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- History Of The Mackenzies - 95/115 -

3. John Caol, or Slender, who married, with issue.

4. Roderick, who married, with issue - Alexander and John, and a daughter, who married, first, a Mr Macdonald and secondly, the Rev. Kenneth Mackenzie, of the Torridon family, minister of Sleat, Isle of Skye.

Kenneth was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, second of Killichrist, who, in 1571, obtained a charter from James VI. of the lands of Suddie, which had been granted to his father in 1526 by James V. He married Agnes, only child of Roderick Mackenzie, third son of Allan, II. of Hilton, with issue -

1. Kenneth, his heir and successor.

2. John, Archdean of Ross, I. of Inverlael, who married Margaret, daughter of William Innes of Culrossie, and had a son, Kenneth, II. of Inverlael, who married Agnes, daughter of William Fraser, V. of Culbokie (sasine on marriage contract in 1629), without issue male, and the Rev. Thomas, also Archdean of Ross, III. of Inverlael. Thomas married Agnes, daughter of Hector Douglas of Muldearg, with issue - John, who succeeded as IV. of Inverlael, and Thomas, a W.S. in Edinburgh, who died unmarried. John, IV. of Inverlael, had three sons who died without issue, and a daughter, who married Alexander Mackenzie of Towie. John, the Archdean, I. of Inverlael, had a third son, Alexander, a W.S., who died unmarried; and a fourth, the Rev. James Mackenzie, minister of Nigg, who married Mary, daughter of John Rose of Broadley, with issue, from whom descended the late Right Hon. John Holt Mackenzie, who married without issue; and the late Joshua Henry Mackenzie of Belmont, Lord of Justiciary, who married Helen Ann, youngest daughter of Francis Humberston-Mackenzie, last Lord Seaforth, with issue - two daughters, Frances Mary and Penuel Augusta.

3. Murdoch, I. of Little Findon, who married Margaret, daughter of Murdoch, second son of John Mackenzie, I. of Loggie, with issue - John, II. of Little Findon.

4. Kenneth, of whom nothing is known.

5. Alexander, a natural son, Colonel in the army, and Governor of Tangiers. He had also by a German lady two sons in the French army, and two daughters, one of whom, Penelope, married Allan Macdonald, XIX of Clanranald, killed at Sheriffmuir in 1715, without issue.

Alexander died in 1575, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. KENNETH MACKENZIE, third of Killichrist, who married, first, the widow of James Gray of Skibo, with issue - a daughter, who married, first, John Dunbar of Avoch, and secondly, probably as his second wife, Lachlan Mackintosh, VII. of Kyllachy. Kenneth married, secondly, in 1605, Catharine, daughter of Roderick Mor Mackenzie, I. of Redcastle (sasine of Suddie in 1607) with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. Margaret, who married Fraser, Tutor of Foyers.

He was succeeded by his only son, who became first of


I. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, first of Suddie. He served under Gustavus Adolphus, and married Mary, daughter of Bruce of Airth, with issue -

1. Kenneth, his heir and successor.

2. Colin, who married Janet, daughter of John Mackenzie, Ardcharnach and Langwell, with issue - Alexander, an officer in the Horse Guards; Thomas, killed without issue, in the Scots Guards in Spain; John, a Lieutenant-Colonel in Collier's Regiment in Flanders; and Colin, in Lauder's Regiment, killed in Flanders, without issue.

3. Elizabeth, who married George Leslie, Sheriff-Clerk of Inverness, with issue (sasine in 1653).

4. Agnes, who about 1630 married Roderick, sixth son of Alexander Mackenzie, V. of Gairloch, without issue.

5. Magdalen, who married Alexander Graham of Drynie, with issue.

Alexander has a sasine of Suddie in 1650, and another in 1672. He was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. CAPTAIN KENNETH MACKENZIE, second of Suddie. He served in Dumbarton's Regiment in France in 1666, and as a Royalist Captain in Scotland. He married Isobel, daughter of John Paterson, Bishop of Ross, with issue -

1. Kenneth, his heir and successor.

2. George, killed with Lord Mungo Murray at Darien.

3. Margaret, who married; William Macleod of Bernera.

4. Elizabeth, married as his first wife, Colonel Alexander Mackenzie of Conansbay, son of Kenneth Mor, third Earl of Seaforth, without issue.

