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- The Home Book of Verse, Volume 1 - 6/114 -

Summum Bonum Robert Browning The First Kiss Theodore Watts-Dunton To My Love John Godfrey Saxe To Lesbia John Godfrey Saxe Make Believe Alice Cary Kissing's No Sin Unknown To Anne William Maxwell Song, "There is many a love in the land, my love" Joaquin Miller Phyllis and Corydon Arthur Colton


"Hark, Hark, the Lark" William Shakespeare "Sleep, Angry Beauty" Thomas Campion Matin Song Nathaniel Field The Night-Piece: To Julia Robert Herrick Morning William D'Avenant Matin Song Thomas Heywood The Rose Richard Lovelace Song, "See, see, she wakes! Sabina wakes" William Congreve Mary Morison Robert Burns Wake, Lady Joanna Baillie The Sleeping Beauty Samuel Rogers "The Young May Moon" Thomas Moore "Row Gently Here" Thomas Moore Morning Serenade Madison Cawein Serenade Aubrey Thomas De Vere Lines to an Indian Air Percy Bysshe Shelley Good-Night Percy Bysshe Shelley Serenade George Darley Serenade Thomas Hood Serenade Edward Coote Pinkney Serenade Henry Timrod Serenade Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "Come into the Garden, Maud" Alfred Tennyson At Her Window Frederick Locker-Lampson Bedouin Song Bayard Taylor Night and Love Edward George Earle Bulwer-Lytton Nocturne Thomas Bailey Aldrich Palabras Carinosas Thomas Bailey Aldrich Serenade Oscar Wilde The Little Red Lark Alfred Perceval Graves Serenade Richard Middleton


A Lover's Lullaby George Gascoigne Phillida and Corydon Nicholas Breton "Crabbed Age and Youth" William Shakespeare "It Was a Lover and His Lass" William Shakespeare "I Loved a Lass" George Wither To Chloris Charles Sedley Song, "The merchant, to secure his Treasure" Matthew Prior Pious Selinda William Congreve Fair Hebe John West A Maiden's Ideal of a Husband Henry Carey "Phillada Flouts Me" Unknown "When Molly Smiles" Unknown Contentions Unknown "I Asked My Fair, One Happy Day" Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Exchange Samuel Taylor Coleridge "Comin' Through the Rye" Robert Burns "Green Grow the Rashes, O" Robert Burns Defiance Walter Savage Landor Of Clementina Walter Savage Landor "The Time I've Lost in Wooing" Thomas Moore Dear Fanny Thomas Moore A Certain Young Lady Washington Irving "Where Be You Going, You Devon Maid" John Keats Love in a Cottage Nathaniel Parker Willis Song of the Milkmaid from "Queen Mary" Alfred Tennyson "Wouldn't You Like to Know" John Godfrey Saxe "Sing Heigh-ho" Charles Kingsley The Golden Fish George Arnold The Courtin' James Russell Lowell L'Eau Dormante Thomas Bailey Aldrich A Primrose Dame Gleeson White If James Jeffrey Roche Don't James Jeffrey Roche An Irish Love-Song Robert Underwood Johnson Growing Old Walter Learned Time's Revenge Walter Learned In Explanation Walter Learned Omnia Vincit Alfred Cochrane A Pastoral Norman Gale A Rose Arlo Bates "Wooed and Married and A'" Alexander Ross "Owre the Moor Amang the Heather" Jean Glover Marriage and the Care O't Robert Lochore

The Women Folk James Hogg "Love is Like a Dizziness" James Hogg "Behave Yoursel' before Folk" Alexander Rodger Rory O'More; or, Good Omens Samuel Lover Ask and Have Samuel Lover Kitty of Coleraine Charles Dawson Shanly The Plaidie Charles Sibley Kitty Neil John Francis Waller "The Dule's i' this Bonnet o' Mine" Edwin Waugh The Ould Plaid Shawl Francis A. Fahy Little Mary Cassidy Francis A. Fahy The Road Patrick R. Chalmers Twickenham Ferry Theophile Marzials


Song, "I prithee send me back my Heart" John Suckling A Ballad Upon a Wedding John Suckling To Chloe Jealous Matthew Prior Jack and Joan Thomas Campion Phillis and Corydon Richard Greene Sally in Our Alley Henry Carey The Country Wedding Unknown "O Merry may the Maid be" John Clerk The Lass o' Gowrie Carolina Nairne The Constant Swain and Virtuous Maid Unknown When the Kye Comes Hame James Hogg The Low-Backed Car Samuel Lover The Pretty Girl of Loch Dan Samuel Ferguson Muckle-Mouth Meg Robert Browning Muckle-Mou'd Meg James Ballantine Glenlogie Unknown Lochinvar Walter Scott Jock of Hazeldean Walter Scott Candor Henry Cuyler Bunner "Do you Remember" Thomas Haynes Bayly Because Edward Fitzgerald Love and Age Thomas Love Peacock To Helen Winthrop Mackworth Praed At the Church Gate William Makepeace Thackeray Mabel, in New Hampshire James Thomas Fields Toujours Amour Edmund Clarence Stedman The Doorstep Edmund Clarence Stedman The White Flag John Hay A Song of the Four Seasons Austin Dobson The Love-Knot Nora Perry Riding Down Nora Perry "Forgettin'" Moira O'Neill "Across the Fields to Anne" Richard Burton Pamela in Town Ellen Mackay Hutchinson Cortissoz Yes? Henry Cuyler Bunner The Prime of Life Walter Learned Thoughts on the Commandments George Augustus Baker


"Sigh no More, Ladies" William Shakespeare A Renunciation Edward Vere A Song, "Ye happy swains, whose hearts are free" George Etherege To His Forsaken Mistress Robert Ayton To an Inconstant Robert Ayton Advice to a Girl Thomas Campion Song, "Follow a shadow, it still flies you" Ben Jonson True Beauty Francis Beaumont The Indifferent Francis Beaumont The Lover's Resolution George Wither His Further Resolution Unknown Song, "Shall I tell you whom I love" William Browne To Dianeme Robert Herrick Ingrateful Beauty Threatened Thomas Carew Disdain Returned Thomas Carew "Love Who Will, for I'll Love None" William Browne Valerius on Women Thomas Heywood Dispraise of Love, and Lovers' Follies Francis Davison The Constant Lover John Suckling Song, "Why so pale and wan, fond Lover" John Suckling Wishes to His Supposed Mistress Richard Crashaw Song, "Love in fantastic Triumph sate" Aphra Behn Les Amours Charles Cotton Rivals William Walsh I Lately Vowed, but 'Twas in Haste John Oldmixon The Touchstone Samuel Bishop Air, "I ne'er could any

The Home Book of Verse, Volume 1 - 6/114

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