, who died in 1828, the Rev. Colin of Fodderty, and Glack had issue -

1. Roderick, his heir and successor.

2. Donald, who was educated at the University of Edinburgh, and afterwards appointed parish minister of Fodderty and Chaplain to the 71st Highlanders, his father having resigned both offices in his favour. He was a noted humorist and said by those who knew him best to be much more at heart a soldier than a minister. He married first, his cousin, Mary, daughter of John Mackenzie of Brea, "the Laird," and sister of Alexander, XI. of Hilton, with issue - (1) Colin, a Colonel of Royal Engineers, who, born in 1793, married in 1838 Ann Petgrave, daughter of John Pendrill, M.D., Bath, and died without issue, in 1869; (2) John, who ultimately succeeded as IV. of Glack, and of whom presently; (3) Elizabeth, who married Lieutenant Stewart, R.N., with issue; and (4) Mary, who died unmarried. Colin married, secondly, Mary, daughter of the Rev. Mr Fyers, Fort-George, without issue.

3. Forbes Mackenzie, a Captain in the North British (Ross-shire) Militia, afterwards Major in the East of Ross Militia, and for thirty-seven years a Deputy Lieutenant for the county. He reclaimed and laid out the greater part of the valley of the Peffery, where, on the estate of Fodderty, be was the first to apply lime to the land and to grow wheat north of the Moray Firth. He was also the first to introduce Clydesdale horses and shorthorn cattle to the Highlands, and was, as has been already said, along with Sir George Mackenzie of Coul and his own cousin, Alexander Mackenzie, XI. of Hilton, the first to import Cheviot sheep to the northern counties. He married Catherine, daughter of Angus Nicolson, Stornoway, and grand-daughter of the gentleman of the same name who commanded and brought to Poolewe, with the intention of joining the standard of Prince Charles, the three hundred men ordered back to the Lewis, as already mentioned, by Seaforth, in 1745. By her Major Forbes Mackenzie had issue - (1) Nicolson, a surgeon in the army, who was wrecked near Pictou, Nova Scotia, and there drowned in his noble attempts to save the lives of others, in 1853, unmarried; (2) Roderick, heir of entail to the estate of Foveran, and a Colonel in the Royal Artillery, who, in 1878, married Caroline Sophia, daughter of J. A. Beamont of Wimbledon Park; (3) Thomas, a Major in the 78th Highlanders, Ross-shire now retired, and still unmarried; (4) Mary, who married the late Rev. John Kennedy, D.D., Free Church minister of Dingwall, with issue - Jessie, unmarried, and Mary, who married John Matheson, banker, Madras, only surviving son of the late Rev. Duncan Matheson, late Free Church minister of Gairloch with issue. Mrs Kennedy died at Strathpeffer in 1892. (5) Dorothy Blair, who died unmarried; and (6) Catherine Eunice, who married the late Adam Alexander Duncan of Naughton, county of Fife, with issue - Catherine Henrietta Adamina.

4. Anne, who married Hector Mackenzie, a Bailie of Dingwall ("Baillidh Eachainn"), to whom Alexander Campbell, the Gaelic bard, composed the beautiful elegy published in 1893 in the "Scottish Highlander." He was the second son of Alexander Mackenzie of Tollie, Provost of Dingwall (third son of Charles Mackenzie, I. of Letterewe), by his second wife, Catherine, daughter of Bayne of Delny, and younger half brother of Alexander Mackenzie, I. of Portmore. By his wife, Bailie Hector had issue, Alexander, whose daughter, Katherine, in 1836, married Major Roderick Mackenzie, H.E.I.C.S., and VII. of Kincraig, with issue.

5. Mary, who married Captain John Mackenzie, VI. of Kincraig, whose descendants, from her, now represent the Mackenzies of Redcastle.

