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- Favorite Dishes - 20/29 -

Bake in two deep, long, narrow tins, in rather slow oven, but hot on the bottom. The secret of success is in cutting in the flour and the baking. But few people will believe this and cannot reach my standard. I have made this cake for forty years with uniform success.


From MRS. MARTHA A. GRIGGS, of Washington, Alternate Lady Manager.

Six eggs; two cups of sugar. Beat twenty minutes, stir in lightly two cups of flour and a little salt. Flavor to taste.


From MRS. MARIE J. GASTON, of South Dakota, Alternate Lady Manager.

Four eggs; two cups of sifted floor; two cups of granulated sugar; one cup of boiling water; two level teaspoonfuls of baking powder. Beat the eggs very light, yolks and whites together; add the sugar, then one cup of flour, little by little; put baking powder in the other cup of flour and add in the same way; then pour in the cup of boiling water, a little at a time, stirring constantly. Flavor with vanilla. Bake in dripping pan twenty-five minutes.


From MRS. ALICE VINEYARD BROWN, of North Dakota, Alternate Lady Manager.

One cup of sugar, one cup of flour, four eggs. Beat yolks of eggs to a light creamy mixture, pour over the sugar and beat two minutes; add whites beaten to a foam, and stir hard for two minutes; now add one cup of flour which has been sifted three times, and to which was added a pinch of salt; stir _very lightly_, usually four whisks of the spoon is sufficient; now pour into a shallow pan; let stand one minute; raise the pan several inches from the table and let it drop suddenly, striking flat on the bottom; this will cause air bubbles to break and make the cake fine grained; put into a very moderate oven and in five minutes heat quickly; twelve to fifteen minutes will suffice. Have ready a lemon frosting, and the result will be a most beautiful cake, fit to grace any occasion.


From MRS. ANNIE L. Y. ORFF, of Missouri, Alternate Lady Manager.

Mix one and one-half cups pulverized sugar; one teacup flour; a little salt; one teaspoon baking powder; beat the whites of eleven eggs to a stiff froth; flavor with lemon or vanilla; mix all together and bake. Use yolks for custard or gold cake.


From MISS FRANCES S. IVES, of Connecticut, Lady Manager.

One pound of sugar, two pounds of flour, three eggs, one-fourth pound citron, one pound of butter, one pint of milk, one pound of raisins, one good-sized wine glass rum or brandy, one-half nutmeg, one cup yeast, cream one-half butter and sugar; mix this with all the flour, yeast and milk; let this mixture stand in a warm place until quite light, then add the remaining half of butter and sugar creamed and the eggs beaten very light; then let the mixture stand in a warm place until again very light; then add rum, raisins, citron and nutmegs then put into pans for baking, letting it remain out of oven until very light again. This makes three loaves. Bake about one hour.


From MRS. MARTHA. A. GRIGGS, of Washington, Alternate Lady Manager.

Two and one-half cups sugar, one cup butter, one cup milk, four cups flour, three eggs, one wine glass sherry; one wine glass brandy, one- half teaspoon soda, one pound raisins (stoned), one-half pound citron, one teaspoon cloves, two teaspoons cinnamon, one nutmeg; bake one hour.


From MRS. MARY C. BELL, of Florida, Lady Manager.

Three cups sugar, one cup butter, three eggs, one bowlful stoned raisins, floured, one teaspoonful allspice, ground, one teaspoonful cloves, ground, one tablespoonful cinnamon, ground. When well mixed add three cups of bread sponge before the flour is added for kneading; stir well and then add flour until as stiff as can be easily stirred; half fill two medium-sized pans and stand in a warm place till light and bake in a moderate oven.


From MRS. KATHERINE S. G. PAUL, of Virginia, Lady Manager.

One and one-half pounds flour; one pound white sugar; ten ounces of butter; one-half teacup sweet milk; one-half teacup good yeast; four eggs; one cup of currants and seed-less raisins, chopped and mixed together; one teaspoonful each mace and cinnamon and a little allspice; work butter and sugar together; sift flour into a bowl; stir in milk and yeast with one-half the creamed butter and sugar; beat hard and long until very light; set to rise in a moderately warm place over night. In the morning, if it be well risen, work in the remainder of the butter and sugar and the eggs; dredge the fruit with flour and beat in a little at a time with the spice; beat for fully five minutes; divide and put into two pans to rise. The second rising generally requires about three hours. When the dough is very light bake in a moderate oven. When carefully made this cake is very fine.


From MRS. CLARA L. MCADOW. of Montana, Lady Manager.

Three cups of very light dough, three cups sugar, one cup butter, three eggs, one nutmeg, one teaspoonful cinnamon, raisins, a teaspoon of salaratus dissolved in a little hot water.


One cup butter, two cups sugar, one teaspoon cream tartar, one-half teaspoon soda, two cups flour, one cup corn starch, four eggs, one cup milk.


From MRS. S. E. VERDENAL, of New York, Lady Manager-at-Large.

Two cups sugar, two cups of sifted flour, one-half cup of water, two teaspoonfuls yeast powder mixed with the flour, the yolks of five eggs and the whites of three beaten separately, the grating and juice of one orange; bake in layers like jelly cake.

_Filling_--One cup sugar, grating and juice one orange, whites of two eggs beaten into a froth.


From MRS. FRANCES WELLES SHEPARD, of Chicago, Lady Manager.

_I send you with pleasure the enclosed recipe for Orange Cake. I have used it for twenty-five years and know it to be excellent. Wishing you all success in your kind efforts. Believe me, Yours very truly,_

One coffeecup sugar, one-half coffeecup butter, two coffeecups flour, one-half coffeecup milk, yolks of four eggs, whites of two eggs, two teaspoons of baking powder; bake in four layer tins. For the filling, grate the yellow part of the rind of two oranges and mix it with the juice and one coffeecup of powdered sugar; spread, this mixture between the cakes; frost the cake, using the two remaining whites of eggs beaten thoroughly, adding two small cups of powdered sugar.


From MRS. MARY C. HARRISON, of Wyoming, Lady Manager.

The whites of fifteen eggs; one and one-half cups of powdered sugar; one cup of flour; one teaspoon of cream of tartar; sift sugar three times; mix cream of tartar with flour, sift seven times; beat eggs stiff, add sugar gradually, beating all the time with egg beater; take out; stir the flour quickly with wooden spoon; do not grease or line the tin; bake slowly and steadily; turn out on platter for frosting.


From MRS. DANIEL HALL, of New Hampshire, Lady Manager.

The whites of eleven eggs beaten to a stiff froth; add one and one- half cups of pulverized sugar and one teaspoonful of vanilla extract; take one even cup of flour and one teaspoonful cream of tartar and sift with flour four times; beat lightly but thoroughly; bake fifty minutes in an ungreased pan; cut out when cold.


Yolks of eleven eggs, two cups of sugar, one cup of butter, one cup of milk, one teaspoonful cream tartar, one-half teaspoonful of soda, three cups of sifted flour, one teaspoonful of vanilla.


From MRS. HELEN C. BRAYTON, of South Carolina, Vice-President State Board and Lady Manager.

Four pounds flour; two pounds butter; two and one-half pounds sugar; two and one-half pounds raisins; one-half pound citron; one-half ounce mace; tumbler of brandy; one pint yeast; one and one-half pint milk;

Favorite Dishes - 20/29

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