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- Sejanus: His Fall - 30/53 -

Bring back my lord! like servile ushers, make Way for my lord! proclaim his idol lordship, More than ten criers, or six noise of trumpets! Make legs, kiss hands, and take a scatter'd hair From my lord's eminent shoulder! [Sanquinius and Haterius pass over the stage. See, Sanquinius With his slow belly, and his dropsy! look, What toiling haste he makes! yet here's another Retarded with the gout, will be afore him. Get thee Liburnian porters, thou gross fool, To bear thy obsequious fatness, like thy peers. They are met! the gout returns, and his great carriage. [Lictors, Regulus, Trio, Sejanus, Satrius, and many other Senators, pass over the stage.

Lict. Give way, make place, room for the consul!

San. Hail, Hail, great. Sejanus!

Hat. Hail, my honour'd lord!

Arr. We shall be mark'd anon, for our not Hail.

Lep. That is already done.

Arr. It is a note Of upstart greatness, to observe and watch For these poor trifles, which the noble mind Neglects and scorns.

Lep. Ay, and they think themselves Deeply dishonour'd where they are omitted, As if they were necessities that help'd To the perfection of their dignities; And hate the men that but refrain them.

Arr. O! There is a farther cause of hate. Their breasts Are guilty, that we know their obscure springs, And base beginnings; thence the anger grows. On. Follow.

SCENE IX.-Another part of the same. Enter MACRO and LACO.

Mac. When all are enter'd, shut the temple doors; And bring your guards up to the gate.

Lac. I will.

Mac. If you shall hear commotion in the senate, Present yourself: and charge on any man Shall offer to come forth.

Lac. I am instructed. [Exeunt.

SCENE X.-The Temple of Apollo.


Hat. How well, his lordship looks to-day!

Tri. As if He had been born, or made for this hour's state.

Cat. Your fellow consul's come about, methinks?

Tri. Ay, he is wise.

San. Sejanus trusts him well.

Tri. Sejanus is a noble, bounteous lord.

Hat. He is so, and most valiant.

Lat. And most wise.

1 Sen. He's every thing.

Lat. Worthy of all, and more Than bounty can bestow.

Tri. This dignity Will make him worthy.

Pom. Above Caesar.

San. Tut, Caesar is but the rector of an isle, He of the empire.

Tri. Now he will have power More to reward than ever.

Cat. Let us look We be not slack in giving him our voices.

Lat. Not I.

San. Nor I.

Col. The readier we seem To propagate his honours, will more bind His thoughts to ours.

Hat. I think right with your lordship; It is the way to have us hold our places.

San. Ay, and get more.

Lat. More office and more titles.

Pom. I will not lose the part I hope to share I n these his fortunes, for my patrimony.

Lat. See, how Arruntius sits, and Lepidus!

Tri. Let them alone, they will be mark'd anon.

1 Sen. I'll do with others.

2 Sen. So will I.

3 Sen. And I. Men grow not in the state, but as they are planted Warm in his favours.

Col. Noble Sejanus!

Hat. Honour'd Sejanus!

Lat. Worthy and great Sejanus!

Arr. Gods! how the sponges open and take in, And shut again! look, look! is not he blest That gets a seat in eye-reach of him? more, That comes in ear, or tongue-reach? O but most, Can claw his subtle elbow, or with a buz Fly-blow his ears?

Praet. Proclaim the senate's peace, And give last summons by the edict.

Prae. Silence! In name of Caesar, and the senate, silence! Memmius Regulus, and Fulcinius Trio, consuls, these present kalends of June, with the first light, shall hold a senate, in the temple of Apollo Palatine: all that are fathers, and are registered fathers that have right of entering the senate, we warn or command you be frequently present, take knowledge the business is the commonwealth's: whosoever is absent, his fine or mulct will be taken, his excuse will not be taken.

Tri. Note who are absent, and record their names.

Reg. Fathers conscript, may what I am to utter Turn good and happy for the commonwealth! And thou, Apollo, in whose holy house We here have met, inspire us all with truth, And liberty of censure to our thought! The majesty of great Tiberius Caesar Propounds to this grave senate, the bestowing Upon the man he loves, honour'd Sejanus, The tribunitial dignity and power: Here are his letters, signed with his signet. What pleaseth now the fathers to be done?

Sen. Read, read them, open, publicly read them.

Cot. Caesar hath honour'd his own greatness much In thinking of this act.

Sejanus: His Fall - 30/53

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