6. Johanna, who married Dr Millar, Stornoway.

7. Una, who died unmarried.

8. Beatrice, who married Peter Hay, a Bailie of Dingwall.

9. Isabella, who died unmarried, and

10. Jean, who married the Rev. Colin Mackenzie, Stornoway.

Rev. Colin Mackenzie was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. RODERICK MACKENZIE, second of Glack. He married first, Margaret, daughter of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, X. of Gairloch, Baronet, without issue, and secondly, Christina, daughter of John Niven, Peebles, with issue -

1. Harry, who died unmarried, in 1828.

2. John, who succeeded as III. of Glack.

3. Roderick of Thornton, Aberdeenshire, who died unmarried, in 1858.

4. James, a Major in the 72nd Highlanders, who died unmarried in India, in 1857.

5. Mary, who married the late General Sir Alexander Leith, K.C.B., of Freefield and Glenkindie, without issue.

6. Rachael, who died unmarried.

7. Christina of Foveran, who died unmarried.

8. Jane Forbes Unice, who also died unmarried.

Roderick was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

III. JOHN MACKENZIE, third of Glack. He was born in 1810, succeeded his father in 1842, inherited his brother Roderick's estate in 1857, and Foveran, on her death, from his sister Christina. He acquired Inveramsay by purchase. He died. unmarried, in 1877, when he was succeeded by his cousin, the second son of his uncle, the Rev. Donald, minister of Fodderty,

IV. JOHN MACKENZIE, fourth of Glack. He was born on the 21st of March, 1795, and married first, in 1817, at Malta, Anne, daughter of Thomas MacGill, without issue; and secondly, on the 21st of October, 1822, Margaret Campbell, daughter of John Pendrill, M.D., Bath, with issue -

1. The Rev. Duncan Campbell, rector of Shephall, Hertfordshire, his heir.

2. John Pendrill, M.A. of Oxford, who was born on the 7th of February, 1825, and married first, on the 20th of October, 1859, Lucy Adelaide, daughter of Henry Thornton, with issue - Lucy Eleanor and Margaret Pendrill. She died in 1870, and he married, secondly, on the 25th of July, 1878, Caroline Maria, daughter of J. H. Wottur of Hamburg.

3. The Rev. Roderick Bain, M.A. of Exeter College, Oxford, Rector of Ludbrooke, county of Lincoln. He was born on the 14th of September, 1834, and married on the 10th of November, 1868, Josepha Peyton, eldest daughter of Colonel Richard Ignatius Robertson of Portland Place, London, without issue.

4. Margaret Campbell Pendrill, and

5. Mary, both unmarried.

His second wife died at Sorrento, Naples, on the 7th of June, 1855.

He is succeeded as representative of the family by his eldest son,

V. THE REV. DUNCAN CAMPBELL MACKENZIE, Vicar of Shephall, Herts, who was born on the 6th of January, 1824, and married on the 31st of January, 1854, Louisa, daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Nicolls, of Chichester, with issue -

1. Donald, an officer in the Marines.

2. Allan, an officer in the Ross-shire Militia.

3. Malcolm; 4, Helen; 5, Edith; 6, Lilian; and 7, Amy.


THE representative of this family, if alive, would succeed to the Chiefship after the male representative of the family of Glack, but there is no trace of any heir male of Loggie for two centuries. Before the Chiefship could come into this family, the descendants of Kenneth of Inverinate, third son of John Mackenzie of Brea, and immediate younger brother of Alexander, XI. of Hilton would have to be disposed of. Thomas, the eldest son of Inverinate, succeeded in terms of a disposition by John Mackenzie, VII. of Applecross, and in right of his mother, to the Applecross estates, but not to the male representation of that family. But the last male representative of this family failed, a few years ago, in the person of his third and last surviving son, Thomas Mackenzie, W.S., Edinburgh, who died unmarried. It will be remembered that Allan Mackenzie, II. of Hilton and Loggie, married a daughter of Alexander Dunbar of Conzie and Kilbuyack, third son of the Sheriff of Moray, with issue - (1) Murdoch, who succeeded as III. of Hilton, and (2) John, who was served heir to and afterwards designated,

I. JOHN MACKENZIE, first of Loggie, a barony situated in the old parish of that name, but now forming the western portion of the

History Of The Mackenzies - 67/115

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