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- History Of The Mackenzies - 98/115 -

imprisoned in Edinburgh along with Thomas Mackenzie of Pluscardine. During his imprisonment General Carr besieged his castle, the only stronghold which still held out for the King; killed the commander, who exposed himself on the ramparts, set fire to the castle, and razed its walls to the ground. He was liberated on the intercession of his maternal uncle on payment of 7000 merks Scots. In 1690 he excambed with Kenneth Mackenzie, I. of Dundonnel, formerly of Glenmarkassie, the lands of Acha-ta-Donill, Blachlach, etc., belonging to Redcastle, for the davoch of Meikle Scatwell, of old possessed by Allan and Alexander Mackenzie. He married Isobel, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, I. of Kilcoy, with issue -

1. Colin, his heir and successor.

2. Alexander, an Advocate, who died unmarried.

3. Charles, of whom nothing is known.

4. Anne, who married John Mackenzie, II. of Scatwell, with issue - an only daughter, Lilias, who in 1679 married Colin Mackenzie, III. of Kincraig, with issue.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

IV. COLIN MACKENZIE, fourth of Redcastle, who was a very prudent man and amassed a large fortune. In 1676 he made an entail of the Barony of Redcastle, which, however, he neglected to register, a fact only discovered long after his death. He married, first, the eldest daughter of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, Baronet, I. of Coul, with issue -

1. Roderick, his heir and successor.

2. Colin of Rossend, who married, with issue - Colin, W.S., and Charles, a goldsmith. He was out in the Rising of 1715, and suffered much in consequence.

3. John, of whom there is no trace.

4. Jean, described on her tombstone in Tam as the eldest daughter. She married, in 1679, John Urquhart of Newhall.

5. Margaret, who in 1680 married Alexander Fraser, Younger of Belladrum.

6. Elizabeth, who in 1685 married Ewen Mackenzie, VII. of Hilton, with issue.

7. Anna, who in 1687 married Lachlan Mackintosh of Daviot, with issue.

Colin married, secondly, Marjory, daughter of John Robertson of Inshes, widow of Angus Mackintosh of Daviot, without issue. He was killed at Killearnan in 1704, when he was succeeded by his eldest son,

V. RODERICK MACKENZIE, fifth of Redcastle, known among the Highlanders as "Ruairi Dearg," or Red Rory. He wrote a MS. history of his own family, and married Margaret, daughter of James Grant, XVI. of Grant (sasine to her "as sister to Ludovic Grant nunc de Freuchy," in 1680), with issue -

1. Roderick, his heir and successor.

2. Ludovic, who married Eliza, daughter of Simon Mackenzie, I. of Allangrange.

3. James, M.D., who practised his profession in London.

4. Alexander, who in 1721 married Margaret, daughter of Charles Mackenzie of Cullen.

5. Isobel, who in 1718 married Aeneas Macbean, Younger of Kinchyle, with issue.

6. Jean, who in 1712 married William Mackenzie of Davochcairn, with issue.

7. Anne, who died unmarried.

Roderick married, secondly, Katharina, daughter of Charles Mackenzie of Cullen.

He died in 1725, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

VI. RODERICK MACKENZIE, sixth of Redcastle, usually called "Ruairi Mor," who married, first, in 1707, Margaret, daughter of Sir James Calder of Muirton, widow of Alexander Dunbar of Westfield (by whom she had seven sons and a daughter), with issue -

1. Roderick, his heir and successor.

2. Colin, who in 1748, married Mary, daughter of Sir John Cochrane of Waterside, son of the Hon. Sir John Cochrane of Ochiltree, second son of the first Earl of Dundonald, with issue - Kenneth Francis, Advocate-General, President of the Council, and Acting Governor of the Island of Granada, in the West Indies. He spent L25,000 of his own money in defending the island successfully against the French, for which Pitt offered him a Baronetcy, which he declined. Colin had also two daughters - Rose, who married John Wilson, and Margaret, who married Gilbert Robertson of Kindeace. Kenneth Francis married Anne Townshend. She died in 1847. He died in 1831, aged 83, and left issue - (1) Charles, who married Rebecca Molyneux, with issue - Charles, who married Lucie de Momet, with issue - a son, Charles. He died in New York in 1865. (2) James Joseph, who married Marian, daughter of Edward Impey, B.C.S., and died without issue in 1872; (3) Kenneth, who died, without issue; (4) Colin, Lieutenant-General, C.B., 48th Regiment, Madras Army, Brigadier Commanding, Commissioner Southern Division Nizam Dominions, and Governor General's agent at Murshedabad in 1843. He was, in 1844, Assistant Political Agent at Peshawur, and afterwards for a time a hostage with the Afghans. He married, first, on the 26th of May, 1832, Adeline Marian, daughter of James Pattle, Bengal Civil Service, with issue - Adeline Anne, who married Major-General Henry Hoseason, Madras Army, with issue - eight children Mary Julia, who married Major Herbert Clogstorm, with issue - four children; Rose Prinsep, who married, first, Lieutenant David Arnot, and secondly, Captain Francis Pictet, Madras Army, with issue - six children; (5) Anne; (6) Isabella Jessy, who married, on the 17th of October, 1839, James Baines of Ludlow, with issue; (7) Mary Cochrane, who on the 17th of March, 1835, married James King of Staunton Park, Herts, for twenty years M.P. for Hereford, with issue - three sons and seven daughters; (8) Eliza Margaret, who on the 15th of August, 1832, married Major-General Thomas D. Carpenter, Madras Army, with issue; (9) Amelia Frances, who in 1838 married her brother-in-law, the Rev. Thomas King of Staunton Park, Herts, with issue; and (10) Townshend, who died without issue. Lieutenant-General Colin married, secondly, in 1843, Helen Catharine, daughter of Admiral John Erskine Douglas, of the Queensberry family, without issue, and died in 1881.

