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- Quotations From John Lothrop Motley - 26/26 -

Whether murders or stratagems, as if they were acts of virtue Whether repentance could effect salvation While one's friends urge moderation Who the "people" exactly were Who loved their possessions better than their creed Whole revenue was pledged to pay the interest, on his debts Whose mutual hatred was now artfully inflamed by partisans William of Nassau, Prince of Orange William Brewster Wise and honest a man, although he be somewhat longsome Wiser simply to satisfy himself Wish to sell us the bear-skin before they have killed the bear Wish to appear learned in matters of which they are ignorant With something of feline and feminine duplicity Wonder equally at human capacity to inflict and to endure misery Wonders whether it has found its harbor or only lost its anchor Word peace in Spanish mouths simply meant the Holy Inquisition Word-mongers who, could clothe one shivering thought Words are always interpreted to the disadvantage of the weak Work of the aforesaid Puritans and a few Jesuits World has rolled on to fresher fields of carnage and ruin Worn crescents in their caps at Leyden Worn nor caused to be worn the collar of the serf Worship God according to the dictates of his conscience Would not help to burn fifty or sixty thousand Netherlanders Wrath of the Jesuits at this exercise of legal authority Wrath of bigots on both sides Wrath of that injured personage as he read such libellous truths Wringing a dry cloth for drops of evidence Write so illegibly or express himself so awkwardly Writing letters full of injured innocence Yes, there are wicked men about Yesterday is the preceptor of To-morrow You must show your teeth to the Spaniard

Quotations From John Lothrop Motley - 26/26

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