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- Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves - 20/23 -

_On sides_.--Natives on post. Large letter "P." Child's toys. Woman with uplifted hands on curious shaped rock. Small numeral "11" above. Seagull perched on small rock beneath.

_In centre_.--Pigeon standing on large stone, man in sun helmet on elephant. Sign-post pointing to letter "P."

_Near rim and handle_.--A pineapple on dish.



This cup shows that a variety of events may be expected, with a fair proportion of pleasure and success to be anticipated from them.

The finger beyond the handle pointing to the ark indicates that in all trials the consultant will find a refuge. The hanging lamp is also a guarantee of coming success, and prosperous undertakings, in some new plan which is under consideration.

The clouds, the symbol of the goat beyond which is facing into the open gateway, signify that an advantageous opportunity, to which a certain amount of risk is attached, awaits the consultant; the prominent figurehead upon the stone pillar gives assurance that all will turn out well, and that there is no need for hesitation in embarking upon this new opportunity; that it will necessitate a removal is shown by the buildings beyond. The quill pen and dots point to the fact that some legal business will be transacted over money affairs.

The dove-cot in the centre, with the form of a widow with dots around, signifies that a benefit to the home may be expected in the future, through a widow. The clergyman in conjunction, holding a paper, shows that the benefit will probably come about through a reconciliation. The bank of clouds behind the ferry boat shows that some trouble, to be expected in the future, will be lightened by the help of good friends. Whilst the bird stationary upon the piece of wood, at some distance from the consultant, and in conjunction with the letter "L," means uncertainty as to some desired information, which should come from someone whose name begins with "L."

[Illustration: FIGURE II]


_On sides_.--Finger. Small ark. Hanging lamp and shade. Large arm-chair. Bank of clouds. Goat. Large open gateway. Curious shaped figurehead upon a stone pillar. Low curved wall and buildings. Small quill pen and dots.

_In centre_.--Dove-cot. Widow in flowing veil seated in chair. Dots around. Man in clerical hat holding an open paper in his hand.

_Near rim_.--Shapeless leaves. Small ferry boat on water. Bird standing on log of wood. Letter "L."



The cat with dots around being near the handle indicates financial worry in the home. The bone beyond shows that the misfortunes will be met with courage, and eventually overcome. The cockatoo, with the cauliflower appearing on the opposite side, signifies that an unreliable friend will cause the consultant a little uneasiness, and as a small symbol of a mushroom is beside it, a quarrel with this undesirable friend may be expected.

The pear may be linked to the symbol of the font in the centre of the cup, showing that the consultant may expect news of a birth; the carving indicates that the news will give much satisfaction; the wine-cup, with the leg in conjunction, points out that the ambitions of the consultant will certainly be realised in the future. That a certain amount of waiting will be necessary is shown by the distance from the handle.

The motor boat, and monument in the centre, foretell the successful outcome of a new venture, which at present is unthought-of. The rocks show that a certain amount of mental agitation is aroused by the setting out on this undertaking, but, with the reassuring symbols in this cup, no alarm is necessary.

[Illustration: FIGURE III]


_On side under handle_.--Cat. Scattered dots.

_On side_.--Bone. Cockatoo upon a stump of wood. Small symbol of a leg. Wine-cup held in hand. Small symbol of a mushroom. Pear. Cauliflower.

_On circle under handle_.--Curious shaped rocks.

_On circle beyond_.--Monument.

_In centre_.--Motor boat. Font. Carved figures.



The symbol of the seal being directly under the handle, with the large arch and carving beyond, show that the consultant will soon enjoy the fulfilment of a long desired hope; everything is going smoothly, and will turn out as desired. The only obstacle is seen in the symbol of the weasel, which appears beyond the seal, pointing to the fact that the consultant has someone who is not to be trusted in the home, but this will not result in anything serious.

The figures of the two women opposite the handle show the arrival of friends to the "house," bringing presents with them. The inkpot, pen, and numeral "7," with the bird's nest in connection, show that happy news, as the result of personal effort on the part of the consultant, may be looked for within seven days.

The rock, motor, and wavy lines being in conjunction, warn the consultant of some forthcoming vexation, and possibly alarm, in connection with a motor expedition, but the episode is in the distance, and will not be more than a passing cloud.

The slug, at the bottom of the cup, predicts a future disturbance with someone, but the matter will be trifling. The large symbol of the king and queen upon the throne, opposite the handle, foretells a future of honour and wealth, and the assurance of every happiness for this fortunate consultant.

[Illustration: FIGURE IV]


_Opposite handle on circle_.--Two women, inside figure carrying basket, outside figure with parcel under arm.

_On sides_.--Line of wavy dots. Large rock. Motor. Bird's nest. Pen. Numeral "7." Inkpot.

_On circle_.--Large arch with carving.

_In centre_.--Slug. Figures of King and Queen on throne.

_Under handle_.--Seal. Weasel.



The large rock on the side, with the letter "J" beside it, speaks of a forthcoming vexation or trouble caused by someone whose name begins with "J." The necklace and jewellery beyond, with scattered dots around, give a cheerful assurance to the consultant of coming prosperity. This is further emphasised by the circle of dots above the letter "C" in the centre. As the initial is large, it probably indicates the name of the place from which the source of wealth may be anticipated; and that much happiness will come to the consultant in the future, is shown by the dancing figure and carved figures being in conjunction.

The small basket, the sausage, and roll of bread, with the query and "2" beyond, all point to the fact that the consultant will have little complaints and grumbles to put up with, and there will be some doubt as to which of two people is most to blame. But it will be only a small ripple upon the otherwise smooth surface of the consultant's outlook.

[Illustration: FIGURE V]


_On sides_.--Large rocks. Letter "J" in conjunction. Necklace. Jewellery.

_In centre_.--Large ornamental "C." Circle of dots above. Figure of girl dancing with arm upraised beneath. Carved figures.

_In centre near circle_.--Basket. Large sausage with roll of bread in conjunction. Small query. Numeral "2."



The numeral "4," beside the shapeless leaves, and the line leading from

Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves - 20/23

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