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- The Home Book of Verse, Volume 1 - 3/114 -

Challenge Kenton Foster Murray Tired Mothers May Riley Smith My Daughter Louise Homer Greene "I Am Lonely" George Eliot Sonnets from "Mimma Bella" Eugene Lee-Hamilton Rose-Marie of the Angels Adelaide Crapsey


Maidenhood Henry Wadsworth Longfellow To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time Robert Herrick To Mistress Margaret Hussey John Skelton On Her Coming To London Edmund Waller "O, Saw Ye Bonny Lesley" Robert Burns To a Young Lady William Cowper Ruth Thomas Hood The Solitary Reaper William Wordsworth The Three Cottage Girls William Wordsworth Blackmwore Maidens William Barnes A Portrait Elizabeth Barrett Browning To a Child of Fancy Lewis Morris Daisy Francis Thompson To Petronilla, Who Has Put Up Her Hair Henry Howarth Bashford The Gipsy Girl Henry Alford Fanny Anne Reeve Aldrich Somebody's Child Louise Chandler Moulton Emilia Sarah N. Cleghorn To a Greek Girl Austin Dobson "Chamber Scene" Nathaniel Parker Willis "Ah, Be Not False" Richard Watson Gilder A Life-Lesson James Whitcomb Riley


The Breaking Margaret Steele Anderson The Flight of Youth Richard Henry Stoddard "Days of My Youth" St. George Tucker Ave Atque Vale Rosamund Marriott Watson To Youth Walter Savage Landor Stanzas Written on the Road Between Florence and Pisa George Gordon Byron Stanzas for Music George Gordon Byron "When As a Lad" Isabel Ecclestone Mackay "Around the Child" Walter Savage Landor Aladdin James Russell Lowell The Quest Ellen Mackey Hutchinson Cortissoz My Birth-Day Thomas Moore Sonnet on His having Arrived to the Age of Twenty-Three John Milton On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year George Gordon Byron Growing Gray Austin Dobson The One White Hair Walter Savage Landor Ballade of Middle Age Andrew Lang Middle Age Rudolph Chambers Lehmann To Critics Walter Learned The Rainbow William Wordsworth Leavetaking William Watson Equinoctial Adeline D. T. Whitney "Before the Beginning of Years" Algernon Charles Swinburne Man Henry Vaughan The Pulley George Herbert Ode on the Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood William Wordsworth


Woman Eaton Stannard Barrett Woman From the Sanskrit of Calidasa Simplex Munditiis Ben Jonson Delight in Disorder Robert Herrick A Praise of His Lady John Heywood On a Certain Lady at Court Alexander Pope Perfect Woman William Wordsworth The Solitary-Hearted Hartley Coleridge Of Those Who Walk Alone Richard Burton "She Walks in Beauty" George Gordon Byron Preludes from "The Angel in The House" Coventry Patmore A Health Edward Coote Pinkney Our Sister Horatio Nelson Powers From Life Brian Hooker The Rose of the World William Butler Yeats Dawn of Womanhood Harold Monro The Shepherdess Alice Meynell A Portrait Brian Hooker The Wife Theodosia Garrison "Trusty, Dusky, Vivid, True" Robert Louis Stevenson The Shrine Digby Mackworth Dolben The Voice Norman Gale Mother Theresa Helburn Ad Matrem Julian Fane C.L.M John Masefield


Stepping Westward William Wordsworth A Farewell to Arms George Peele The World Francis Bacon "When That I Was and a Little Tiny Boy" William Shakespeare Of the Last Verses in the Book Edmund Waller A Lament Chidiock Tichborne To-morrow John Collins Late Wisdom George Crabbe Youth and Age Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Old Man's Comforts Robert Southey To Age Walter Savage Lander Late Leaves Walter Savage Lander Years Walter Savage Lander The River of Life Thomas Campbell "Long Time a Child" Hartley Coleridge The World I am Passing Through Lydia Maria Child Terminus Ralph Waldo Emerson Rabbi Ben Ezra Robert Browning Human Life Audrey Thomas de Vere Young and Old Charles Kingsley The Isle of the Long Ago Benjamin Franklin Taylor Growing Old Matthew Arnold Past John Galsworthy Twilight A. Mary F. Robinson Youth and Age George Arnold Forty Years On Edward Ernest Bowen Dregs Ernest Dowson The Paradox of Time Austin Dobson Age William Winter Omnia Sonmia Rosamund Marriott Watson The Year's End Timothy Cole An Old Man's Song Richard Le Gallienne Songs of Seven Jean Ingelow Auspex James Russell Lowell


The Retreat Henry Vaughan A Superscription Dante Gabriel Rossetti The Child in the Garden Henry Van Dyke Castles in the Air Thomas Love Peacock Sometimes Thomas S. Jones, Jr The Little Ghosts Thomas S. Jones, Jr My Other Me Grace Denio Litchfield A Shadow Boat Arlo Bates A Lad That is Gone Robert Louis Stevenson Carcassonne John R. Thompson Childhood John Banister Tabb The Wastrel Reginald Wright Kauffman Troia Fuit Reginald Wright Kauffman Temple Garlands A. Mary F. Robinson Time Long Past Percy Bysshe Shelley "I Remember, I Remember" Thomas Hood My Lost Youth Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "Voice of the Western Wind" Edmund Clarence Stedman "Langsyne, When Life Was Bonnie" Alexander Anderson The Shoogy-Shoo Winthrop Packard Babylon Viola Taylor The Road of Remembrance Lizette Woodworth Reese The Triumph of Forgotten Things Edith M. Thomas In the Twilight James Russell Lowell An Immorality Ezra Pound Three Seasons Christina Georgina Rossetti The Old Familiar Faces Charles Lamb The Light of Other Days Thomas Moore "Tears, Idle Tears" Alfred Tennyson The Pet Name Elizabeth Barrett Browning Threescore and Ten Richard Henry Stoddard Rain on the Roof Coates Kinney Alone by the Hearth George Arnold The Old Man Dreams Oliver Wendell Holmes The Garret William Makepeace Thackeray Auld Lang Syne Robert Burns Rock Me to Sleep Elizabeth Akers The Bucket Samuel Woodworth The Grape-Vine Swing William Gilmore Simms The Old Swimmin'-Hole James Whitcomb Riley Forty Years Ago Unknown Ben Bolt Thomas Dunn English "Break, Break, Break" Alfred Tennyson



The Home Book of Verse, Volume 1 - 3/114

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