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- Quotations From Gilbert Parker - 10/11 -

He borrowed no trouble He wishes to be rude to some one, and is disappointed He's a barber-shop philosopher Heaven where wives without number awaited him Her sight was bounded by the little field where she strayed Her voice had the steadiness of despair Her stronger soul ruled him without his knowledge Her own suffering always set her laughing at herself Highsterics, they call it His courtesy was not on the same expansive level as his vanity His duties were many, or he made them so His gift for lying was inexpressible Honesty was a thing he greatly desired--in others How little we can know to-day what we shall feel tomorrow How can one force one's heart? No, no! One has to wait How many sons have ever added to their father's fame? How many conquests have been made in the name of God How can you judge the facts if you don't know the feeling? Hugging the chain of denial to his bosom Hunger for happiness is robbery I love that love in which I married him I was never good at catechism I said I was not falling in love--I am in love I am only myself when I am drunk I have a good memory for forgetting I don't wish to fit in; things must fit me I like when I like, and I like a lot when I like I always did what was wrong, and liked it--nearly always I should remember to forget it I don't believe in walking just for the sake of walking I don't think. I'm old enough to know I can't pay you for your kindness to me, and I don't want to I had to listen to him, and he had to pay me for listening I was born insolent I--couldn't help it If you have a good thought, act on it If one remembers, why should the other forget If women hadn't memory, she answered, they wouldn't have much If fumbling human fingers do not meddle with it Illusive hopes and irresponsible deceptions Imagination is at the root of much that passes for love Importunity with discretion was his motto In all secrets there is a kind of guilt In her heart she never can defy the world as does a man Inclined to resent his own insignificance Instinct for detecting veracity, having practised on both sides Interfere with people who had a trade and didn't understand it Irishmen have gifts for only two things--words and women Is the habit of good living mere habit and mere acting It is hard to be polite to cowards It is not Justice that fills the gaols, but Law It is not the broken heart that kills, but broken pride It is good to live, isn't it? It is difficult to be idle--and important too It is not much to kill or to die--that is in the game It isn't what they do, it's what they don't do It ain't for us to say what we're goin' to be, not always It is easy to repent when our pleasures have palled It's the people who try to be clever who never are It's no good simply going--you've got to go somewhere Jews everywhere treated worse than the Chinaman Joy of a confessional which relieves the sick heart Kissed her twice on the cheek--the first time in fifteen years Knew the lie of silence to be as evil as the lie of speech Knew when to shut his eyes, and when to keep them open Know how bad are you, and doesn't mind Knowing that his face would never be turned from me Lacks a balance-wheel. He has brains, but not enough Law. It is expensive whether you win or lose Learned what fools we mortals be Learned, as we all must learn, that we live our dark hour alone Let others ride to glory, I'll shoe their horses for the gallop Liars all men may be, but that's wid wimmin or landlords Life is only futile to the futile Lighted candles in hollowed pumpkins Likenesses between the perfectly human and the perfectly animal Lilt of existence lulling to sleep wisdom and tried experience Liquor makes me human Live and let live is doing good Lonely we come into the world, and lonely we go out of it Longed to touch, oftener than they did, the hands of children Lose their heads, and be so absurdly earnest Love can outlive slander Love, too, is a game, and needs playing Love knows not distance; it hath no continent Love has nothing to do with ugliness or beauty, or fortune Lyrical in his enthusiasms Man who tells the story in a new way, that is genius Man grows old only by what he suffers, and what he forgives Man or woman must not expect too much out of life May be more beautiful in uncertain England than anywhere else Meditation is the enemy of action Memory is man's greatest friend and worst enemy Men and women are unwittingly their own executioners Men feel surer of women than women feel of men Men do not steal up here: that is the unpardonable crime Men must have their bad hours alone Men are like dogs--they worship him who beats them Men are shy with each other where their emotions are in play Miseries of this world are caused by forcing