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- THE DESCENT OF MAN - 130/165 -

Bovidae, dewlaps of.

Bower-birds, habits of the; ornamented playing-places of.

Bows, use of.

Brachycephalic structure, possible explanation of.


Brachyurus calvus, scarlet face of.

Bradley, Mr., abductor ossis metatarsi quinti in man.

Brain, of man, agreement of the, with that of lower animals; convolutions of, in the human foetus; influence of development of mental faculties upon the size of the; influence of the development of on the spinal column and skull; larger in some existing mammals than in their tertiary prototypes; relation of the development of the, to the progress of language; disease of the, affecting speech; difference in the convolutions of, in different races of men; supplement on, by Prof. Huxley; development of the gyri and sulci.

Brakenridge, Dr., on the influence of climate.

Brandt, A., on hairy men.

Braubach, Prof., on the quasi-religious feeling of a dog towards his master; on the self-restraint of dogs.

Brauer, F., on dimorphism in Neurothemis.

Brazil, skulls found in caves of; population of; compression of the nose by the natives of.

Break between man and the apes.

Bream, proportion of the sexes in the.

Breeding, age of, in birds.

Breeding season, sexual characters making their appearance in the, in birds.

Brehm, on the effects of intoxicating liquors on monkeys; on the recognition of women by male Cynocephali; on the diversity of the mental faculties of monkeys; on the habits of baboons; on revenge taken by monkeys; on manifestations of maternal affection by monkeys and baboons; on the instinctive dread of monkeys for serpents; on the use of stones as missiles by baboons; on a baboon using a mat for shelter from the sun; on the signal-cries of monkeys; on sentinels posted by monkeys; on co-operation of animals; on an eagle attacking a young Cercopithecus; on baboons in confinement protecting one of their number from punishment; on the habits of baboons when plundering; on polygamy in Cynocephalus and Cebus; on the numerical proportion of the sexes in birds; on the love-dance of the blackcock; Palamedea cornuta; on the habits of the Black-grouse; on sounds produced by birds of paradise; on assemblages of grouse; on the finding of new mates by birds; on the fighting of wild boars; on sexual differences in Mycetes; on the habits of Cynocephalus hamadryas.

Brent, Mr., on the courtship of fowls.

Breslau, numerical proportion of male and female births in.

Bridgeman, Laura.

Brimstone butterfly, sexual difference of colour in the.

British, ancient, tattooing practised by.

Broca, Prof., on the occurrence of the supra-condyloid foramen in the human humerus; anthropomorphous apes more bipedal than quadrupedal; on the capacity of Parisian skulls at different periods; comparison of modern and mediaeval skulls; on tails of quadrupeds; on the influence of natural selection; on hybridity in man; on human remains from Les Eyzies; on the cause of the difference between Europeans and Hindoos.

Brodie, Sir B., on the origin of the moral sense in man.

Bronn, H.G., on the copulation of insects of distinct species.

Bronze period, men of, in Europe.

Brown, R., sentinels of seals generally females; on the battles of seals; on the narwhal; on the occasional absence of the tusks in the female walrus; on the bladder-nose seal; on the colours of the sexes in Phoca Groenlandica; on the appreciation of music by seals; on plants used as love-philters, by North American women.

Browne, Dr. Crichton, injury to infants during parturition.

Brown-Sequard, Dr., on the inheritance of the effects of operations by guinea-pig.

Bruce, on the use of the elephant's tusks.

Brulerie, P. de la, on the habits of Ateuchus cicatricosus; on the stridulation of Ateuchus.

Brunnich, on the pied ravens of the Feroe islands.

Bryant, Dr., preference of tame pigeon for wild mate.

Bryant, Captain, on the courtship of Callorhinus ursinus.

Bubas bison, thoracic projection of.

Bubalus caffer, use of horns.

Bucephalus capensis, difference of the sexes of, in colour.

Buceros, nidification and incubation of.

Buceros bicornis, sexual differences in the colouring of the casque, beak, and mouth in.

Buceros corrugatus, sexual differences in the beak of.

Buchner, L., on the origin of man; on the use of the human foot as a prehensile organ; on the mode of progression of the apes; on want of self-consciousness, etc., in savages.

Bucholz, Dr., quarrels of chamaeleons.

Buckinghamshire, numerical proportion of male and female births in.

Buckland, F., on the numerical proportion of the sexes in rats; on the proportion of the sexes in the trout; on Chimaera monstrosa.

Buckland, W., on the complexity of crinoids.

Buckler, W., proportion of sexes of Lepidoptera reared by.

Bucorax abyssinicus, inflation of the neck-wattle of the male during courtship.

Budytes Raii.

Buffalo, Cape.

Buffalo, Indian, horns of the.

Buffalo, Italian, mode of fighting of the.

Buffon, on the number of species of man.

Bufo sikimmensis.


Buist, R., on the proportion of the sexes in salmon; on the pugnacity of the male salmon.

Bulbul, pugnacity of the male; display of under tail-coverts by the male.

Bull, mode of fighting of the; curled frontal hair of the.

Buller, Dr., on the Huia; the attachment of birds.

Bullfinch, sexual differences in the; piping; female, singing of the; courtship of the; widowed, finding a new mate; attacking a reed-bunting; nestling, sex ascertained by pulling out breast feathers.

Bullfinches, distinguishing persons; rivalry of female.

Bulls, two young, attacking an old one; wild, battles of.


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