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- The Royal Road to Health - 30/34 -

treatment is obvious--use the "Cascade" faithfully, and, the cause being removed, reduction is easy, and if the colon be kept clean, a properly adjusted truss will soon completely cure it.


Is responsible for many of the ills of the present generation, in the form of transmitted constitutional weakness, not to mention the functional derangements and organic destruction, of which it is a potent and direct cause.

There are two grave reasons why alcohol should not be taken into the system, or, if at all, in very minute quantities and at distant intervals. The first is the moral reason, because it undermines and destroys the finer part of man. It has the peculiar effect upon the brain of stimulating the baser qualities and blunting the finer ones. The second is the physical reason, see "The Diet Question." When alcoholism becomes a fixed habit, it must be treated as a disease, for it is one in reality. In many cases the large intestinal or tapeworm is at the root of the trouble. Now, worms cannot exist in a perfectly clean body, with every function working properly. Few, if any, animals can resist the solvent power of the gastric juice if it is secreted in normal quantity, and in full health and vigor, consequently, to cleanse the body of all superabundant filth and restore it to a sound working condition, will prevent their growth. But if they are present and developed (as they sometimes are) to an enormous size, the vital forces are unable to dislodge them, unaided, and recourse must be bad to a "vermifuge" diet. This may be found in two articles--the crusts of good, sweet wheat-meal bread and good, ripe uncooked apples. It is important that the food be hard, so that it be well masticated and that it be eaten slowly, so that the stomach is not overloaded.


First get the alcohol out of the system by flushing the colon daily. This will help you to stop drinking (which is so much easier advised than accomplished), then proceed to sweat it out by a daily Turkish bath (see end of book) or a Turkish bath one day and a wet sheet pack the next.

Second, sip a cupful of hot water not less than half an hour before each meal and use the wheat bread crusts and apple diet mentioned before for one week certain, two weeks is better (if possible). Then use the "cascade" thoroughly, to expel the worm; and for a month at least follow the diet laid down for dyspepsia, when the alcoholized blood in your veins will have been replaced with good, rich blood, and your cure practically effected.


The condition of the body, to which nosologists have applied this term, is that of general engorgement, or, over-fullness, and is the result of excessive eating, or imperfect deputation, or both. Over-eating and inactivity are the chief producing causes. It is the especial prerogative of children to be fat, but when too great an accumulation comes, with advancing years, it brings discomforts, disadvantages, and oftentimes fatal diseases, among which are Apoplexy, Fatty Liver, Diabetes, Bright's Disease and Fatty Heart. The sanguine or entonic variety is distinguished by florid skin, full strong pulse, turgid veins, with firm and vigorous muscular fibres, and the serous or atonic, is denoted by a full, but frequent and feeble pulse, smooth and soft skin, plump but inexpressive figure, and general languor or debility of the vital functions.


Use the "Cascade" regularly, and take as much exercise as is possible without fatigue. A brisk three mile walk daily will work wonders in reducing weight, especially if you perspire freely. Drink a pint of hot water an hour before each meal and half an hour before retiring, to wash the sour ferments and bile from the stomach before eating and sleeping. Live principally on roast or broiled meat, fish, poultry or game, boiled rice, green vegetables, and brown bread. When people are unable to take the necessary amount of exercise, the dieting process, known as the "Salisbury system," is very effective. This consists of the lean part of good beef, from which every particle of fat and sinew is removed, then chopped to a pulp, made into small cakes and broiled-- then eaten hot. The reduction of adipose tissue demands a certain amount of self-sacrifice, but the above method, if faithfully followed, never fails to effect the purpose.


Is the term now generally employed to describe impotence, or physical inability to perform the sexual function. It is frequently due to conjugal excesses, but the principal cause is the baneful widespread practice of masturbation, or self-pollution. It manifests itself in what is known as Spermatorrhea, or involuntary emissions of the seminal fluid, and if allowed to continue unchecked, speedily depletes the vitality of the sufferer, and renders him a physical wreck. Do not be deceived by the lying advertisements of unprincipled charlatans, that any drug can help you. The treatment must be hygienic and thorough, and may necessitate a change in your whole mode of life.


