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- Quotations From Gilbert Parker - 11/11 -

The blind tyranny of the just The soul of goodness in things evil The higher we go the faster we live The gods made last to humble the pride of men--there was rum The world never welcomes its deserters The furious music of death and war was over The tender care of a woman--than many pharmacopoeias The beginning of the end of things was come for him The ravings of a sick man are not always counted ravings The friendship of man is like the shade of the acacia The sea is a great breeder of friendship The vague pain of suffered indifference The soul is a great traveller The happy scene of the play before the villain comes in The threshold of an acknowledged love The Barracks of the Free The real business of life is trying to understand each other The world is not so bad as is claimed for it The temerity and nonchalance of despair There is nothing so tragic as the formal There are things we repent of which cannot be repaired There is something humiliating in even an undeserved injury There should be written the one word, "Wait" There is no refuge from memory and remorse in this world There was never a grey wind but there's a greyer There is no influence like the influence of habit There is no habit so powerful as the habit of care of others There's no credit in not doing what you don't want to do These little pieces of art make life possible They think that if a vote's worth having it's worth paying for They whose tragedy lies in the capacity to suffer greatly Things in life git stronger than we are Things that once charmed charm less Think with the minds of twelve men, and the heart of one woman Think that a woman gives the heart for pleasant weather only? Think of our position Thou wouldst not think how ill all's here about my heart Time when she should and when she should not be wooed Time is the test, and Time will have its way with me Time a woman most yearns for a man is when she has refused him To die without whining To be popular is not necessarily to be contemptible To sorrow may their humour be a foil To-morrow is no man's gift Touch of the fantastic, of the barbaric, in all genius Training in the charms of superficiality Tricks played by Fact to discredit the imagination Triumph of Oriental duplicity over Western civilisation Truth waits long, but whips hard Tyranny of the little man, given a power Undisciplined generosity Untamed by the normal restraints of a happy married life Uses up your misery and makes you tired (Work) Vanity is the bane of mankind Vanity of successful labour Vanity; and from this much feminine hatred springs Very severe on those who do not pretend to be good Visions of the artistic temperament--delight and curse War is cruelty, and none can make it gentle Was not civilisation a mistake We don't live in months and years, but just in minutes We want to get more out of life than there really is in it We want every land to do as we do; and we want to make 'em do it We grow away from people against our will We are only children till we begin to make our dreams our life We care so little for real justice We do what we forbid ourselves to do We suffer the shames we damn in others We must live our dark hours alone We speak with the straight tongue; it is cowards who lie We'll lave the past behind us What fools there are in the world What is gone is gone. Graves are idolatry What is crime in one country, is virtue in another What a nice mob you press fellows are--wholesale scavengers What'll be the differ a hundred years from now Whatever has been was a dream; whatever is now is real When a child is born the mother also is born again When you strike your camp, put out the fires When God permits, shall man despair? When a man laugh in the sun and think nothing of evil Where the light is darkness Where I should never hear the voice of the social Thou must Who knows! Who can understand a woman? Who get a morbid enjoyment out of misery Who say 'God bless you' in New York! They say 'Damn you!' Who never knew self-consciousness Wit is always at the elbow of want Without the money brains seldom win alone Woman's deepest right and joy and pain in one--to comfort Women only admitted to Heaven by the intercession of husbands Women are half saints, half fools Women may leave you in the bright days Women don't go by evidence, but by their feelings World was only the size of four walls to a sick person Worth while to have lived so long and to have seen so much Would look back and not remember that she had a childhood You went north towards heaven and south towards hell You have lost your illusions You never can really overtake a newspaper lie You can't take time as the measure of life You cannot live long enough to atone for that impertinence You do not shout dinner till you have your knife in the loaf You never can make a scandal less by trying to hide it You've got blind rashness, and so you think you're bold You've got to be ready, that's all You--you all were so ready to suspect Youth hungers for the vanities Youth is the only comrade for youth Youth's a dream, middle age a delusion, old age a mistake


Quotations From Gilbert Parker - 11/11

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