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- School and Home Cooking - 4/103 -

3. Utensils for dish-washing

4. Dish-drainer

5. Dish-drainer

6. Dish-rack

7. Dish-rack

8. A rack for drying dishes

9. Utensils for measuring and weighing foods

10. Coal range, showing course of direct draft

11. Coal range, showing course of indirect draft

12. Gas burner, showing mixer

13. Gas burners

14. Gas range, showing direction of draft

15. Cross-section of wickless kerosene stove

16. Electric range

17. Pressure cooker

18. Steam cooker, containing various foods

19. Scene on a tea plantation

20. Tea-ball teapot

21. Coffee berries

22. Coffee percolator

23. Grains of starch

24. A cupful of rice before and after boiling

25. Insulated wall of a refrigerator

26. Fireless cooker, having excelsior packing

27. Fireless cooker, with stone disks

28. Electric fireless cooker

29. Gas range, having fireless cooker attachment, insulated oven and hoods

30. Method of folding filter paper

31. Utensil for steaming,--a "steamer"

32. "Steam" without pressure, and "steam" which has been under pressure

33. Table laid for an informal luncheon

34. Wheel tray

35. How to hold the knife and fork

36. Keeping the fork in the left hand to carry food to the mouth

37. The teaspoon should rest on the saucer

38. How to hold the soup spoon

39. Apparatus to determine the temperature at which eggs coagulate

40. Method of holding pan to turn an omelet on to a platter

41. Cocoa pods

42. Dried bread crumbs

43. Structure of meat

44. Club or Delmonico steak

45. Porterhouse

46. Sirloin,--hip steak

47. Sirloin,--flat bone

48. Sirloin,--round bone

49. First cut prime rib roast

50. Second cut prime rib roast

51. Blade rib roast

52. Chuck rib roast

53. Colonial fireplace, showing a "roasting kitchen"

54. Round

55. Chuck

56. Cuts of beef

57. Rump

58. Cross rib, Boston cut, or English cut

59. Skirt steak; flank steak

60. Fish kettle, showing rack

61. A suggestion for the division of each dollar spent for food

62. The composition of roots and succulent vegetables

63. The composition of butter and other fat-yielding foods

64. The composition of milk and milk products

65. Cuts of veal

66. Cuts of lamb or mutton

67. Lamb chops

68. The composition of fresh and cured meats

69. Cuts of pork

70. The composition of fresh and dried fruits

71. Removing tendons from the leg of a fowl

72. Fowl trussed for roasting,--breast view

73. Fowl trussed for roasting,--back view

74. Composition of fish, fish products, and oysters

75. The composition of eggs and cheese

76. The composition of legumes and corn

77. The composition of bread and other cereal foods

78. Foods containing calcium

79. Foods containing phosphorus

80. Foods containing iron

81. Oven heat regulator

82. Illustrating the amount of heat represented by one Calorie

83. Comparative weights of 100-Calorie portions of food

84. 100-Calorie portions of food

85. Longitudinal section of wheat grain, showing bran, floury part, and germ

86. Growing yeast plants

87. Graduated measure and dipper for measuring the ingredients of modified milk

88. Some species of molds

89. The four types of bacteria

90. Canning foods

91. Rack for holding jars

92. The composition of fruits and fruit products

93. Drier for vegetables or fruits

94. The composition of sugar and similar foods


1. Measurement equivalents.

2. Use of the wooden spoon.

3. Lack of draft.

4. Presence of draft.

5. The regulation and purpose of a gas mixer.

6. The dissolving power of water.

School and Home Cooking - 4/103

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