issues Missed being a genius by an inch Monotonously intelligent More idle than wicked Most honest thing I ever heard, but it's not the most truthful Most important lessons of life--never to quarrel with a woman Mothers always forgive My excuses were making bad infernally worse Mystery is dear to a woman's heart Nature twists in back, or anywhere, gets a twist in's brain too Nervous legs at a gallop Never believed that when man or woman said no that no was meant Never looked to get an immense amount of happiness out of life Never to be content with superficial reasons and the obvious Never give up your soul to things only, keep it for people No note of praise could be pitched too high for Elizabeth No, I'm not good--I'm only beautiful No news--no trouble No virtue in not falling, when you're not tempted No past that is hidden has ever been a happy past No man so simply sincere, or so extraordinarily prejudiced Noise is not battle Not good to have one thing in the head all the time Not content to do even the smallest thing ill Not to show surprise at anything Nothing so good as courage, nothing so base as the shifting eye Nothing is futile that is right Nothing so popular for the moment as the fall of a favourite Of those who hypnotize themselves, who glow with self-creation Of course I've hated, or I wouldn't be worth a button Often called an invention of the devil (Violin) Often, we would rather be hurt than hurt One does the work and another gets paid One always buys back the past at a tremendous price One doesn't choose to worry One favour is always the promise of another Only the supremely wise or the deeply ignorant who never alter Oriental would think not less of him for dissimulation Paradoxes which make for laughter--and for tears Passion to forget themselves Pathetically in earnest People who are clever never think of trying to be Philosophers are often stupid in human affairs Philosophy which could separate the petty from the prodigious Political virtue goes unrewarded Prepared for a kiss this hour and a reproach the next Preserved a marked unconsciousness Protest that it is right when it knows that it is wrong Put the matter on your own hearthstone Queer that things which hurt most can't be punished by law Rack of secrecy, the cruelest inquisition of life Reading a lot and forgetting everything Reconciling the preacher and the sinner, as many another has Religion to him was a dull recreation invented chiefly for women Remember the sorrow of thine own wife Remember your own sins before you charge others Rewarded for its mistakes Romance is an incident to a man Sacrifice to the god of the pin-hole Sardonic pleasure in the miseries of the world Saw how futile was much competition Saying uncomfortable things in a deferential way Scoundrel, too weak to face the consequences of his sin Secret of life: to keep your own commandments Self-will, self-pride, and self-righteousness were big in him She lacked sense a little and sensitiveness much She was not to be forced to answer his arguments directly She knew what to say and what to leave unsaid She was beginning to understand that evil is not absolute She valued what others found useless She wasn't young, but she seemed so She had not suffered that sickness, social artifice She had provoked love, but had never given it She had never stooped to conquer Should not make our own personal experience a law unto the world Shure, if we could always be 'about the same,' we'd do Simply to have death renewed every morning Slander ever scorches where it touches Slow-footed hours wandered by, leaving apathy in their train Smiling was part of his equipment So say your prayers, believe all you can, don't ask questions Solitude fixes our hearts immovably on things Some people are rough with the poor--and proud Some wise men are fools, one way or another Some are hurt in one way and some in another Sometimes the longest way round is the shortest way home Soul tortured through different degrees of misunderstanding Spurting out little geysers of other people's cheap wisdom Still the end of your existence, I rejoined--to be amused? Strike first and heal after--"a kick and a lick" Struggle of conscience and expediency Surely she might weep a little for herself Suspicion, the bane of sick old age Sympathy, with curiousness in their eyes and as much inhumanity Sympathy and consolation might be much misplaced Thanked him in her heart for the things he had left unsaid That anxious civility which beauty can inspire That iceberg which most mourners carry in their breasts That he will find the room empty where I am not The Government cherish the Injin much in these days The Injin speaks the truth, perhaps--eye of red man multipies

Quotations From Gilbert Parker - 10/11

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