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- More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II - 133/133 -

Wight, Dr., on Cucurbitaceae.

Wilberforce, Bishop, review in the "Quarterly."

Wildness of game.

Wilkes' exploring expedition, Dana's volume in reports of.

Williamson, Prof. W.C.

Willis, J.C., reference to his "Flowering Plants and Ferns."

Willows, Walsh on galls of. -Wichura on hybrid.

Wilson, A.S., letters to. -on Russian wheat.

Wind-fertilised trees and plants, abundant in humid and temperate regions.

Wingless birds, transport of.

Wings of ostrich.

Wire-bird, of St. Helena.

Witches' brooms.

Wives, resemblance to husbands.

Wollaston, Thomas Vernon (1821-78): Wollaston was an under-graduate at Jesus College, Cambridge, and in late life published several books on the coleopterous insects of Madeira, the Canaries, the Cape Verde Islands, and other regions. He is referred to in the "Origin of Species" (Edition VI page 109) as having discovered "the remarkable fact that 200 beetles, out of the 550 species (but more are now known) inhabiting Madeira, are so far deficient in wings that they cannot fly; and that, of the twenty-nine endemic genera, no less than twenty-three have all their species in this condition!" See Obituary Notice in "Nature," Volume XVII., page 210, 1878, and "Trans. Entom. Soc." 1877, page xxxviii.) "Catalogue" (Probably the "Catalogue of the Coleopterous Insects of the Canaries in the British Museum," 1864.) -catalogue of insects of Canary Islands. -Darwin and Royal medal. -in agreement with Falconer in opposition to Darwin's views on species. -"Insecta Maderensia." -on rarity of intermediate varieties in insects. -review on the "Origin" by. -on varieties. -mentioned.

Wolverhampton, abrupt termination of boulders near.

Wood, fossil.

Wood, T.W., drawings by.

Woodcock, germination of seeds carried by. -protective colouring of.

Woodd, C.H.L., letter to.

Woodpecker, adaptation in. -and direct action. -form of tail of.

Woodward, A.S., on Neomylodon. -and C.D. Sherborn, "Catalogue of British Fossil Vertebrata."

Woodward, Samuel Pickworth (1821-65): held an appointment in the British Museum Library for a short time, and then became Sub-Curator to the Geological Society (1839). In 1845 he was appointed Professor of Geology and Natural History in the recently founded Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester; he afterwards obtained a post as first-class assistant in the Department of Geology and Mineralogy in the British Museum. Woodward's chief work, "The Manual of Mollusca," was published in 1851-56. ("A Memoir of Dr. S.P. Woodward," "Trans. Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society," Volume III., page 279, 1882. By H.B. Woodward.) -letters to.

World, age of the.

Worms, Darwin's work on. -destruction by rain of. -intelligence of.

Wrangel's "Travels in Siberia."

"Wreck of the 'Favourite'," Clarke's.

Wright, C., on bees' cells. -letters to. -review by.

Wright, G.F., extract from letter from Asa Gray, to.

Wydler, on morphology of cruciferous flower.

Wyman, Jeffries (1814-74): graduated at Harvard in 1833, and afterwards entered the Medical College at Boston, receiving the M.D. degree in 1837. In 1847 Wyman was appointed Hervey Professor of Anatomy at Harvard, which position he held up to the time of his death. His contributions to zoological science numbered over a hundred papers. (See "Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts and Sciences," Volume II., 1874-75, pages 496-505.) -letter from. -on spontaneous generation. -mentioned.

Xenogamy, term suggested by Kerner.

Xenoneura antiquorum, Devonian insect.

Xerophytic characters, not confined to dry-climate plants.

Yangma Valley, Hooker's account of dam in.

Yeo, Prof. Gerald.

Yew, origin of Irish.

York, British Association meeting (1881), (1844). -Dallas in charge of museum.

Yorkshire, Hooker on glaciers in.

Yucca, fertilisation by moths.

Zacharias, Otto, letter to.

Zante, colour of Polygala flowers in.

Zea, Gartner's work on. -hermaphrodite and female flowers on a male panicle. -varieties received from Asa Gray.

Zeiller, R., "Le Marquis G. de Saporta, sa Vie..."


Zittel, Karl A. von, "Handbuch der Palaeontologie."

Zoea stage, in life-history of decapods.

Zoological Gardens, dangerous to suggest subsidising.

Zoological nomenclature.

Zoologist, Darwin as.

"Zoonomia," Erasmus Darwin's.

Zygaena (Burnet-moth), mentioned by Darwin in his early recollections.

More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II - 133/133

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