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- Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves - 23/23 -

The figure of the child, with its toys beyond, implies that new plans, to be made very soon, will be most beneficial, and will bring much pleasure to the consultant. But as the sausages and snail are not far distant, there is likely to be a marring of the pleasant conditions, caused by an act of unfaithfulness on the part of someone with whom the consultant is closely connected.

The bellows beyond suggest that the matter is treated with as much philosophy as possible, and with a resolve to make the best of a bad business; the ham also, being in conjunction, it is evident that the episode will not interfere with the consultant's success in life.

The sign post, with the running figure beside it and the large letter "M" beyond, prepare the consultant for startling news, the result of which will be of great importance. The news will come from a place beginning with the letter "M." There is no doubt that the matter will turn out admirably and bring about many advantages, as shown by the spreading branches of the tree; while the grapes beneath promise abundant success and joy.

The large boot-tree and latch-key on the circle beneath the handle predict a fortunate and unexpected gain in the near future. This consultant may look forward with confidence to the pleasures which fate has in store.

[Illustration: FIGURE XVII]


_On sides_.--Child seated. Toys beyond. Sausages. Snail. Ham. Bellows.

_In centre_.--Sign post. Running figure beside it. Large letter "M" in conjunction.

_On circle_.--Tree with spreading branches. Bunch of grapes beneath. Large boot-tree. Latch-key.



The shadow beneath the haycock shows that the consultant will soon be placed in a somewhat trying position and will have considerable difficulty in finding a way out of it.

The future is full of promise and there can be little doubt that the consultant will enjoy the pleasures of prosperity.

A journey to a cold climate to be taken later will result in very propitious news as shown by the symbol of the pheasant.

[Illustration: FIGURE XVIII]


_On sides_.--Shapeless leaves. Haycock. Shadow beneath.

_In centre_.--Pair of boots. Spreading branches of a tree. Pheasant flying.

_Near circle_.--Head of a polar bear.



The doll on the side, with the small symbol of a toadstool beside it, gives a warning to the consultant against folly and a bad habit of gossiping when feeling bored in society. The stuffed head of the deer, in this case, shows that much distress is caused by the unguarded talk, and the consultant certainly cannot be described as an "innocent cause."

The various scattered shapeless leaves point to confusion, and a somewhat "happy-go-lucky" nature. The spray of poppies on the circle beneath the handle foreshows that a pleasant experience may be expected in the summer.

The broken gate, with the cross above it, denotes that a new opportunity which awaits the consultant at a future date, will coincide with a time of perplexity and trouble, which fact is further borne out by the running figure below. This being in conjunction with a large letter "Y," implies that the disturbance will arise in connection with a place, the name of which begins with "Y."

[Illustration: FIGURE XIX]


_On sides_.--Small symbol of a toadstool. Doll. Head of a stuffed deer.

_Near rim_.--Many shapeless leaves.

_On circle_.--Spray of poppies.

_In centre_.--Broken gate with cross above it. Large "Y." Running figure.



This cup shows confusion and that the consultant was in a state of mental turmoil at the time of "turning" it. But in spite of this drawback there are some interesting facts to be found.

The dotted circles and large ornamental arch point to a most hopeful outlook and to the successful development of some desire at present unattainable.

The various initials and small numerals scattered about show correspondence as to plans and fixing of dates. The bush apple tree speaks of some pleasure which may be looked forward to in the summer.

The dancing figures predict much future happiness; the numerous changes which are likely to come about will all tend to success and the gratifying of the consultant's wishes. And what more cheerful outlook than this can be desired?

[Illustration: FIGURE XX]


_On sides_.--Scattered shapeless leaves. Several initials. Small numerals. Dotted circles. A large ornamental arch.

_Near circle_.--Bush apple tree.

_In centre_.--Dancing and grotesque figures.


It may be safely promised to those who follow the simple instructions given in this book that within a short time they will find themselves encircled by a halo of popularity. For few things provide a more certain guarantee of this pleasant condition than that of being able to "tell fortunes." Divination by tea-leaves will bring to those who study it deeply a fund of knowledge beyond the radius of normal understanding.

For those who use it as a means of amusement only, it will give pleasure which is dependent upon nothing more difficult to obtain than a cup of tea! With this recommendation I will leave these pages, in the sincere hope that this little book may be of real value to those who desire to be initiated into the fascinating art of reading the future in a tea-cup.

Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves - 23/23

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