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- THE DESCENT OF MAN - 150/165 -

Muller, Fritz, on astomatous males of Tanais; on the disappearance of spots and stripes in adult mammals; on the proportions of the sexes in some Crustacea; on secondary sexual characters in various Crustaceans; musical contest between male Cicadae; mode of holding wings in Castina; on birds shewing a preference for certain colours; on the sexual maturity of young amphipod Crustacea.

Muller, Hermann, emergence of bees, from pupa; pollen-gathering of bees; proportion of sexes in bees; courting of Eristalis; colour and sexual selection with bees.

Muller, J., on the nictitating membrane and semilunar fold.

Muller, Max, on the origin of language; language implies power of general conception; struggle for life among the words, etc., of languages.

Muller, S., on the banteng; on the colours of Semnopithecus chrysomelas.

Muntjac-deer, weapons of the.

Murie, J., on the reduction of organs; on the ears of the Lemuroidea; on variability of the muscles in the Lemuroidea; basal caudal vertebrae of Macacus brunneus imbedded in the body; on the manner of sitting in short-tailed apes; on differences in the Lemuroidea; on the throat-pouch of the male bustard; on the mane of Otaria jubata; on the sub-orbital pits of Ruminants; on the colours of the sexes in Otaria nigrescens.

Murray, A., on the Pediculi of different races of men.

Murray, T.A., on the fertility of Australian women with white men.

Mus coninga.

Mus minutus, sexual difference in the colour of.

Musca vomitoria.

Muscicapa grisola.

Muscicapa luctuosa.

Muscicapa ruticilla, breeding in immature plumage.

Muscle, ischio-pubic.

Muscles, rudimentary, occurrence of, in man; variability of the; effects of use and disuse upon; animal-like abnormalities of, in man; correlated variation of, in the arm and leg; variability of, in the hands and feet; of the jaws, influence of, on the physiognomy of the Apes; habitual spasms of, causing modifications of the facial bones, of the early progenitors of man; greater variability of the, in men than in women.

Musculus sternalis, Prof. Turner on the.

Music, of birds; discordant, love of savages for; reason of power of perception of notes in animals; power of distinguishing notes; its connection with primeval speech; different appreciation of, by different peoples; origin of; effects of.

Musical cadences, perception of, by animals; powers of man.

Musk-deer, canine teeth of male; male, odoriferous organs of the; winter change of the.

Musk-duck, Australian; large size of male; of Guiana, pugnacity of the male.

Musk-ox, horns of.

Musk-rat, protective resemblance of the, to a clod of earth.

Musophagae, colours and nidification of the; both sexes of, equally brilliant.

Mussels opened by monkeys.

Mustela, winter change of two species of.

Musters, Captain, on Rhea Darwinii; marriages amongst Patagonians.

Mutilations, healing of; inheritance of.

Mutilla europaea, stridulation of.

Mutillidae, absence of ocelli in female.

Mycetes caraya, polygamous; vocal organs of; beard of; sexual differences of colour in; voice of.

Mycetes seniculus, sexual differences of colour in.


Nageli, on the influence of natural selection on plants; on the gradation of species of plants.

Nails, coloured yellow or purple in part of Africa.

Narwhal, tusks of the.

Nasal cavities, large size of, in American aborigines.

Nascent organs.

Nathusius, H. von, on the improved breeds of pigs; male domesticated animals more variable than females; horns of castrated sheep; on the breeding of domestic animals.

Natural selection, its effects on the early progenitors of man; influence of, on man; limitation of the principle; influence of, on social animals; Mr. Wallace on the limitation of, by the influence of the mental faculties in man; influence of, in the progress of the United States; in relation to sex.

Natural and sexual selection contrasted.

Naulette, jaw from, large size of the canines in.

Neanderthal skull, capacity of the.

Neck, proportion of, in soldiers and sailors.

Necrophorus, stridulation of.

Nectarinia, young of.

Nectariniae, moulting of the; nidification of.

Negro, resemblance of a, to Europeans in mental characters.

Negro-women, their kindness to Mungo Park.

Negroes, Caucasian features in; character of; lice of; fertility of, when crossed with other races; blackness of; variability of; immunity of, from yellow fever; difference of, from Americans; disfigurements of the; colour of new-born children of; comparative beardlessness of; readily become musicians; appreciation of beauty of their women by; idea of beauty among; compression of the nose by some.

Nemertians, colours of.

Neolithic period.

Neomorpha, sexual difference of the beak in.

Nephila, size of male.

Nests, made by fishes; decoration of, by Humming-birds.

Neumeister, on a change of colour in pigeons after several moultings.

Neuration, difference of, in the two sexes of some butterflies and hymenoptera.


Neurothemis, dimorphism in.


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