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- England Under the Tudors - 90/90 -

Gasquet, F. A., _Edward VI. and the Book of Common Prayer_.

Innes, A. D., _Cranmer and the English Reformation_.

Mason, A. J., _Thomas Cranmer_.

Moore, Aubrey, _History of the Reformation_.

Pollard, A, F., _Cranmer_.



_Calendar of State Papers, Mary, Foreign,_ 1 vol.

Otherwise, the list of contemporary authorities is the same as for Edward VI., with some omissions. The _Domestic Calendar, Edward VI., etc._ (vol. i.) extends on to 1580: and the remaining vols. to the end of Elizabeth bear the same title.


As for Henry VIII.


Stone, J. M., _Mary I. Queen of England_ takes the place of _England under Protector Somerset_ for Edward VI. The facts are fairly and honestly stated; though the perspective differs considerably from that of Protestant writers, the bias is not nearly so marked as in the same writer's work on the _Renaissance_: and the portrait of Mary herself is probably the truest we have.

Otherwise, the list for Edward VI. is practically repeated for Mary.



_Calendar of State Papers, Edward VI., etc., Domestic_: (Rolls). Vol. i. 1547-80. A meagre catalogue. Vol. ii. 1580-90, somewhat less meagre. Vols. iii.-vi. 1590-1603, generally full transcriptions; but the Introductions are of much less use to the student than in _Henry VIII. L. & P.,_ or the other "Rolls" series of Elizabeth. Vols. vi. and vii., addenda to vols. i. and ii.; the description, as for vols. iii-vi.

_Calendar of State Papers, Foreign, Elizabeth_: (Rolls). 14 vols., 1558-81. Very full and informing; the introductions being very useful guides to the contents.

_Calendar of State Papers, Irish_: (Rolls). Sufficiently full and satisfactory.

_Calendar of State Papers, Spanish_: (Rolls). 1558-1603. Selected and translated by Major Martin Hume, chiefly from the Simancas archives. Very valuable, and full for most of the period.

_Slate Papers relating to the Spanish Armada_: 2 vols.: ed. Professor Laughton, whose Introduction is of great interest. _Sidle Papers: Scotland and Mary Queen of Scots_. _Hamilton Papers_. _Hardwicke Papers_. _Letters of Mary Queen of Scots_: ed. A. Strickland. _Statutes and Constitutional Documents_: ed G. W. Prothero.


Buchanan, _History of Scotland_. Camden, W., _Britannia_, a survey of the realm, and _Annals of Queen_ _Elizabeth_. Foxe, J., _Book of Martyrs_. Holinshed, _Chronicle_. Knox, John, _Works_. Lesley, John (Bishop of Ross), _History of Scotland_. The Bishop was in constant diplomatic employment, on behalf of Mary. Lyndsay of Pitscottie, _Historie of Scotland_, ending 1563. _Marprelate_ Tracts. Sanders, N., _History of the Anglican Schism_. Raleigh, Sir W., _Works;_ notably _The Discovery of Guiana_, _The Fight at_ _the Azores_, and the _Relation of the Cadiz Action_. But the works contain _passim_ discussions which throw light on contemporary history. Spenser, E., _Faerie Queen_, Book I.; the Elizabethan spirit embodied in poetry. Not less necessary to a sympathetic understanding of the times than the Canterbury Tales, or Milton's Poems, for other periods.


Burnet, _History of the Reformation_. Macaulay, Lord, Essay on _Burleigh and his Times_, ostensibly a critique on the Nares Biography. Nares, E., _Memoirs of Lord Burleigh_. Neal, D., _History of the Puritans_. Strype, _Annals of the Reformation_; and _Lives of Parker_, _Grindal_, and _Whitgift_. Wright, T., _Queen Elisabeth and her Times_.


Beesley, E. S., _Queen Elizabeth_ in the Twelve English Statesmen series. Rather a biography than a history; _i.e._ the Queen's personality holds almost exclusive possession of the stage. Brown, P. Hume, _Scotland in the Time of Queen Mary_; a study of social conditions, not politics or persons, in Scotland; inferentially, useful to the student of English social conditions.

Corbett, J., _Drake and the Tudor Navy_, 2 vols., the most complete study of the Naval development under Elizabeth. Indispensable for this subject. Also _Drake_ in the English Men of Action series.

Creighton (Bishop), _Queen Elizabeth_.

Dixon, _History of the English Church_.

Fleming, D. Hay, _Mary Queen of Scots; (to her captivity in England).

Frere, W. H., _History of the English Church_.

Froude, _History of England_, vols. vii.-xii.; closing with the Armada. Mary Queen of Scots is the wicked heroine, Burghley the hero, the dramatic presentation of other characters depending largely on--and varying with--their relations to these two. These preconceptions must be borne in mind, in following a most fascinating narrative. Mr. Froude accumulated an unprecedented quantity of evidence, but does not always present it with accuracy, or weigh its value. The _Elizabethan Seamen_ is also an interesting and graphic study.

Harrison, F., _William the Silent_, in the "Foreign Statesmen" series.

Hosack, J., _Mary Queen of Scots and her Accusers_, a vigorous presentation of the case on Mary's behalf.

Hume, Martin: (1) _The Courtships of Queen Elizabeth_--a special aspect of the reign which called for a specific treatment. (2) _The Love Affairs of Mary Queen of Scots_ treated from the political, not the dramatic, point of view. (3) _The Great Lord Burghley_, a sympathetic study. (4) _The Year after the Armada_, to be read in conjunction with Corbett's _Drake_. (5) _Treason and Plot_, the best account of the Queen's closing years. (6) _Life of Sir Walter Ralegh_. (7) Introductions to the _State Papers, Spanish, Elizabeth_.

Jusserand, J. J., _The Elizabethan Novel_, a very interesting study, by a Frenchman, of this particular literary development; and _A Literary History of the English People_.

Lang, Andrew, _The Mystery of Mary Stewart_, a most ingenious examination of a practically insoluble problem: performed in the true spirit of historical investigation. The conclusions, with a less exhaustive treatment of the evidence, are presented in the _History of Scotland_--which is also a running criticism on English affairs as they affected, or were affected by, Scotland.

Laughton, Introduction to the _State Papers relating to the Armada_.

Lee, Sidney, _Life of Shakespeare_; and _Great Englishmen of the Sixteenth Century_.

Moore, Aubrey, _History of the Reformation_.

Motley, J. R., _Rise of the Dutch Republic_, the classical work on the subject.

Oppenheim, M., _History of the Administration of the Royal Navy, etc._

Procter, F., and Frere, W. H., _New History of the Book of Common Prayer_.

Rodd, Sir Rennell, _Raleigh_ in English Men of Action series.

Seeley, Sir J. R., _The Expansion of England_, lecture v.; and, _The Growth of British Policy_ from Elizabeth to William III. (2 vols.).

Sichel, E., _Catherine de Medici_, etc.; an account of some leading characters on the Continent.

Skelton, J., _Maitland of Lethington_, an able study of the "Scottish Macchiavelli".

Tomlinson, J. R., _The Prayer-Book, Articles, Homilies_--from a strongly "Protestant" point of view.

[Illustration: Spanish America about 1580]

England Under the Tudors - 90/90

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