Roderick Mor had twelve other sons and two daughters, of whose history very little is known. One of the sons, either John or William, married, with issue - at least two sons - the Rev. Hugh Mackenzie, who was born in 1771, and was for fourteen years Baptist minister at St. Ives, where he died and was buried in 1836. Hugh married, with issue - a son and daughter, both without issue. The second son, ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, was born in 1772, and married in 1795. Helen, daughter of John Donaldson, Dunfermline, factor for the Earl of Dundonald, with issue - (1) William, who was born in 1797 and died in infancy; (2) JOHN DONALDSON MACKENZIE, surgeon, who was born in 1803, and practised his profession in Jersey. He married, in 1840, Emma Caroline, daughter of John Landseer, and sister of the eminent painter, Sir Edwin Landseer, with issue - Edwin John Landseer Mackenzie, of Kensington Park Gardens, London, who was born in 1843; and Landseer Mackenzie, of St. Bernard, Bournemouth, born in 1849. (3) Alexander, who was born in 1806, and died young in 1822; (4) David Donaldson, born in 1811, and died unmarried in 1836; (5) Margaret Donaldson, who was born in 1799, married James Symington, banker, and died in 1863, without surviving issue; (6) Helen, born in 1801, died in 1802; (7) Mary Anne, born in 1808, and died young in 1823; and (8) Jane Donaldson, who, in 1840, married Andrew Armstrong Kerr, banker, Edinburgh, with issue - Robert, who, born in 1843, became a Judge in Jamaica, married, with issue, and died in 1884; Alexander Charles, born in 1847, married, with issue; Andrew William, who, born in 1848, married, without issue; Henry Francis, born in 1855, married, with issue; Frederick Ebenezer, born in 1858, and died in infancy. Helen Alexandrina, who married Francis Suther Melville, Edinburgh, Depute Clerk of Session and Registrar of Law Agents in Scotland, with issue; Jane; and Margaret Jessie, who died young in 1868. William Mackenzie had also a daughter Margaret, who married (and died in 1832) John Fraser of Honduras, with issue - a son, John, and a daughter, Catherine, who, in 1834, married William Napier, of Bathurst, New Brunswick, without issue. Alexander died in 1841.

Roderick Mor died on the 29th of March, 1751, at Redcastle, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

VII. RODERICK MACKENZIE, seventh of Redcastle, known among his countrymen as "Ruairi Ban." He married in 1730, Hannah Anna Murdoch of Cambodden, Galloway, with issue -

1. Kenneth, his heir and successor.

2. Captain John, who by the will of the then proprietor, he having had no son of his own to leave it to, succeeded as VI. of Kincraig.

3. and 4. Alexander and Roderick, died in infancy.

5. Margaret, who on the 29th of November, 1755, married Sir Alexander Mackenzie, third Baronet and X. of Gairloch, with issue. She died on the 1st of September, 1759.

6. Mary who was born in 1732, and died, unmarried, at Lettoch, Redcastle, in 1828, aged 96 years.

7. Elizabeth, who was born in 1746, and married in August 1782, Major-General Colin Mackenzie, with issue - Alexander Wedderburn, who died, unmarried, on the 4th of January, 1838, at Park House, Dingwall and Hannah Margaret Cochrane, who died, unmarried, on the 2nd of February 1858, at Golder's Green, Hendon.

8. Christina, who was born in 1749.

9. Jean, who was born in 1752, married Robert Anderson, Glasgow, and died, in 1819, without issue.

History Of The Mackenzies - 98/115

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