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- Quotations from the Works of George Meredith - 6/29 -

Far higher quality is the will that can subdue itself to wait Feel no shame that I do not feel! Feel they are not up to the people they are mixing with Few feelings are single on this globe Forty seconds too fast, as if it were a capital offence Found it difficult to forgive her his own folly Friend he would not shake off, but could not well link with From head to foot nothing better than a moan made visible Gentlefolks like straight-forwardness in their inferiors Glimpse of her whole life in the horrid tomb of his embrace Good nature, and means no more harm than he can help Good and evil work together in this world Gossip always has some solid foundation, however small Graduated naturally enough the finer stages of self-deception Gratuitous insult Habit, what a sacred and admirable thing it is Hated one thing alone--which was 'bother' Have her profile very frequently while I am conversing with her He has been tolerably honest, Tom, for a man and a lover He grunted that a lying clock was hateful to him He was in love, and subtle love will not be shamed and smothered He kept saying to himself, 'to-morrow I will tell' He had his character to maintain He squandered the guineas, she patiently picked up the pence His wife alone, had, as they termed it, kept him together Hope which lies in giving men a dose of hysterics How many degrees from love gratitude may be I 'm a bachelor, and a person--you're married, and an object I cannot live a life of deceit. A life of misery--not deceit I take off my hat, Nan, when I see a cobbler's stall I always wait for a thing to happen first I never see anything, my dear I did, replied Evan. 'I told a lie.' I'll come as straight as I can If we are to please you rightly, always allow us to play First If I love you, need you care what anybody else thinks In truth she sighed to feel as he did, above everybody Incapable of putting the screw upon weak excited nature Informed him that he never played jokes with money, or on men Is he jealous? 'Only when I make him, he is.' It 's us hard ones that get on best in the world It is better for us both, of course It was in a time before our joyful era of universal equality It is no insignificant contest when love has to crush self-love It's no use trying to be a gentleman if you can't pay for it It's a fool that hopes for peace anywhere Lay no petty traps for opportunity Listened to one another, and blinded the world Looked as proud as if he had just clapped down the full amount Love is a contagious disease Make no effort to amuse him. He is always occupied Man without a penny in his pocket, and a gizzard full of pride Married a wealthy manufacturer--bartered her blood for his money Maxims of her own on the subject of rising and getting the worm Men they regard as their natural prey Men do not play truant from home at sixty years of age Most youths are like Pope's women; they have no character My belief is, you do it on purpose. Can't be such rank idiots Never intended that we should play with flesh and blood Never to despise the good opinion of the nonentities No great harm done when you're silent No conversation coming of it, her curiosity was violent Notoriously been above the honours of grammar Occasional instalments--just to freshen the account Oh! I can't bear that class of people One fool makes many, and so, no doubt, does one goose One seed of a piece of folly will lurk and sprout to confound us Our comedies are frequently youth's tragedies Partake of a morning draught Patronizing woman Play second fiddle without looking foolish Pride is the God of Pagans Propitiate common sense on behalf of what seems tolerably absurd Rare as epic song is the man who is thorough in what he does Read one another perfectly in their mutual hypocrisies Rebukes which give immeasurable rebounds Recalling her to the subject-matter with all the patience Refuge in the Castle of Negation against the whole army of facts Remarked that the young men must fight it out together Requiring natural services from her in the button department Rose was much behind her age Rose! what have I done? 'Nothing at all,' she said Said she was what she would have given her hand not to be Says you're so clever you ought to be a man Second fiddle; he could only mean what she meant Secrets throw on the outsiders the onus of raising a scandal Sense, even if they can't understand it, flatters them so She did not detest the Countess because she could not like her She was unworthy to be the wife of a tailor She, not disinclined to dilute her grief She believed friendship practicable between men and women She was at liberty to weep if she pleased Sincere as far as she knew: as far as one who loves may be Small beginnings, which are in reality the mighty barriers Speech is poor where emotion is extreme Speech that has to be hauled from the depths usually betrays Spiritualism, and on the balm that it was Such a man was banned by the world, which was to be despised? Taking oath, as it were, by their lower nature Tears that dried as soon as they had served their end Tenderness which Mrs. Mel permitted rather than encouraged That plain confession of a lack of wit; he offered combat That beautiful trust which habit gives The ass eats at my table, and treats me with contempt The Countess dieted the vanity according to the nationality The letter had a smack of crabbed age hardly counterfeit The commonest things are the worst done The thrust sinned in its shrewdness The power to give and take flattery to any amount The grey furniture of Time for his natural wear Those numerous women who always know themselves to be right Thus does Love avenge himself on the unsatisfactory Past To be both generally blamed, and generally liked To let people speak was a maxim of Mrs. Mel's, and a wise one Took care to be late, so that all eyes beheld her Touching a nerve Toyed with little flowers of palest memory Tradesman, and he never was known to have sent in a bill Tried to be honest, and was as much so as his disease permitted True enjoyment of the princely disposition Two people love, there is no such thing as owing between them Unfeminine of any woman to speak continuously anywhere Virtuously zealous in an instant on behalf of the lovely dame Vulgarity in others evoked vulgarity in her Waited serenely for the certain disasters to enthrone her We deprive all renegades of their spiritual titles What a stock of axioms young people have handy What will be thought of me? not a small matter to any of us What he did, she took among other inevitable matters What's an eccentric? a child grown grey! When testy old gentlemen could commit slaughter with ecstasy When you run away, you don't live to fight another day When Love is hurt, it is self-love that requires the opiate Whose bounty was worse to him than his abuse Why, he'll snap your head off for a word With good wine to wash it down, one can swallow anything With a proud humility Wrapped in the comfort of his cowardice You do want polish You talk your mother with a vengeance You accuse or you exonerate--Nobody can be half guilty You rides when you can, and you walks when you must You're the puppet of your women! Youth is not alarmed by the sound of big sums

