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- Quotations from the Works of George Meredith - 29/29 -

Withdrew into the entrenchments of contempt Without a single intimation that he loathed the task Without those consolatory efforts, useless between men Wits, which are ordinarily less productive than land Wives are only an item in the list, and not the most important Woman finds herself on board a rudderless vessel Woman will be the last thing civilized by Man Woman descending from her ideal to the gross reality of man Woman's precious word No at the sentinel's post, and alert Women are happier enslaved Women are taken to be the second thoughts of the Creator Women with brains, moreover, are all heartless Women must not be judging things out of their sphere Women don't care uncommonly for the men who love them Women treat men as their tamed housemates Women are wonderfully quick scholars under ridicule Women and men are in two hostile camps Women are swift at coming to conclusions in these matters Won't do to be taking in reefs on a lee-shore Wonderment that one of her sex should have ideas Wooing a good man for his friendship Wooing her with dog's eyes instead of words Work of extravagance upon perceptibly plain matter Work is medicine World voluntarily opens a path to those who step determinedly World cannot pardon a breach of continuity World is ruthless, dear friends, because the world is hypocrite World against us It will not keep us from trying to serve World prefers decorum to honesty Would he see what he aims at? let him ask his heels Would like to feel he was doing a bit of good Wrapped in the comfort of his cowardice Writer society delights in, to show what it is composed of Yawns coming alarmingly fast, in the place of ideas Years are the teachers of the great rocky natures Yet, though Angels smile, shall not Devils laugh You want me to flick your indecision You saw nothing but handkerchiefs out all over the theatre You are to imagine that they know everything You can master pain, but not doubt You may learn to know yourself through love You do want polish You who may have cared for her through her many tribulations, have no fear You choose to give yourself to an obscure dog You are not married, you are simply chained You played for gain, and that was a licenced thieving You talk your mother with a vengeance You have not to be told that I desire your happiness above all You are entreated to repress alarm You accuse or you exonerate--Nobody can be half guilty You rides when you can, and you walks when you must You beat me with the fists, but my spirit is towering You'll have to guess at half of everything he tells you You'll tell her you couldn't sit down in her presence undressed You're going to be men, meaning something better than women You're a rank, right-down widow, and no mistake You're talking to me, not to a gallery You're the puppet of your women! You've got no friend but your bed Young as when she looked upon the lovers in Paradise Your devotion craves an enormous exchange Youth will not believe that stupidity and beauty can go together Youth is not alarmed by the sound of big sums

Quotations from the Works of George Meredith - 29/29

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