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- A Brief History of the United States - 60/72 -

Who was entitled to the prefix Mr.? What were common people called? Laws with regard to drinking? Using tobacco?

95. Tell something of the habits of the people in New York. What customs familiar to us are of Dutch origin? How did the style of living at the south differ from that at the north?

96. Describe a southern plantation. What is said of Mount Vernon flour? Of the luxurious living? State of education in New England? Tell something of the support given to schools.

97. Of the founding of Yale College. Of their town meetings. Of the state of education in the middle colonies. How were the ministers' salaries met?

98. What was the state of education in the southern colonies? Provision made for public worship? Give some idea of the early Virginia laws concerning worship.


101. How did England treat the colonies? Give some illustrations.

102. What was the tendency of this course of conduct? What was the direct cause of war? What were Writs of Assistance? The Stamp Act? Tell the story of Patrick Henry.

103 What efforts were made to resist the law? What effect did they have on the English government? Was this permanent? What was the Mutiny Act? Why was it passed?

104. How was it received by the colonists? Tell about the Boston Massacre. When? The Boston Tea Party. Why was the tea thrown overboard? For what is Faneuil Hall noted? What did the English now do?

106, 107. What parties were formed? What action did the colonists take? When and where was the "First Continental Congress" held? What action did it take? When and where was the first blood spilled? Describe how the battle of Lexington occurred.

108,109. Effects of this battle. Tell how the battle of Bunker Hill occurred. Describe it. Tell something of "Old Put."

110. Effect of the battle. Describe the death of General Warren. Give some account of Ethan Alien. Why were the New Hampshire Grants so called? Describe the capture of Ticonderoga.

111. Meeting of Second Continental Congress. Its action. What was the condition of the army? What expedition was undertaken against Canada?

112. Describe the attack upon Quebec. Its end. How were the British forced to leave Boston?

113. How had they treated the Boston people? The Boston boys? Describe the attack on Fort Moultrie. Its effect. Tell the story of Sergeant Jasper.

114. When was the Declaration of Independence adopted? How many colonies voted for it? Tell the story of the old "liberty bell," How did the campaign near New York occur? Describe the battle of Long Island.

115. What decided it in favor of the English? By what providential circumstance did the Americans escape? What were the prison ships? Who were the Hessians? Tell the story of Nathan Hale.

116, 117. What battles occurred while Washington was falling back? Describe his retreat through New Jersey. How did he escape? What general was captured by the enemy? What was the condition of the country? Describe the battle of Trenton. Tell the story of Rall.

118. The effect of this battle. Name the battles of 1776 in order. Describe the battle of Princeton. What providential circumstance favored the attack?

119. How did the battle of Brandywine occur? Describe it. What decided it in favor of the English? What previous battle did it resemble? Give some account of La Fayette.

120, 121. Describe the battle of Germantown. Why did the Americans fail? How did the campaign in Pennsylvania close? What disastrous attempt was made by the British at the north? Describe the burning of Danbury, the capture of General Prescott, and the murder of Jane McCrea. What events attended General Burgoyne's march south? What measures were taken to check his advance?

122. Who succeeded General Schuyler? What was Schuyler's conduct? What events deranged Burgoyne's plans? How was the siege of Fort Schuyler (Stanwix) raised? Tell something of Kosciusko.

123. Of the battle of Bennington. For what incident is it noted?

124 Describe the first battle of Saratoga. The second battle. Who was the hero of the fight? How did General Fraser die? Tell some incidents of the campaign.

125. Effect of these fights? Name the battles of 1777 in order. Describe the sufferings at Valley Forge.

126. How could the soldiers endure such misery? What news came in the spring? Story told of Washington by Mr. Potts? Tell something of the Conway cabal. What story is told of General Reed?

127. What caused the battle of Monmouth to happen? Describe its prominent incident. Tell the history of Benjamin Franklin.

128. Tell the story of Mary Pitcher. What became of General Lee? What campaign was now planned by the aid of the French? How did it turn out? Describe the Wyoming massacre. What poem has been written upon this event? _Ans._ Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming. Name the battles of 1778 in order.

129. Why was the war now transferred to the south? How did the campaign open? Describe the attack on Savannah. Who were killed? Tell something of Count Pulaski. Was the French aid of great value?

130. What characterized the campaign at the north? Tell the story of General Putnam. Describe the capture of Stony Point.

131. General Sullivan's expedition. What do you say of the naval successes?

132. Describe the contest between the Bon Homme Richard and the Serapis. What colony was conquered by the British during this year? Name the principal battles of 1779 in order.

133. What city was now captured? What followed? How did the battle of Camden occur? Describe it. What was its result? Tell something of the famous partisan warfare of those times.

134. Name some leaders. Story of Marion. Some partisan victories. Death of Colonel Hayne. Effect of this independent warfare. Tell something of the depreciation of the continental money.

135. What mutiny occurred? Tell the story of Arnold's treason.

136. Of Andre's capture and fate. Of Arnold's escape and reward. In what estimation was he held? Name the principal events of 1780.

137. Condition of the army at the south? Who now took command? Describe the battle of the Cowpens. Describe Greene's celebrated retreat. How many times did the rain save him?

138. By what two battles was the contest at the south closed? Were the English or Americans victorious? Give anecdotes illustrative of the patriotism of the women. Character of General Greene.

139. Where did Cornwallis go after the failure of his southern campaign? What kind of war did he wage in Virginia? Why did he retire to Yorktown? What plan did Washington now adopt?

140. Describe the siege. Its result. The surrender. The effect. On what plundering tours did Arnold go? Story told of Governor Nelson? Name the principal battles of 1781 in order.

141. How was the news of Cornwallis's surrender received?

142. Was all peril to our liberties over? What was the condition of the country? What base offer was made to Washington? How did he pacify the army? When was peace signed? What was the result? What course did Washington take?

143. Tell something of the weakness of the government. What held the colonies together? Cause of Shays's rebellion? What need was felt? How was it met? When was the Constitution adopted? What parties arose? How soon was the Constitution ratified? How many States were necessary? When did the new government go into operation?


147, 148. Limits of this epoch? Its characteristic idea? Who was the first President of the United States? When and where was he inaugurated? Where was the capital? Name its changes. What was the popular feeling toward Washington? Give some account of Washington's life and character.

151. What difficulties beset the government? What departments were established? Name the members of the first Cabinet. What financial measures were adopted? By whose advice?

152. What did Webster say of Hamilton? Give an account of the whisky rebellion. Of the Indian war at the northwest. What difficulty arose with England?

153. How was it settled? How was the treaty received in this country? What treaty was made with Spain? Algiers? What was the popular feeling toward France? Why was Genet recalled? What parties now arose? Who were the leaders of each? Their views? Tell something of Randolph.

154. Who was elected second President? Tell something of Adams's life. What were the alien and sedition laws? Why were they passed?

A Brief History of the United States - 60/72

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