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- THE DESCENT OF MAN - 140/165 -

on the distribution of hair in man and monkeys; on the caudal vertebrae of monkeys; on correlated variability; on the classification of man; on the long hair on the heads of species of Semnopithecus; on the hair in monkeys; on the development of horns in female deer; and F. Cuvier, on the mandrill; on Hylobates.

Geographical distribution, as evidence of specific distinctions in man.

Geometrae, brightly coloured beneath.

Geophagus, frontal protuberance of, male; eggs hatched by the male, in the mouth or branchial cavity.

Georgia, change of colour in Germans settled in.

Geotrupes, stridulation of.

Gerbe, M., on the nest-building of Crenilabus massa and C. Melops.

Gerland, Dr., on the prevalence of infanticide; on the extinction of races.

Gervais, P., on the hairiness of the gorilla; on the mandrill.


Ghost-moth, sexual difference of colour in the.

Giard, M., disputes descent of vertebrates from Ascidians; colour of sponges and Ascidians; musky odour of Sphinx.

Gibbon, voice of.

Gibbon, Hoolock, nose of.

Gibbs, Sir D., on differences of the voice in different races of men.

Gill, Dr., male seals larger than females; sexual differences in seals.

Giraffe, its mode of using the horns; mute, except in the rutting season.

Giraud-Teulon, on the cause of short sight.

Glanders, communicable to man from the lower animals.

Glands, odoriferous, in mammals.

Glareola, double moult in.

Glomeris limbata, difference of colour in the sexes of.

Glow-worm, female, apterous; luminosity of the.

Gnats, dances of; auditory powers of.

Gnu, skeletons of, found locked together; sexual differences in colour of the.

Goat, male, wild, falling on his horns; male, odour emitted by; male, wild, crest of the; Berbura, mane, dewlap, etc., of the male; Kemas, sexual difference in the colour of the.

Goats, sexual differences in the horns of; horns of; mode of fighting of; domestic, sexual differences of, late developed; beards of.

Goatsucker, Virginian, pairing of the.

Gobies, nidification of.

God, want of the idea of, in some races of men.

Godron, M., on variability; on difference of stature; on the want of connexion between climate and the colour of the skin; on the colour of the skin; on the colour of infants.

Goldfinch, proportion of the sexes in the; sexual differences of the beak in the; courtship of the.

Goldfinch, North American, young of.


Gomphus, proportions of the sexes in; difference in the sexes of.

Gonepteryx Rhamni, sexual difference of colour in.

Goodsir, Prof., on the affinity of the lancelet to the ascidians.

Goosander, young of.

Goose, Antarctic, colours of the.

Goose, Canada, pairing with a Bernicle gander.

Goose, Chinese, knob on the beak of the.

Goose, Egyptian.

Goose, Sebastopol, plumage of.

Goose, Snow-, whiteness of the.

Goose, Spur-winged.

Gorilla, semi-erect attitude of the; mastoid processes of the; protecting himself from rain with his hands; manner of sitting; supposed to be a kind of mandrill; polygamy of the; voice of the; cranium of; fighting of male.

Gosse, P.H., on the pugnacity of the male Humming-bird.

Gosse, M., on the inheritance of artificial modifications of the skull.

Gould, B.A., on variation in the length of the legs in man; measurements of American soldiers; on the proportions of the body and capacity of the lungs in different races of men; on the inferior vitality of mulattoes.

Gould, J., on migration of swifts; on the arrival of male snipes before the females; on the numerical proportion of the sexes in birds; on Neomorpha Grypus; on the species of Eustephanus; on the Australian musk-duck; on the relative size of the sexes in Briziura lobata and Cincloramphus cruralis; on Lobivanellus lobatus; on habits of Menura Alberti; on the rarity of song in brilliant birds; on Selasphorus platycerus; on the Bower-birds; on the ornamental plumage of the Humming-birds; on the moulting of the ptarmigan; on the display of plumage by the male Humming-birds; on the shyness of adorned male birds; on the decoration of the bowers of Bower-birds; on the decoration of their nest by Humming-birds; on variation in the genus Cynanthus; on the colour of the thighs in a male parrakeet; on Urosticte Benjamini; on the nidification of the Orioles; on obscurely-coloured birds building concealed nests; on trogons and king-fishers; on Australian parrots; on Australian pigeons; on the moulting of the ptarmigan; on the immature plumage of birds; on the Australian species of Turnix; on the young of Aithurus polytmus; on the colours of the bills of toucans; on the relative size of the sexes in the marsupials of Australia; on the colours of the Marsupials.

Goureaux, on the stridulation of Mutilla europaea.

Gout, sexually transmitted.

Graba, on the Pied Ravens of the Feroe Islands; variety of the Guillemot.

Gradation of secondary sexual characters in birds.

Grallatores, absence of secondary sexual characters in; double moult in some.

Grallina, nidification of.

Grasshoppers, stridulation of the.

Gratiolet, Prof., on the anthropomorphous apes; on the evolution of the anthropomorphous apes; on the difference in the development of the brains of apes and of man.

Gray, Asa, on the gradation of species among the Compositae.


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