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- More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II - 120/133 -

-on influence of mind on nutrition. -"Lectures on Surgical Pathology." -letters to. -mentioned.

Pairing, in birds. -vigour of birds and effect on time of.

Palaeolithic flints, in gravels near Southampton.

Palaeontology, rapid progress of.

Palaeozoic period.

Paley, idea of interference of Creator in construction of each species due to.

"Pall Mall," article on "Dr. Hooker on Religion and Science" in. -letter to editor of.

Pallas, Darwin's conviction of truth of doctrine of. -doctrine of. -on hybrids and fertility.

Palm, Malayan climbing.

Palm, L.H., work on climbing plants by.

Palma, crater of.

Pampas, geology of the. -formation of. -Lyell on Mississippi beds and. -D'Orbigny's theory of formation of. -thistle of the.

Pangenesis, adverse opinion on. -Bentham on. -Berkeley on. -bud-propagation and. -Darwin on. -Darwin's suggestion as to term. -difference between Galton's theory of heredity and. -evidence from hybridisation in favour of. -Hooker on. -Huxley's views on. -Jager on. -Lyell on. -and molecular hypothesis of Hackel. -Ranyard on. -Romanes on. -self-fertilisation and. -Wallace on. -the idea a relief to Darwin as connecting facts. -F. Muller and. -bearing on regeneration. -"will turn out true some day." -mentioned.


Panniculus carnosus in man.

Papilio Memnon, Wallace on. -P. nireus, Mrs. Barber on. -P. pammon, Wallace on.

Papilionaceaous flowers, absence in New Zealand. -and hermaphroditism.

Papilionidae, Wallace on Malayan.

Paraheliotropism, Muller's observations on. -in Phyllanthus.

Parallel Roads of Glen Roy (see Glen Roy).

Parana, Darwin finds Mastodon at.

Pararge, breeding in confinement.

Parasites, and degeneration. -extermination of game by. -bloom as protection against. -and galls.

Parietaria, explosive stamens of.

Parrots, as agents in seed-dispersal.

Parsimony, Hamilton's law of.

Parthenogenesis, Darwin on. -Owen's Hunterian lecture on. -in Primula. -J. Scott's work on.

Partridges, as agents of seed-dispersal. -rudimentary spurs on legs of.

Parus caeruleus, protective colouring of.

Passiflora, bloom experiments on. -Lord Farrer's work on. -position of flowers of. -Muller assists Lord Farrer in work on. -Scott's work on. -self-sterility of. -Sprengel on. -visited by humming-birds. -P. gracilis, dispersal of seeds. -P. princeps, adapted to humming birds.

Patagonia, L. Agassiz on elevation of. -Darwin on geology of. -gigantic land-sloth of. -Admiral Sulivan on.

Pathology, Paget's lectures on.

Pattison, Mark.

Pavo nigripennis.

Payne, on effect of rain on plants. -observations by.

Peaches, bud-variation in. -raised from seed.

Peacock, evolution and Sexual Selection of. -experiments on cutting tail of male. -muscles of tail of.

Pearson, H.H.W., on the botany of Ceylon patanas.

Peas, course of vessels in ovary of sweet-. -crossing in. -fertilisation of. -waxy secretion in.

Pecten, P. latissimus.

Pelargonium, peloric. -Beaton on. -Darwin's experiments on. -flowers of. -P. multiflora alba, Darwin's experiments on crossing.

Pelobius, Darwin on.

Peloria, effect of pollen on regular flowers. -Darwin suggests experiments on. -Masters on. -in Pelargonium. -inheritance of.

Peneus, F. Muller on.

Pentateuch, N. Lewy on.

Periodicals, Darwin's opinion of scientific. -foreign compared with English.

Peripatus, Moseley's work on.

Peristylus viridis, Lord Farrer's observations on.

Permanence of ocean basins.

Permian period, glacial action during. -freshwater beds in India.

"Personal Narrative," Humboldt's.

Peru, anarchy in. -Darwin on terraces in. -D. Forbes on geology of.

Peuquenes Pass, Darwin visits.

Pfeffer, Prof., on chemotaxis. -considers Wiesner wrong in some of his interpretations. -on Drosera. -"Periodische Bewegungen."

Pfitzer, on classification of orchids.



Phanerogams, comparison with one class of animals rather than with one kingdom.

Phaseoli, crossing in.

Phaseolus vulgaris, sleep-movements of.

Pheasants, display of colour by golden.

More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II - 120/133

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