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- THE DESCENT OF MAN - 165/165 -

on Bledius taurus and Siagonium; on lamellicorn beetles; on the coloration of Lithosia.

Whale, Sperm-, battles of male.

Whales, nakedness of.

Whately, Arch., language not peculiar to man; on the primitive civilisation of man.

Whewell, Prof., on maternal affection.

Whiskers, in monkeys.

White, F.B., noise produced by Hylophila.

White, Gilbert, on the proportion of the sexes in the partridge; on the house-cricket; on the object of the song of birds; on the finding of new mates by white owls; on spring coveys of male partridges.

Whiteness, a sexual ornament in some birds; of mammals inhabiting snowy countries.

White-throat, aerial love-dance of the male.

Whitney, Prof., on the development of language; language not indispensable for thought.

Widgeon, pairing with a pintail duck.

Widow-bird, polygamous; breeding plumage of the male; female, rejecting the unadorned male.

Widows and widowers, mortality of.

Wilckens, Dr., on the modification of domestic animals in mountainous regions; on a numerical relation between the hairs and excretory pores in sheep.

Wilder, Dr. Burt, on the greater frequency of supernumerary digits in men than in women.

Williams, on the marriage-customs of the Fijians.

Wilson, Dr., on the conical heads of the natives of North-Western Africa; on the Fijians; on the persistence of the fashion of compressing the skull.


Wings, differences of, in the two sexes of butterflies and Hymenoptera; play of, in the courtship of birds.

Winter, change of colour of mammals in.


Wives, traces of the forcible capture of.

Wolf, winter change of the.

Wolff, on the variability of the viscera in man.

Wollaston, T.V., on Eurygnathus; on musical Curculionidae; on the stridulation of Acalles.

Wolves, learning to bark from dogs; hunting in packs.

Wolves, black.

Wombat, black varieties of the.

Women, distinguished from men by male monkeys; preponderance of, in numbers; selection of, for beauty; effects of selection of, in accordance with different standards of beauty; practice of capturing; early betrothals and slavery of; freedom of selection by, in savage tribes.

Wonder, manifestations of, by animals.

Wonfor, Mr., on sexual peculiarities, in the wings of butterflies.

Wood, J., on muscular variations in man; on the greater variability of the muscles in men than in women.

Wood, T.W., on the colouring of the orange-tip butterfly; on the habits of the Saturniidae; quarrels of chamaeleons; on the habits of Menura Alberti; on Tetrao cupido; on the display of plumage by male pheasants; on the ocellated spots of the Argus pheasant; on fighting of Menura superba; on the habits of the female cassowary.

Woodcock, coloration of the.

Woodpecker, selection of a mate by the female.

Woodpeckers, tapping of; colours and nidification of the; characters of young.

Woolner, Mr., observations on the ear in man.

Wormald, Mr., on the coloration of Hypopyra.

Wounds, healing of.

Wren, young of the.

Wright, C.A., on the young of Orocetes and Petrocincla.

Wright, Chauncey, great brain-power requisite for language; on correlative acquisition; on the enlargement of the brain in man.

Wright, Mr., on the Scotch deer-hound; on sexual preference in dogs; on the rejection of a horse by a mare.

Wright, W. von, on the protective plumage of the Ptarmigan.


Wyman, Prof., on the prolongation of the coccyx in the human embryo; on the condition of the great toe in the human embryo; on the occurrence of the supra-condyloid foramen in the humerus of man; on variation in the skulls of the natives of the Sandwich Islands; on the hatching of the eggs in the mouths and branchial cavities of male fishes.

Xenarchus, on the Cicadae.

Xenophon, selection in mankind advocated by.

Xenorhynchus, sexual difference in the colour of the eyes in.

Xiphophorus Hellerii, peculiar anal fin of the male.

Xylocopa, difference of the sexes in.

Yarrel, W., on the habits of the Cyprinidae; on Raia clavata; on the characters of the male salmon during the breeding season; on the characters of the rays; on the gemmeous dragonet; on colours of salmon; on the spawning of the salmon; on the incubation of the Lophobranchii; on rivalry in song-birds; on the trachea of the swan; on the moulting of the Anatidae; on the young of the waders.

Yellow fever, immunity of negroes and mulattoes from.

Youatt, Mr., on the development of the horns in cattle.

Yura-caras, their notions of beauty.

Zebra, rejection of an ass by a female; stripes of the.

Zebus, humps of.

Zigzags, prevalence of, as ornaments.

Zincke, Mr., on European emigration to America.

Zootoca vivipara, sexual difference in the colour of.

Zouteveen, Dr., polydactylism; proportion of sexes at Cape of Good Hope; spiders attracted by music; on sounds produced by fish.

Zygaenidae, coloration of the.



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