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- The Home Book of Verse, Volume 1 - 10/114 -

Hymn of Apollo Percy Bysshe Shelley Prelude to "The New Day" Richard Watson Gilder Dawn on the Headland William Watson The Miracle of the Dawn Madison Cawein Dawn-angels A. Mary F. Robinson Music of the Dawn Virginia Bioren Harrison Sunrise on Mansfield Mountain Alice Brown Ode to Evening William Collins "It is a Beauteous Evening Calm and Free" William Wordsworth Gloaming Robert Adger Bowen Evening Melody Aubrey de Vere In the Cool of the Evening Alfred Noyes Twilight Olive Custance Twilight at Sea Amelia C. Welby "This is My Hour" Zoe Akins Song to the Evening Star Thomas Campbell The Evening Cloud John Wilson Song: To Cynthia Ben Jonson My Star Robert Browning Night William Blake To Night Percy Bysshe Shelly To Night Joseph Blanco White Night John Addington Symonds Night James Montgomery He Made the Night Lloyd Mifflin Hymn to the Night Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Night's Mardi Gras Edward J. Wheeler Dawn and Dark Norman Gale Dawn George B. Logan, Jr A Wood Song Ralph Hodgson


A Song for the Seasons Bryan Waller Procter A Song of the Seasons Cosmo Monkhouse Turn o' the Year Katherine Tynan The Waking Year Emily Dickinson Song, "The year's at the spring" Robert Browning Early Spring Alfred Tennyson Lines Written in Early Spring William Wordsworth In Early Spring Alice Meynell Spring Thomas Nashe A Starling's Spring Rondel James Cousins "When Daffodils begin to Peer" William Shakespeare Spring, from "In Memoriam" Alfred Tennyson The Spring Returns Charles Leonard Moore "When the Hounds of Spring" Algernon Charles Swinburne Song, "Again rejoicing Nature sees" Robert Burns To Spring William Blake An Ode on the Spring Thomas Gray Spring Henry Timrod The Meadows in Spring Edward Fitzgerald The Spring William Barnes "When Spring Comes Back to England" Alfred Noyes New Life Amelia Josephine Burr "Over the Wintry Threshold" Bliss Carman March William Morris Song in March William Gilmore Simms March Nora Hopper Written in March William Wordsworth The Passing of March Robert Burns Wilson Home Thoughts, from Abroad Robert Browning Song, "April, April" William Watson An April Adoration Charles G. D. Roberts Sweet Wild April William Force Stead Spinning in April Josephine Preston Peabody Song: On May Morning John Milton A May Burden Francis Thompson Corinna's Going a-Maying Robert Herrick "Sister, Awake" Unknown May Edward Hovell-Thurlow May Henry Sylvester Cornwell A Spring Lilt Unknown Summer Longings Denis Florence MacCarthy Midsummer John Townsend Trowbridge A Midsummer Song Richard Watson Gilder June, from "The Vision of Sir Launfal" James Russell Lowell June Harrison Smith Morris Harvest Ellen Mackay Hutchinson Cortissoz Scythe Song Andrew Lang September George Arnold Indian Summer Emily Dickinson Prevision Ada Foster Murray A Song of Early Autumn Richard Watson Gilder To Autumn John Keats Ode to Autumn Thomas Hood Ode to the West Wind Percy Bysshe Shelley Autumn: a Dirge Percy Bysshe Shelley Autumn Emily Dickinson "When the Frost is on the Punkin" James Whitcomb Riley Kore Frederic Manning Old October Thomas Constable November C. L. Cleaveland November Mahlon Leonard Fisher Storm Fear Robert Frost Winter: a Dirge Robert Burns Old Winter Thomas Noel The Frost Hannah Flagg Gould The Frosted Pane Charles G. D. Roberts The Frost Spirit John Greenleaf Whittier Snow Elizabeth Akers To a Snowflake Francis Thompson The Snow-Shower William Cullen Bryant Midwinter John Townsend Trowbridge A Glee for Winter Alfred Domett The Death of the Old Year Alfred Tennyson Dirge for the Year Percy Bysshe Shelley


Waldeinsamkeit Ralph Waldo Emerson "When in the Woods I Wander All Alone" Edward Hovell-Thurlow Aspects of the Pines Paul Hamilton Hayne Out in the Fields Unknown Under the Leaves Albert Laighton "On Wenlock Edge" Alfred Edward Housman "What Do We Plant" Henry Abbey The Tree Jones Very The Brave Old Oak Henry Fothergill Chorley "The Girt Woak Tree that's in the Dell" William Barnes To the Willow-tree Robert Herrick Enchantment Madison Cawein Trees Joyce Kilmer The Holly-tree Robert Southey The Pine Augusta Webster "Woodman, Spare that Tree" George Pope Morris The Beech Tree's Petition Thomas Campbell The Poplar Field William Cowper The Planting of the Apple-Tree William Cullen Bryant Of an Orchard Katherine Tynan An Orchard at Avignon A. Mary F. Robinson The Tide River Charles Kingsley The Brook's Song Alfred Tennyson Arethusa Percy Bysshe Shelley The Cataract of Lodore Robert Southey Song of the Chattahoochee Sidney Lanier "Flow Gently, Sweet Afton" Robert Burns Canadian Boat-Song Thomas Moore The Marshes of Glynn Sidney Lanier The Trosachs William Wordsworth Hymn before Sunrise in the Vale of Chamouni Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Peaks Stephen Crane Kinchinjunga Cale Young Rice The Hills Julian Grenfell Hemlock Mountain Sarah N. Cleghorn Sunrise on Rydal Water John Drinkwater The Deserted Pasture Bliss Carman To Meadows Robert Herrick The Cloud Percy Bysshe Shelley April Rain Robert Loveman Summer Invocation William Cox Bennett April Rain Mathilde Blind To the Rainbow Thomas Campbell


My Garden Thomas Edward Brown The Garden Andrew Marvell A Garden Andrew Marvell A Garden Song Austin Dobson In Green Old Gardens Violet Fane A Benedictine Garden Alice Brown An Autumn Garden Bliss Carman Unguarded Ada Foster Murray The Deserted Garden Elizabeth Barrett Browning A Forsaken Garden Algernon Charles Swinburne Green Things Growing Dinah Maria Mulock Craik A Chanted Calendar Sydney Dobell Flowers Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Flowers Thomas Hood A Contemplation Upon Flowers Henry King Almond Blossom Edwin Arnold White Azaleas Harriet McEwen Kimball Buttercups Wilfrid Thorley The Broom Flower Mary Howitt The Small Celandine William Wordsworth To the Small Celandine William Wordsworth Four-leaf Clover Ella Higginson Sweet Clover Wallace Rice "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" William Wordsworth To Daffodils Robert Herrick To a Mountain Daisy Robert Burns A Field Flower James Montgomery

The Home Book of Verse, Volume 1 - 10/114

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