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- Quotations From Georg Ebers - 14/14 -

The best enjoyment in creating is had in anticipation The experienced love to signify their superiority Then hate came; but it did not last long There is no 'never,' no surely There are no gods, and whoever bows makes himself a slave There is nothing better than death, for it is peace They who will, can They praise their butchers more than their benefactors They keep an account in their heart and not in their head They get ahead of us, and yet--I would not change with them Thin-skinned, like all up-starts in authority Think of his wife, not with affection only, but with pride Those are not my real friends who tell me I am beautiful Those who will not listen must feel Those two little words 'wish' and 'ought' Those whom we fear, says my uncle, we cannot love Thou canst say in words what we can only feel Though thou lose all thou deemest thy happiness Thought that the insane were possessed by demons Time is clever in the healing art Title must not be a bill of fare To pray is better than to bathe To govern the world one must have less need of sleep To know half is less endurable than to know nothing To her it was not a belief but a certainty To the child death is only slumber To expect gratitude is folly To the mines meant to be doomed to a slow, torturing death To whom the emotion of sorrow affords a mournful pleasure To whom fortune gives once, it gives by bushels To-morrow could give them nothing better than to-day To be happy, one must forget what cannot be altered Tone of patronizing instruction assumed by the better informed Trifling incident gains importance when undue emphasis is laid Trouble does not enhance beauty True host puts an end to the banquet Trustfulness is so dear, so essential to me Two griefs always belong to one joy Unjust to injure and rob the child for the benefit of the man Until neither knew which was the giver and which the receiver Unwise to try to make a man happy by force Use their physical helplessness as a defence Use words instead of swords, traps instead of lances Usually found the worst wine in the taverns with showy signs Vagabond knaves had already been put to the torture Very hard to imagine nothingness Virtues are punished in this world Voice of the senses, which drew them together, will soon be mute Wait, child! What is life but waiting? Waiting is the merchant's wisdom Wakefulness may prolong the little term of life War is a perversion of nature We live for life, not for death We quarrel with no one more readily than with the benefactor We each and all are waiting We've talked a good deal of love with our eyes already Welcome a small evil when it barred the way to a greater one Were we not one and all born fools Wet inside, he can bear a great deal of moisture without What had formerly afforded me pleasure now seemed shallow What changes so quickly as joy and sorrow What are we all but puny children? What father does not find something to admire in his child Whatever a man would do himself, he thinks others are capable of When love has once taken firm hold of a man in riper years When a friend refuses to share in joys When men-children deem maids to be weak and unfit for true sport When hate and revenge speak, gratitude shrinks timidly When you want to strike me again, mother, please take off Whether the form of our benevolence does more good or mischief Whether man were the best or the worst of created beings Whether the historical romance is ever justifiable Who watches for his neighbour's faults has a hundred sharp eyes Who can point out the road that another will take Who can be freer than he who needs nothing Who only puts on his armor when he is threatened Who does not struggle ward, falls back Who gives great gifts, expects great gifts again Who do all they are able and enjoy as much as they can get Who can take pleasure in always seeing a gloomy face? Who can prop another's house when his own is falling Who can hope to win love that gives none Whoever condemns, feels himself superior Whoever will not hear, must feel Wide world between the purpose and the deed Wise men hold fast by the ever young present Without heeding the opinion of mortals Woman who might win the love of a highly-gifted soul (Pays for it) Woman's disapproving words were blown away by the wind Woman's hair is long, but her wit is short Women are indeed the rock ahead in this young fellow's life Wonder we leave for the most part to children and fools Words that sounded kindly, but with a cold, unloving heart Wrath has two eyes--one blind, the other keener than a falcon's Ye play with eternity as if it were but a passing moment Years are the foe of beauty You have a habit of only looking backwards Young Greek girls pass their sad childhood in close rooms Youth should be modest, and he was assertive Youth calls 'much,' what seems to older people 'little' Zeus does not hear the vows of lovers Zeus pays no heed to lovers' oaths


Quotations From Georg Ebers - 14/14

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