Firstly, the colon must be kept clean, as the faecal accumulations there irritate the sensitive nerves. So it is advisable to use the "Cascade" every night for two weeks at least, then every second night. Secondly, practice the breathing and bodily movements described under the head of Exercise, and take all the exercise you can in the open air, as these things are important factors in strengthening the nervous system and hastening a cure. Thirdly, special attention must be paid to diet. If you can practice strict vegetarianism for a time, so much the better, choosing those articles most easily digested. Only plain roast or boiled beef should be eaten (if any meat be taken at all), shun all hot condiments, also tea, coffee, tobacco and alcohol-- especially the latter, for nothing can help you while you use these articles. Fourthly, after flushing, take a cold bath every night, or, if this is impracticable, bathe the genital organs, and the spine (up to the base of the brain) in cold water, and rub down vigorously with a crash towel. Fifthly, resolutely form cleanly habits of mind, as well as body; take up a course of good reading to occupy the mind, and divert it into healthy channels, and shun all reading of a sensational nature. Sixthly, avoid thinking impure and lascivious thoughts, and do not allow your mind to dwell upon your condition, but cultivate self- control. The above treatment has cured hundreds of bad cases, and will cure you, if steadily persevered in, but a strict abstinence from sexual indulgence, and an absolute abandonment of the pernicious vice, is an indispensable condition.

Frequently quite aged men write us, complaining of their sexual disability--to all such, we say that the restoration of lost power after fifty years of age is in the highest degree improbable, and after the grand climacteric (63) is passed--it is practically impossible.


Is a peculiar and troublesome disease, characterized by an excessive discharge of urine, which is heavily charged with grape sugar, which is the saccharine principle of grapes and honey, hence the term mellitus. This substance is manufactured in excess by the body, and eliminated by the kidneys. The discharge of urine is abnormally large, sometimes reaching as high as several gallons daily. Owing to the presence of sugar in the blood and the secretions, nutrition is affected, and other disturbances manifest themselves in the system. It is a disease, which, if not taken in time, usually proves fatal, and it therefore behooves the individual to keep the body in thorough order, and to carefully watch any abnormality in the urine.


The "Cascade" should be used regularly, also the wet sheet pack, to promote the action of the skin, for that organ usually exhibits a marked dryness; and its temperature should be varied to suit that of the body. If fairly vigorous, the morning cold bath should be used, for its tonic qualities, or, if weak, then the tepid bath, followed, in either case, by a brisk rubbing, to promote circulation. Diet is most important. All sweets and starchy foods, which are converted into sugar by digestion, should be shunned, while whole wheat bread, lean beef, mutton and fish, together with salads made from herbs, should be eaten. Acid fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are beneficial. Soft boiled eggs and milk (in moderation) may be taken. All food should be eaten slowly and a little at a time. The only drink should be pure water, and that never at meal times, but a cup of hot water half an hour before meals will be found of service. Tea, coffee, cream, and especially alcoholic drinks, must be absolutely avoided.


Results from what is known as sclerosis, a hardening of the gray matter in the motor centres of the spinal cord. Its special symptom is the peculiar high-stepping gait, the power of locomotion not being properly under the control of the will, and when the eyes are closed, it seems impossible for the afflicted person to walk forward without falling. Like other diseases of its class, it is primarily due to innutrition, the result of imperfect elimination, and has hitherto defied regular medical treatment. If a cure is to be effected, it is by regular use of the "Cascade," perfect rest, strict attention to diet, and judicious massage; but if the case is well advanced, it is doubtful whether restoration to health can be affected.


Under the above heading, we class the following troublesome complaints: Inflammation of the Breast, Milk Fever, Sore Nipples, Puerperal Swelled Leg, and Puerperal Fever, or Peritonitis, all of which complaints are practically unknown, under intelligent hygienic treatment.

We would point out that a simple hygienic mode of life (including careful diet and the regular practice of the "Cascade Treatment" during pregnancy), will not only have the effect of making the labor easy, and the recovery rapid, but will almost preclude the possibility of any of the above complaints manifesting themselves.

During pregnancy the "Cascade Treatment" should be regularly used twice a week, by which means the absorption of the poisonous waste matters of the system into the circulation is completely avoided, and the future health of the infant assured. The body should be bathed daily, or, if impracticable, then a brisk rubbing from head to foot, with a towel, and exercise--more or less--taken every day. The diet should consist largely of vegetables and fruit, especially after the

The Royal Road to Health - 30/34

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