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- Pictures Every Child Should Know - 50/52 -

"La Disputa" "Lady Elcho, Mrs. Arden, Mrs. Tennant" "La Gioconda" "Landscape with Cattle." Landseer, John Landseer, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, Thomas "La Primavera" "Last Judgment, The" (Angelo) (Tintoretto) (Titian) "Last Supper, The" (Andrea del Sarto) (Ghirlandajo) (Veronese) (Leonardo da Vinci) "Laughing Cavalier, The" Laura Lavinia, daughter of Titian "Lavinia, the Artist's Daughter" Lawrence, Sir Thomas "Leda" (Correggio) (G‚rome) Lee, Jeremiah Legion of Honour Lemon, Margaret Leonardo. See da Vinci Leo X. Lewis, J. F. _Liber Studiorium_ "Liber Veritas" Library, Boston Public "Light of the World, The" Linley, Thomas Linley, Samuel "Lion Disturbed at His Repast" "Lion Enjoying His Repast" "Lioness, The Study off a" "Lion Hunt, A" Lippi, Fra Filippo "Lock on the Stour" Lombardi "Lords Digby and Russell" "Lord Wharton" Lorenzalez, Claudio Lorrain, Claude Lott, Willy Louis XIV. Louise, Princess "Love Among the Ruins" "Low Life and High Life" Lowther, Sir William Lucas van Leyden Lucia, mother of Titian Lucretia, wife of Andrea del Sarto Luther, Martin Madonna and Child "Madonna and Child with St. Anne" "Madonna and Child with Saints" "Madonna del'Arpie" "Madonna della Caraffa" "Madonna della Casa d'Alba" "Madonna della Sedia" "Madonna del Granduca" "Madonna del Pesce" "Madonna del Sacco" "Madonna of the Palms" "Madonna of the Rosary." Madrazo "Magdalene, The" Manet "Manoah's Sacrifice" Mantegna Mantua, Duke of Mantua, Duke Frederick II. of "Man with the Hoe, The" "Man with the Sword, The" Margherita Maria Theresa "Marriage … la Mode" "Marriage at Cana, The" "Marriage Contract, The" "Marriage of Bacchus and Ariadne, The" "Marriage of Mary and Joseph, The" "Marriage of St. Catherine, The" "Marriage of Samson, The" Martineau "Martyrdom of St. Agnes, The" "Martyrdom of St. Peter, The" "Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, The" Mary, the Virgin, in art Masaccio (Tommasco Guidi) Masoline Mastersingers, Nuremberg Maximillian, Emperor Medici family Medici, Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici, Lorenzi de' Medici, Ottaviano de' Medici, Pietro de' "Meeting of St. John and St. Anna at Jerusalem" Meissonier, Jean Louis Ernest "Melancholy" Merlini, Girolama "Meyer Madonna, The" Michallon "Midsummer Noon" Millais Millet, Jean Fran‡ois Millet, MŠre "Mill Stream" "Miracle of St. Mark, The" Missions, Spanish Missirini "Mr. Marquand" "Mr. Penrose" "Mrs. Meyer and Children" "Mrs. Peel" Mohawk Mona Lisa Monet, Claude "Money Changers, The" "Moonlight at Salerno" Morales "Moreau and His Staff before Hohenlinden" More, Sir Thomas "Morning Prayer, The" "Moses" "Moses Breaking the Tablets of the Law" Mudge, Dr. Murat Murillo (Bartolom‚ Est‚ban) Murillo, Do¤a Anna Museum of Art, Basel Berlin Court, Vienna Madrid Metropolitan, New York Prado Rijks, Amsterdam South Kensington Muther "Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine, The"

"Naiads at Play" Napoleon "Nativity, The" (Botticelli) (Drer) Navarrette "Nieces of Sir Horace Walpole" "Night Watch, The" "Noli me Tangere" Norham Castle Nuremberg "Nurse and the Child, The"

"'Oh, Pearl' Quoth I" "Old Bachelor, The" "Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner, The" Olivares

Pacheco "Pallas" "Pan and Psyche" Pantheon Pareja "Parish Clerk, The" 'Past and Present" Passignano "Pathless Water, The" Paul III. "Paysage" Pazzi family "Penzance" Percy, Bishop Perez family Perez, Maria Perugino Philip II. Philip III. Philip IV. Picot "Pilate Washing His Hands" Pinas Pirkneimer Pissaro "Ploughing" Pope, Alexander "Portrait of Old Man and Boy" Portraits of artists by themselves "Praying Arab" "Praying Hands" Pre-Raphaelites "Presentation of Christ in the Temple" "Presentation of the Family of Darius to Alexander" Prim, General "Procession of the Magi"

Pictures Every Child Should Know - 50/52

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