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- The Only True Mother Goose Melodies - 10/10 -

So I'll not pull her tail, nor drive her away, But pussy and I very gently will play.

There was an old woman Sold puddings and pies, She went to the mill, And the dust flew in her eyes. While through the streets, To all she meets, She ever cries, Hot Pies--Hot Pies.

A cow and a calf, An ox and a half, Forty good shillings and three. Is not enough tocher For a shoemaker's daughter, A bonny sweet lass With a coal-black ee[*]

[*][Note from Brett: "ee" is correct. I have no idea what it means.]

The little Robin grieves When the snow is on the ground, For the trees have no leaves, And no berries can be found.

The air is cold, the worms are hid, For Robin here what can be done? Let's strow around some crumbs of bread, And then he'll live till snow is gone.

Little Jack Nory Told me a story How he tried Cock-horse to ride, Sword and scabbard by his side, Saddle, leaden spurs and switches, His pocket tight With cents all bright, Marbles, tops, puzzles, props, Now he's put in jacket and breeches.

There were two blackbirds sitting on a hill, One name Jack, and the other name Jill; Fly away, Jack--fly away, Jill, Come again, Jack--come again, Jill.

Willie boy, Willie boy, Where are you going? O let us go with you, This sunshiny day.

I'm going to the meadow, To see them a mowing, I'm going to help the girls Turn the new hay.

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town, Upstairs and downstairs in his night gown; Tapping at the windows, crying at the lock, "Are the babes in their beds, for it's now ten o'clock?"

The Only True Mother Goose Melodies - 10/10

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