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- More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II - 110/133 -

the old type, a keen sportsman, and a good man of business. Leonard Jenyns' mother was a daughter of the celebrated Dr. Heberden, in whose house in Pall Mall he was born. Leonard was educated at Eton and Cambridge, and became curate of Swaffham Bulbeck, a village close to his father's property; he was afterwards presented to the Vicarage of the parish, and held the living for nearly thirty years. The remainder of his life he spent at Bath. He was an excellent field-naturalist and a minute and careful observer. Among his writings may be mentioned the Fishes in "Zoology of the Voyage of the 'Beagle,'" 1842, a "Manual of British Vertebrate Animals," 1836, a "Memoir" of Professor Henslow,1862, to which Darwin contributed recollections of his old master, "Observations in Natural History," 1846 and "Observations in Meteorology," 1858, besides numerous papers in scientific journals. In his "Chapters" he describes himself as showing as a boy the silent and retiring nature, and also the love of "order, method, and precision," which characterised him through life; and he adds, "even to old age I have been often called a VERY PARTICULAR GENTLEMAN." In a hitherto unpublished passage in his autobiographical sketch, Darwin wrote, "At first I disliked him from his somewhat grim and sarcastic expression; and it is not often that a first impression is lost; but I was completely mistaken, and found him very kind- hearted, pleasant, and with a good stock of humour." Mr. Jenyns records that as a boy he was by a stranger taken for a son of his uncle, Dr. Heberden (the younger), whom he closely resembled. -letters to. -mentioned.

Jodrell Laboratory, Darwin's interest in. -note on.

Jordanhill, Smith of, on Gibraltar.

"Journal of Researches," Darwin's.

Judd, Prof. J.W., letter to. -recollections of Darwin. -on Darwin's "Volcanic Islands." -Darwin in praise of work of.

Jukes, on imperfection of the Geological Record. -on changes of climate. -on formation of river-valleys. -over estimates sub-aerieal denudation.

Jumps, variation by.

Juncus, range of. -J. bufonius. -variation of. -germination of seed from mud carried by woodcock.

Jura, Darwin on erratic blocks of.

Jussieu, A. de.

Kane's, E.K., "Arctic Explorations," use of foxtails by Esquimaux referred to in.

Kelvin, Lord, Address at the British Association Meeting at Edinburgh (1871). -on geological time. -on age of the earth. -on origin of plant-life from meteorites.

Kemp, W., sends seeds to Darwin. -on vitality of seeds.

Kensington, proposed removal of British Museum (Bloomsbury) collections to.

Kerguelen cabbage, Chambers versus Hooker on the.

Kerguelen island, coal-beds of. -relation of flora to that of Fuegia. -similarity between plants of S. America and of. -importance of collecting fossil plants on. -moth from. -sea-shells of. -volcanic mountain on.

Kerner, A. von Marilaun, on Tubocytisus. -"Pflanzenleben." -"Schutzmittel des Pollens." -on xenogamy and autogamy. -mentioned.

Kerr, on frozen snow.

Kerr, Prof. Graham.

Kew, proposed consolidation of botanical collections at. -rarity of insects and shells in Royal Garden. -Darwin visits Garden. -Darwin obtains plants from. -Darwin sends seeds to. -Jodrell, Laboratory at. -struggle for existence at. -suggestion that J. Scott should work in Garden.

Kilauea, lava in crater of.

Kilfinnin, shelves in valley of.

Kilima Njaro, plants of.

King, Captain, collection of plants by. -"Voyages of the 'Adventure' and 'Beagle.'"

King, Sir George, reminiscences of J. Scott. -Darwin receives seeds from.

King, Dr. Richard (1811?-1876): He was surgeon and naturalist to Sir George Back's expedition (1833-5) to the mouth of the Great Fish River in search of Captain Ross, of which he published an account. In 1850 he accompanied Captain Horatio Austin's search expedition in the "Resolute." -Arctic expedition.

Kingfisher, sexual difference in.

Kingsley, C., quoted in the "Origin." -story of a heathen Khan. -reference to E. Forbes and P.H. Gosse.

Kini Balu, vegetation of.

Kirby and Spence.

Klebs, on use of mucus in seeds.

Knight, A., on crossing. -hybrid experiments. -on sports.

Knight's Law.

Knight-Darwin Law, F. Darwin on.

Knuth, on morphology of cruciferous flower.

Koch's "Flora Germanica."

Kolliker, visits Down.

Kollmann, Dr., on atavism.

Kolreuter, on Aquilegia. -on hybrids. -observations on pollen. -on self-fertilisation. -on varieties of tobacco.

"Kosmos," F. Muller's article on Crotolaria. -F. Muller's paper on Phyllanthus in.

Krause, E., letter to. -memoir of Erasmus Darwin. -memoir of H. Muller.


Kubanka, form of Russian wheat.

Kurr, on flowers of Canna.

La Plata, H.M.S. "Beagle's" visit to. -Cervus of. -Mylodon of. -plants of. -extinct animals from. -slates and schists of.

Labellum, nature of.

Labiatae, large genera of.

Laboratory, Darwin on the instruments for botanical. -founding of Jodrell.

Laburnum, peloric flowers of. -Darwin on hybrid (see also Cytisus).

Ladizabala, crossing experiments on.

Lagerstraemia (Lagerstroemia), F. Muller on.

Lakes, Darwin on Ramsay's theory of. -as agents in forming Parallel Roads of Glen Roy. -of Friesland. -Geological action of. -Ramsay on.

Lamarck, Darwin on views of. -difference between views of Darwin and. -"Hist. Zoolog." of. -Hopkins on Darwin and. -Packard's book on. -quotation from.

Lamellicorns, F. Muller on sexes in. -stridulating organs of.

More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II - 110/133

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