5. Alice, who married, first, in 1698, as his second wife, John Macdonald of Balcony, son of Sir James Macdonald, IX. of Sleat; and secondly, John Maclean, M.D., Inverness.

He was killed at the battle of Mulroy in Lochaber in 1688, [Scott gives the following account of Captain Mackenzie's death - "He was brave, and well-armed with carabine, pistols, and a halbert or half-pike. This officer came in front of a cadet of Keppoch, called Macdonald of Tullich, and by a shot aimed at him, killed one of his brothers, and then rushed on with his pike. Notwithstanding his deep provocation, Tullich, sensible of the pretext which the death of a Captain under Government would give against his clan, called out more than once, 'Avoid me, avoid me.' 'The Macdonald was never born that I would shun,' replied Mackenzie, pressing on with his pike on which Tullich hurled at his head a pistol, which he had before discharged. The blow took effect, the skull was fractured, and Mackenzie died shortly after, as his soldiers were carrying him to Inverness." - "Tales of a Grandfather."] and was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. KENNETH MACKENZIE, third of Suddie, who, in 1706 married Katharine, daughter of John Shaw of Sornbeg, Ayrshire, with issue -

1. William, his heir and successor.

2. John, Lieutenant-Colonel in the army.

3. Mary, who married General Norman Macleod, XXII. of Macleod, with issue.

4. Agnes, who married Lachlan Mackintosh of Kyllachy.

Kenneth has a sasine in 1695. He was succeeded by his eldest son,

IV. WILLIAM MACKENZIE, fourth and last of Suddie, who married Margaret, second daughter of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Baronet, and V. of Coul, with issue -

1. Alexander, who died before his father, without issue.

2. John Randoll Mackenzie, Major-General in the army, killed at Talavera in 1809, without issue.

3. Janet; and 4. Katharine, who both died without issue.

5. Henrietta Wharton, who in 1810 became her father's heir, and married, as her second husband, Sir James Wemyss, fifth Baronet and VIII. of Scatwell, M.P., Lord-Lieutenant for the County of Ross, to whom she carried the Suddie estates, and had issue - Sir James John Randoll Mackenzie, sixth Baronet and last of Scatwell, who, about 1850 sold or alienated the estates.


KENNETH, first of Killichrist fourth son of Kenneth Mackenzie, VII. of Kintail, had, as already shown, a second son, Thomas of Lochluichart, who, in 1598, obtained from Kenneth, XII. and afterwards first Lord Mackenzie of Kintail, a tack of the lands of Ord. Thomas married, first, Isobel, a daughter of Roderick MacAllan Macleod of Gairloch, with issue -

1. Murdoch Mackenzie of Scatwell, who married Catherine, daughter of Alastair Roy Mac Eachainn, without issue. In 1619, he talzied the estate of Scatwell to his foster-brother, Kenneth Mackenzie, I. of Scatwell, son of Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Coigeach, Tutor of Kintail.

2. Kenneth, progenitor of the Mackenzies of Langwell, whose present representatives are in Australia; and of Mackenzie-Ross of Aldie, who adopted the additional name of Ross on succeeding to that property.

Thomas of Lochluichart married, secondly, Annabella, daughter of Murdoch Mackenzie, I. of Fairburn, with issue -

3. John, who afterwards obtained a charter of Ord.

4. Thomas, who married a daughter of the Laird of Katewell, with issue - two sons, John of Wester Kessock, who married Margaret Maclean, and another son, who died unmarried, in 1642. Thomas died before 1628.

5. Murdoch, servitor to the Tutor of Kintail, who died unmarried, in 1628. This Murdoch, by his last will, dated 13th January, 1628, left his brother-german, John Mackenzie of Ord, executor and legatee, and bequeathed 400 merks Scots and fiffteen boils victual or the value thereof to the children of his late brother Thomas. He also left three hundred and twenty-one merks Scots to Thomas Graham, his sister's son, and the annual rent of one thousand merks to Isobel Cuthbert, wife of his said brother and executor, and discharged his sisters of all the monies they borrowed from him.

Thomas of Lochluichart died before 1619. His eldest son,

History Of The Mackenzies - 95/115

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