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- The Home Book of Verse, Volume 1 - 4/114 -

Eros Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Now What is Love" Walter Raleigh Wooing Song, "Love is the Blossom where there blows" Giles Fletcher Rosalind's Madrigal, "Love in My bosom" Thomas Lodge Song, "Love is a sickness full of woes" Samuel Daniel Love's Perjuries William Shakespeare Venus' Runaway Ben Jonson What is Love John Fletcher Love's Emblems John Fletcher The Power of Love John Fletcher Advice to a Lover Unknown Love's Horoscope Richard Crashaw "Ah, how Sweet it is to Love" John Dryden Song, "Love still has something of the sea" Charles Sedley The Vine James Thomson Song, "Fain would I change that Note" Unknown Cupid Stung Thomas Moore Cupid Drowned Leigh Hunt Song, "Oh! say not woman's love is bought" Isaac Pocock "In the Days of Old" Thomas Love Peacock Song, "How delicious is the winning" Thomas Campbell Stanzas, "Could love for ever" George Gordon Byron "They Speak o' Wiles" William Thom "Love will Find Out the Way" Unknown A Woman's Shortcomings Elizabeth Barrett Browning "Love hath a Language" Helen Selina Sheridan Song, "O, let the solid ground" Alfred Tennyson Amaturus William Johnson-Cory The Surface and the Depths Lewis Morris A Ballad of Dreamland Algernon Charles Swinburne Endymion Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Fate Susan Marr Spalding "Give all to Love" Ralph Waldo Emerson "O, Love is not a Summer Mood" Richard Watson Gilder "When will Love Come" Pakenham Beatty "Awake, My Heart" Robert Bridges The Secret George Edward Woodberry The Rose of Stars George Edward Woodberry Song of Eros from "Agathon" George Edward Woodberry Love is Strong Richard Burton "Love once was like an April Dawn" Robert Underwood Johnson The Garden of Shadow Ernest Dowson The Call Reginald Wright Kauffman The Highway Louise Driscoll Song, "Take it, love" Richard Le Gallienne "Never Give all the Heart" William Butler Yeats Song, "I came to the door of the house of love" Alfred Noyes "Child, Child" Sara Teasdale Wisdom Ford Madox Hueffer Epilogue from "Emblems of Love" Lascelles Abercrombie On Hampstead Heath Wilfrid Wilson Gibson Once on a Time Kendall Banning


First Song from "Astrophel and Stella" Philip Sidney Silvia William Shakespeare Cupid and Campaspe John Lyly Apollo's Song from "Midas" John Lyly "Fair is my Love for April's in her Face" Robert Greene Samela Robert Greene Damelus' Song of His Diaphenia Henry Constable Madrigal, "My Love in her attire doth show her wit" Unknown On Chloris Walking in the Snow William Strode "There is a Lady Sweet and Kind" Unknown Cherry-Ripe Thomas Campion Amarillis Thomas Campion Elizabeth of Bohemia Henry Wotton Her Triumph Ben Jonson Of Phillis William Drummond A Welcome William Browne The Complete Lover William Browne Rubies and Pearls Robert Herrick Upon Julia's Clothes Robert Herrick To Cynthia on Concealment of her Beauty Francis Kynaston Song, "Ask me no more where Jove bestows" Thomas Carew A Devout Lover Thomas Randolph On a Girdle Edmund Waller Castara William Habington To Amarantha that She would Dishevel her Hair Richard Lovelace Chloe Divine Thomas D'Urfey My Peggy Allan Ramsay Song, "O ruddier than the cherry" John Gay "Tell me, my Heart, if this be Love" George Lyttleton The Fair Thief Charles Wyndham Amoret Mark Akenside Song, "The shape alone let others Prize" Mark Akenside Kate of Aberdeen John Cunningham Song, "Who has robbed the ocean cave" John Shaw Chloe Robert Burns "O Mally's Meek, Mally's Sweet" Robert Burns The Lover's Choice Thomas Bedingfield Rondeau Redouble John Payne "My Love She's but a Lassie yet" James Hogg Jessie, the Flower o' Dunblane Robert Tannahill Margaret and Dora Thomas Campbell Dagonet's Canzonet Ernest Rhys Stanzas for Music, "There be none of Beauty's daughters" George Gordon Byron "Flowers I would Bring" Aubrey Thomas de Vere "It is not Beauty I Demand" George Darley Song, "She is not fair to outward view" Hartley Coleridge Song, "A violet in her lovely hair" Charles Swain Eileen Aroon Gerald Griffin Annie Laurie Unknown To Helen Edgar Allan Poe "A Voice by the Cedar Tree" Alfred Tennyson Song, "Nay, but you, who do not love her" Robert Browning The Henchman John Green1eaf Whittier Lovely Mary Donnelly William Allingham Love in the Valley George Meredith Marian George Meredith Praise of My Lady William Morris Madonna Mia Algernon Charles Swinburne "Meet we no Angels, Pansie" Thomas Ashe To Daphne Walter Besant "Girl of the Red Mouth" Martin MacDermott The Daughter of Mendoza Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar "If She be made of White and Red" Herbert P. Horne The Lover's Song Edward Rowland Sill "When First I Saw Her" George Edward Woodberry My April Lady Henry Van Dyke The Milkmaid Austin Dobson Song, "This peach is pink with such a pink" Norman Gale In February Henry Simpson "Love, I Marvel What You Are" Trumbull Stickney Ballade of My Lady's Beauty Joyce Kilmer

Ursula Robert Underwood Johnson Villanelle of His Lady's Treasures Ernest Dowson Song, "Love, by that loosened hair" Bliss Carman Song, "O, like a queen's her happy tread" William Watson Any Lover, Any Lass Richard Middleton Songs Ascending Witter Bynner Song, "'Oh! Love,' they said, 'is King of Kings'" Rupert Brooke Song, "How do I love you" Irene Rutherford McLeod To . . . . In Church Alan Seeger After Two Years Richard Aldington Praise Seumas O'Sullivan


"Forget not Yet" Thomas Wyatt Fawnia Robert Greene The Passionate Shepherd to His Love Christopher Marlowe The Nymph's Reply to the Passionate Shepherd Walter Raleigh "Wrong not, Sweet Empress of My Heart" Walter Raleigh To His Coy Love Michael Drayton Her Sacred Bower Thomas Campion To Lesbia Thomas Campion

The Home Book of Verse, Volume 1 - 4/114

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