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- More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II - 100/133 -

Duchesne, on atavism.

Ducks, period of hatching. -skeletons. -hybrids between fowls and.

Dufrenoy, Pierre Armand: published "Memoires pour servir a une Description Geologique de la France," as well as numerous papers in the "Annales des Mines, Comptes Rendus, Bulletin Soc. Geol. France," and elsewhere on mineralogical and geological subjects. -geological work of.

Duncan, Rev. J., encourages J. Scott's love for plants.

Dung, plants germinated from locust-.

Dutrochet, on climbing plants.

Duval-Jouve, on leaf-movement in Bryophyllum.

Dyer, see Thiselton-Dyer.

Dytiscus, as means of dispersal of bivalves.

Ears, loss of voluntary movement. -in man and monkeys. -rudimentary muscles. -Wallis's work on.

Earth, age of the.

Earth-movements, cause of. -in England. -relation to sedimentation. -subordinate part played by heat in.

Earthquakes, coincidence of shocks in S. America and elsewhere. -connection with elevation. -connection with state of weather. -Darwin on. -in England. -frequency of. -Hopkins on. -in Scotland.

Earthworms, Darwin's book on. -geological action of. -influence of sea-water on. -F. Muller gives Darwin facts on. -Typhlops and true.

Echidna, anomalous character of.

Edentata, migration into N. America.

Edgeworth, mentioned.

Edinburgh, Darwin's student-days in. -Hooker's candidature for Chair of Botany.

"Edinburgh Review," article on Lyell's "Antiquity of Man." -reference to Huxley's Royal Institution Lectures. -Owen's article.

Education, effect of. -influence on children of parents'.

Edwardsia, seeds possibly floated from Chili to New Zealand. -in Sandwich Is. and India.

Egerton, Sir Philip de Malpas Grey- (1806-81): devoted himself to the study of fossil fishes, and published several memoirs on his collection, which was acquired by the British Museum.

Eggs, creation of species as. -means of dispersal of molluscan.

Ehrenberg, Ascension I. plants sent to. -on rock-building by infusoria. -Darwin's wish that he should examine underclays.

Eichler, A.W., on morphology of cruciferous flower. -on course of vessels as guide to floral morphology. -reference to his Bluthendiagramme.

Eildon Hills, need of examination of.

Elateridae, luminous thorax of.

Elective affinity.

Electric organs of fishes, the result of external conditions.

Electricity, and plant-movements.

"Elements of Geology," Wallace's review of Lyell's.

Elephants, Falconer's work on. -rate of increase of. -and variation. -found in gravel at Down. -manner of carrying tail. -shedding tears.

Elephas Columbi, Falconer on. -Owen's conduct in regard to Falconer's work on. -E. primigenius, as index of climate. -woolly covering of. -E. texianus, Owen and nomenclature of.

Elevation, in Chili. -lines of. -New Zealand and. -continental extension, subsidence and. -connection with earthquakes. -equable nature of movements of subsidence and. -evidence in Scandinavia and Pampas of equable. -Hopkins on. -large areas simultaneously affected by. -d'Orbigny on sudden. -rate of. -Rogers on parallelism of cleavage and axes of. -sedimentary deposits exceptionally preserved during. -subsidence and. -vulcanicity and.

Elodea canadensis, successful American immigrant.

Emberiza longicauda, long tail-feathers and Sexual Selection.

Embryology, argument for. -succession of changes in animal-. -Darwin's explanation of. -of flowers. -of Peneus. -Balfour's work on comparative.

Embryonic stages, obliteration of.

Endlicher's "Genera Plantarum."

Engelmann, on variability of introduced plants in N. America.

England, former union with Continent. -men of science of Continent and.

Entada scandens, dispersal of seeds.

Entomologists, evolutionary views of.

"Entstehung und Begriff der naturhistorischen Art," Nageli's Essay. -Darwin on.

Environment, and colour protection.

Eocene, Anoplotherium in S. America. -monkeys. -mammals. -co-existence with recent shells.

Eozoon, illustrating difficulty of distinguishing organic and inorganic bodies.

Ephemera dimidiatum, Lord Avebury on.

Epidendreae, closely related to Malaxeae.

Epidendrum, Cruger on fertilisation of. -self-fertilisation of.

Epiontology, De Candolle's term.

Epipactis, fertilisation mechanism. -F. Muller on. -pollinia of. -E. palustris, fertilisation mechanism.

Epithecia, fertilisation mechanism.

Equatorial refrigeration.

Equus, Marsh's work on. -geographical distribution. -in N. and S. America.

Erica tetralix, Darwin on.

Erigeron canadense, successful immigrant from America.

Erodium cicutarium, introduced from Spain to America. -range in U.S.A.

Erratic blocks, in Azores. -in S. America. -Darwin on transport. -of Jura. -Mackintosh on. -on Moel Tryfan.

More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II - 100/133

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