VITTORIA, V1 [GM#41][GM41V10.TXT]4435

Footing up a mountain corrects the notion (that I am important) He saw far, and he grasped ends beyond obstacles Poetry does much upon reflection, but it has to ripen within you There is comfort in exercise, even for an ancient creature such as I am

VITTORIA, V2 [GM#42][GM42V10.TXT]4436

Agostino was enjoying the smoke of paper cigarettes Anguish to think of having bent the knee for nothing Art of despising what he coveted Compliment of being outwitted by their own offspring Hated tears, considering them a clog to all useful machinery Intentions are really rich possessions Italians were like women, and wanted--a real beating Necessary for him to denounce somebody Profound belief in her partiality for him

VITTORIA, V3 [GM#43][GM43V10.TXT]4437

A fortress face; strong and massive, and honourable in ruin Defiance of foes and (what was harder to brave) of friends Do I serve my hand? or, Do I serve my heart? Good nerve to face the scene which he is certain will be enacted Government of brain; not sufficient Insurrection of heart Had taken refuge in their opera-glasses He postponed it to the next minute and the next I hope I am not too hungry to discriminate I know nothing of imagination In Italy, a husband away, ze friend takes title Morales, madame, suit ze sun No intoxication of hot blood to cheer those who sat at home Not to be feared more than are the general race of bunglers Patience is the pestilence People who can lose themselves in a ray of fancy at any season Question with some whether idiots should live Rarely exacted obedience, and she was spontaneously obeyed The divine afflatus of enthusiasm buoyed her no longer Too weak to resist, to submit to an outrage quietly We are good friends till we quarrel again We can bear to fall; we cannot afford to draw back Who shrinks from an hour that is suspended in doubt Whole body of fanatics combined to precipitate the devotion Youth will not believe that stupidity and beauty can go together

Quotations from the Works of George Meredith - 6/29

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