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- Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves - 6/23 -

ARTIST'S MAHL STICK.--This implies an artistic temperament, a dislike of daily duties or irksome tasks, and a fretting under any routine; a lack of attention to detail is also a usual characteristic of this symbol.

ARUM LILY.--This flower stands for dignity, expectancy, and calm; its fuller meanings must be judged by other symbols around it.

ASS.--If its head is towards consultant, a piece of good news or an event which has long been waited for is near; if its tail, then further patience is necessary, for there will be delay; if it gallops, it gives warning that if people allow themselves to become too boring their friends may reasonably, be expected to avoid them.

ASTERS.--These flowers indicate a smooth though possibly a somewhat monotonous life; they also show a settled state of mind and sound judgment; if seen in the form of a wreath a death is predicted.

AUTOMATIC MACHINE.--This signifies a lack of initiative and consequent failure in arriving at any great achievement.

AXE.--This shows mastery and power to overcome difficulties; sometimes separation.


BABY.--A naked baby near consultant is a sign of sadness and disappointment caused by those who are nearest and dearest; to some it is a sign of money worries; a baby in arms means reconciliation.

BACON.--Pieces of bacon signify good luck and profitable business.

BADGER.--For a maid, or a bachelor, this symbol predicts a single life, but one of freedom, health and success; for the married, it implies regret that they did not remain unmarried.

BAGPIPES.--This symbol gives warning of coming sorrow or much agitation and disturbance.


BALLET DANCE.--This is a forecast of unsuccessful plans.

BALLOON.--A symbol which indicates that much is attempted but little achieved; there is a passing enthusiasm for various experiments and new ideas, but the interest soon flags, and finally vanishes as the balloon in the clouds.

BANANAS.--These promise gratification and the occurrence of those things which are most pleasing to you; also a prediction of much happiness and success in love affairs.

BANNER.--This is a symbol of a prosperous life for a man and of a wealthy marriage for a woman.

BARBER.--This signifies the approach of a new interest coming into your life, which will lead you to be most particular as to your personal appearance.

BARREL.--Festivity, possibly a picnic; several barrels, prosperity.

BARREL ORGAN.--Melancholy and a distaste for present circumstances.

BASIN.--This symbol stands for small ailments and minor worries; a broken basin, domestic annoyance.

BASKET.--Domestic duties and family cares; if full, a present given or received.

BASKET OF FLOWERS.--Happiness and contentment, fulfilled desires.

BASSOON.--This musical instrument implies that your energy is apt to exceed your wit.


BATH.--This indicates grief or dismay.

BATS.--An ill omen showing sickness and trouble in the home; with other signs, a prediction of death.

BAYONET.--A sign to be feared; it shows danger of operation, wounds, and pain.

BEANS.--These show quarrels and disputes with relations.

BEAR.--A journey north, sometimes prolonged travel. See also POLAR BEAR.

BED.--A visit, illness; or death, according to other symbols.

BEEF.--A round of beef foretells coming financial worries.

BEEHIVE.--This is a symbol of eloquence, mental capacity, and much energy in forming new schemes and carrying them through; also of attainment to power and honour.

BEES.--These foretell success through your own ability, many friends and enjoyment of life to the full. See also BUMBLE BEE.

BEETLE.--This signifies unrest, domestic tribulation, or disagreements; several beetles, that there is a risk of slander and abuse by those whom you regard as friends.

BEETROOT.--This symbol indicates that someone will try to do you a bad turn, but it will fail in its object and rather turn out as a benefit.

Bell.--Amazing news according to other signs in the cup; several bells indicate a wedding. See also CANTERBURY BELLS, DIVING BELL, HANDBELL.

BELLADONNA LILY.--This flower is a sign of hope, love, happiness, and the leading of an upright and honourable life.

BELLOWS.--These show an endeavour to make the best of a bad business.

BESOM.--This gives a caution to avoid meddling in other people's affairs or you may find yourself regarded as an unpleasant busybody.

BIER.--A symbol of death; if near consultant, a personal sorrow, otherwise of a less personal nature.

BILLIARD TABLE.--Pleasure followed by regret.

BIRD FEEDING YOUNG.--After a time of patient waiting, your desires will be fulfilled.

BIRD OF PARADISE.--Difficulties and trials are vanishing and a future of comfort and pleasure awaits you.

BIRD ON A PERCH.--If near consultant, news resulting in pleasant plans; if at some distance, there is a doubt of the news being sent.

BIRDS.--These are significant of happiness and joyful tidings; a single bird flying means speedy news, telegrams; birds in a row on a branch or line show that there will be vexatious delay in receiving some wished-for news; birds in a circle denote cogitation followed by swift decision. See also CLAPPER FOR SCARING BIRDS and STUFFED BIRDS.

BIRDS IN CAGE.--This implies that a variety of causes prevents you from obtaining your dearest wish; should the cage door be open, obstacles will shortly be removed and great happiness will be yours.

BIRD'S NEST.--This signifies a happy discovery, leading to a fortunate enterprise brought about to a great extent by your own patience and ability; it is also a good omen of love, friends, and increase of fortune.

BISCUITS.--These seen in various shapes and sizes foretell the occurrence of pleasant events.

BISHOP.--A sign of benevolence, authority, and progress; in cope and mitre, preferment and honour.

BLUEBELLS.--These indicate that an event bringing you much satisfaction and pleasure may be expected to take place in the spring.

BLUEBOTTLE FLY.--Unpleasantness and jealousy will be aroused by your success.

BOAR.--This animal shows much energy and push though not always in the right direction to bring you unqualified success; it is also a sign of obstacles in your path.

BOAT.--Success in a new enterprise; seen with clouds, troubles and disappointment. See also FERRYBOAT.

BOMB.--This foretells a personal disaster or news of an explosion and loss of life.

BONES.--These are an indication of misfortune surmounted with courage.

BONNET.--This implies that youth will be past before you have the best happiness of your life. See also WIDOW'S BONNET.

BOOK.--An open book shows a desire for information and a mind ever on the alert to understand new theories and facts; a closed book is a sign of expectancy.

BOOKCASE.--This is a pleasing symbol of coming success through study and perseverance.

BOOMERANG.--This sign means news from Australia, or that some unexpected development will lead to your having a great interest in that country; with signs of travel, that you will make your home there.

BOOTBLACK.--A bootblack is a sign of failure in your work.

BOOTS.--These show fortunate business, a good income, and the gratification of your tastes and pleasures; boots of a curious shape foretell an unfortunate enterprise ending in failure.

BOOT-TREE.--A lucky surprise.


BOTTLE.--A sign of happy days; several bottles indicate extravagant tastes; small bottles, illness.

BOUQUET.--This is a most fortunate symbol of coming happiness, love, fulfilled hope, and marriage.

Telling Fortunes By Tea Leaves - 6/23

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