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- THE DESCENT OF MAN - 160/165 -

proportion of the sexes in; secondary sexual characters of; courtship of male; attracted by music; male, small size of.

Spilosoma menthastri, rejected by turkeys.

Spine, alteration of, to suit the erect attitude of man.

Spirits, fondness of monkeys for.

Spiritual agencies, belief in, almost universal.

Spiza cyanea and ciris.

Spoonbill, Chinese, change of plumage in.

Spots, retained throughout groups of birds; disappearance of, in adult mammals.

Sprengel, C.K., on the sexuality of plants.

Springboc, horns of the.

Sproat, Mr., on the extinction of savages in Vancouver Island; on the eradication of facial hair by the natives of Vancouver Island; on the eradication of the beard by the Indians of Vancouver Island.

Spurs, occurrence of, in female fowls; development of, in various species of Phasianidae; of Gallinaceous birds; development of, in female Gallinaceae.

Squilla, different colours of the sexes of a species of.

Squirrels, battles of male; African, sexual differences in the colouring of; black.

Stag, long hairs of the throat of; horns of the; battles of; horns of the, with numerous branches; bellowing of the; crest of the.

Stag-beetle, numerical proportion of sexes of; use of jaws; large size of male; weapons of the male.

Stainton, H.T., on the numerical proportion of the sexes in the smaller moths; habits of Elachista rufocinerea; on the coloration of moths; on the rejection of Spilosoma menthastri by turkeys; on the sexes of Agrotis exclamationis.

Staley, Bishop, mortality of infant Maories.

Stallion, mane of the.

Stallions, two, attacking a third; fighting; small canine teeth of.

Stansbury, Captain, observations on pelicans.

Staphylinidae, hornlike processes in male.

Starfishes, parental feeling in; bright colours of some.

Stark, Dr., on the death-rate in towns and rural districts; on the influence of marriage on mortality; on the higher mortality of males in Scotland.

Starling, American field-, pugnacity of male.

Starling, red-winged, selection of a mate by the female.

Starlings, three, frequenting the same nest; new mates found by.

Statues, Greek, Egyptian, Assyrian, etc., contrasted.

Stature, dependence of, upon local influences.

Staudinger, Dr., on breeding Lepidoptera; his list of Lepidoptera.

Staunton, Sir G., hatred of indecency a modern virtue.

Stealing of bright objects by birds.

Stebbing, T.R., on the nakedness of the human body.


Stendhal, see Bombet.

Stenobothrus pratorum, stridulation.

Stephen, Mr. L., on the difference in the minds of men and animals; on general concepts in animals; distinction between material and formal morality.

Sterility, general, of sole daughters; when crossed, a distinctive character of species; under changed conditions.

Sterna, seasonal change of plumage in.

Stickleback, polygamous; male, courtship of the; male, brilliant colouring of, during the breeding season; nidification of the.

Sticks used as implements and weapons by monkeys.

Sting in bees.

Stokes, Captain, on the habits of the great bower-bird.

Stoliczka, Dr., on colours in snakes.

Stoliczka, on the pre-anal pores of lizards.

Stonechat, young of the.

Stone implements, difficulty of making; as traces of extinct tribes.

Stones, used by monkeys for breaking hard fruits and as missiles; piles of.

Stork, black, sexual differences in the bronchi of the; red beak of the.

Storks, sexual difference in the colour of the eyes of.

Strange, Mr., on the satin bowerbird.

Strepsiceros kudu, horns of; markings of.

Stretch, Mr., on the numerical proportion in the sexes of chickens.

Stridulation, by males of Theridion; of Hemiptera; of the Orthoptera and Homoptera discussed; of beetles.

Stripes, retained throughout groups of birds; disappearance of, in adult mammals.

Strix flammea.

Structure, existence of unserviceable modifications of.

Struggle for existence, in man.

Struthers, Dr., on the occurrence of the supra-condyloid foramen in the humerus of man.

Sturnella ludoviciana, pugnacity of the male.

Sturnus vulgaris.


Suffering, in strangers, indifference of savages to.

Suicide, formerly not regarded as a crime; rarely practised among the lowest savages.

Suidae, stripes of the young.

Sulivan, Sir B.J., on speaking of parrots; on two stallions attacking a third.

Sumatra, compression of the nose by the Malays of.

Sumner, Archb., man alone capable of progressive improvement.

Sun-birds, nidification of.

Superciliary ridge in man.

Supernumerary digits, more frequent in men than in women; inheritance of; early development of.

Superstitions, prevalence of.

Superstitious customs.

Supra-condyloid foramen in the early progenitors of man.


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