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- The Principles Of Aesthetics - 50/50 -

MATTHEWS, J. B. A Study of the Drama, 1910. JONES, H. A. The Foundations of a National Drama, 1913. WOODBRIDGE, E. The Drama: Its Laws and Its Technique, 1898. DE MAUPASSANT, GUY. Le Roman, in Pierre et Jean.

For additional references on Poetry and Prose, consult _An Introduction to the Methods and Materials of Literary Criticism_, by C. M. Gayley and F. N. Scott, 1899.

_Chapter Eleven.--Painting._

MEIER-GRAEFE, J. Modern Art, English translation, 1908. ROSS, DENMON. A Theory of Pure Design, 1907; On Drawing and Painting, 1912. BERENSON, B. Central Italian Painters of the Renaissance. POORE, H. R. Pictorial Composition, 1903. VAN DYKE, J. C. Art for Art's Sake, 1895. UTITZ, E. Grundzuege der Aesthetischen Farbenlehre, 1908. WAETZOLDT, WM. Die Kunst des Portraets, 1908. WEIGHT, WM. H. Modern Painting, 1915. LIPPS, T. Aesthetik, Bd. 1, 5ter Abschnitt, Bd. 2, 7tes Kapitel. GOETHE. Farbenlehre. SOURIATJ, P. L'Estetique du mouvement, 1889. STRATTON, G. M. Eye Movement, and the Aesthetics of Visual Form, in Philosophische Studien, XX. COHN, J. Experimented Untersuchungen ueber die Gefuehls-betonung der Farben, in Philosophische Studien, 10: 522. BAKER and CHOWN. Experiments on Color, in the University of Toronto Studies. LEE and THOMPSON. Beauty and Ugliness, in Contemporary Review, 1897. CHEVREUL, M. E. The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colors, 1855.

_Chapter Twelve.--Sculpture._

HILDEBRAND, A. The Problem of Form in Painting and Sculpture, English translation, 1907. RODIN, A. Art, English translation, 1912. HERDER, J. G. Plastik, 1778. LIPPS, T. Aesthetik, Bd. 2, 5tes u. etes Kapitel. LESSING. Laocoon, 1766. CORNELIUS, H. Elementargesetze der bildenden Kunst, 1908.

_Chapter Thirteen.--Architecture._

LIPPS, T. Raumaesthetik, 1897; Aesthetik, Bd. 1, 1903. SCOTT, G. The Architecture of Humanism, 1914. ROBINSON, J. B. Architectural Composition, 1908. VAN PELT, J. V. Essentials of Composition, 1913. GUADET, J. Elements et theorie de l'architecture, 1909. VIOLLET-LE-DUC, E. E. Entretiens sur l'architecture, 1863-72. RUSKIN, J. Seven Lamps of Architecture, 1857. FRANKL, P. Die Entwicklungsphasen der neueren Baukunst, 1914. WORRINGER, W. Formprobleme der Gothik, 1912. WOELFFUN, H. Renaissance und Barock, 1888.

_Chapter Fourteen.--Art and Morality._

PLATO. Republic, Ion, Phaedrus, Symposium, Gorgias. TOLSTOY, L. What is Art? English translation, 1899. SCHILLER, F. Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man, 1793-1795. MORRIS, WM. Hopes and Fears for Art, 1882. WILDE, O., MORRIS, WM., and OWEN, W. C. The Soul of Man, The Socialist Ideal--Art, and The Coming Solidarity. RUSKIN, J. Lectures on Art, 1900. SYMONDS, J. A. Essays, Speculative and Suggestive, 1890. PAULHAN, FR. Le Mensonge de l'Art, 1907. WHISTLER, J. McN. Ten o'Clock, 1888. GUYAU, J. M. L'Art au point de vue sociologique, 1889. CASSAGNE, A. La theorie de l'art pour l'art en France, 1906.

_Chapter Fifteen.--Art and Religion._

LANG, A. Myth, Ritual, and Religion, 1913. DELLA SETA, A. Religion and Art, 1914. HARRISON, J. Ancient Art and Ritual, 1913. MURRAY, G. Four Stages of Greek Religion, 1912. REINACH, S. Orpheus, 1909. SANTAYANA, G. Poetry and Religion, 1900. FRAZER, J. G. The Golden Bough. HEGEL, G. W. F. Introduction to the Philosophy of Fine Art, translated by Bosanquet, 1886. MUENSTERBERG, H. Philosophie der Werte, 1908. WUNDT, WM. Volkerpsychologie, 1911. SANTAYANA, G. Three Philosophical Poets, 1910.

The Principles Of Aesthetics - 50/50

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