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- Discoveries and Some Poems - 20/20 -

Richard Hooker. Robert Earl of Essex. Sir Walter Raleigh. Sir Henry Savile. Sir Edwin Sandys. Sir Thomas Egerton, L.C. Sir Francis Bacon, L.C.

{62a} "Which will secure a long age for the known writer."--Horat. de Art. Poetica.

{66a} They have poison for their food, even for their dainty.

{74a} Haud infima ars in principe, ubi lenitas, ubi severitas--plus polleat in commune bonum callere.

{74b} i.e., Machiavell.

{81a} "Censure pardons the crows and vexes the doves."--Juvenal.

{81b} "Does not spread his net for the hawk or the kite."--Plautus.

{93} Parrhasius. Eupompus. Socrates. Parrhasius. Clito. Polygnotus. Aglaophon. Zeuxis. Parrhasius. Raphael de Urbino. Mich. Angelo Buonarotti. Titian. Antony de Correg. Sebast. de Venet. Julio Romano. Andrea Sartorio.

{94} Plin. lib. 35. c. 2, 5, 6, and 7. Vitruv. lib. 8 and 7.

{95} Horat. in "Arte Poet."

{106a} Livy, Sallust, Sidney, Donne, Gower, Chaucer, Spenser, Virgil, Ennius, Homer, Quintilian, Plautus, Terence.

{110a} The interpreter of gods and men.

{111a} Julius Caesar. Of words, see Hor. "De Art. Poet.;" Quintil. 1. 8, "Ludov. Vives," pp. 6 and 7.

{111b} A prudent man conveys nothing rashly.

{114a} That jolt as they fall over the rough places and the rocks.

{116a} Directness enlightens, obliquity and circumlocution darken.

{117a} Ocean trembles as if indignant that you quit the land.

{117b} You might believe that the uprooted Cyclades were floating in.

{118a} Those armies of the people of Rome that might break through the heavens.--Caesar. Comment. circa fin.

{124a} No one can speak rightly unless he apprehends wisely.

{133a} "Where the discussion of faults is general, no one is injured."

{133b} "Gnaw tender little ears with biting truth--Per Sat. 1.

{133c} "The wish for remedy is always truer than the hope.--Livius.

{136a} "AEneas dedicates these arms concerning the conquering Greeks."--Virg. AEn. lib. 3.

{136b} "You buy everything, Castor; the time will come when you will sell everything."--Martial, lib. 8, epig. 19.

{136c} "Cinna wishes to seem poor, and is poor."

{136d} "Which is evident in every first song."

{139a} "There is a god within us, and when he is stirred we grow warm; that spirit comes from heavenly realms."

{146a} "If it were allowable for immortals to weep for mortals, the Muses would weep for the poet Naevius; since he is handed to the chamber of Orcus, they have forgotten how to speak Latin at Rome.

{148a} "No one has judged poets less happily than he who wrote about them."--Senec. de Brev. Vit, cap. 13, et epist. 88.

{149a} Heins, de Sat. 265.

{149b} Pag. 267.

{149c} Pag. 270. 271.

{149d} Pag. 273, et seq.

{149e} Pag. in comm. 153, et seq.

{160a} "And which jolt as they fall over the rough uneven road and high rocks."--Martial, lib. xi. epig. 91.

Discoveries and Some Poems - 20/20

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