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- PoPHILO - 2/6 -

...we are less than what we think we are ..we are greater than what we think we are

45.It is a terrible affliction to underestimate and overestimate ourselves frequently.

46.An identical replacement should be deemed as such without undue expectations for it to resemble or be what was lost or unattainable. To have a substitute subjected to endless comparisons brings agony and disillusionment.

47.Withholding, releasing, utilising and non utilising information exacerbates or brings peace.

48.To shape one?s own methods and principles , observe others. From that emerges one?s identity with tolerance and understanding of others.

49.The best way to honour and cherish is to treasure and remember it at its finest.

50.It is great to be flawlessly felicitous for the moment. It is greater to be relevant always.

51.Blood is the fluid of life. Water is the fluid for sustaining life.

52.Two options to attain greatness and awareness. One, through conspicuous actions .Two, through inconspicuous means.

53.We realise mistakes ...while it?s been made ...after it has been made ...after been informed ...after admonishment ...after been criticised ...after its consequences have befallen us ...before its occurrence

54.Acknowledgement comes while we are here or when we have left.

55.Opportunity is not a one way traffic flow. There are times when others and events create opportunities for us. In our time of need, magnanimity , obligation or circumstantial twists of events, we create opportunities for others.

56.Having an interest in a certain subject covers more than academic pursuits. Practical pursuits come to play too. It can be a possession of something with the potential to augment progress in a particular sector or more.

57.Interest may lead to growth or decline, conception or doom to those affected.

58.When we realise that we are misfits in other matters, console ourselves with our strengths.

59.It is not easy being a perfectionist. The mind has to live up with the demands of the heart?s desire, the form has to toil while the conscience has to answer whether to live with a flaw or eradicate it even if it means more effort. The restless heart searches constantly for improvement. The final attainment and result of work is left for the perfectionist to regard it as worth every iota of distress, sacrifice , struggle and rumination invested or else the set up is undone and rebuilt again.

60.Thinking is the means of marshalling our dormant memory, facts , ideas and dreams while we coax them to form a cohesive logical fluxion.

61.Endurance and Faith are required in the advance into uncertainty for they are our defiant impetus of resistance which pit against tempting surrender.

62.Rational judgment and discretion are imperative in an age when sources of knowledge provide contradictory accounts. It aids those who are bemused and buried in the quagmire of indecision.

63.Seekers seek for ...the purpose of conquering ...the purpose of cherishing ...for the sake of seeking order to destroy

64.Bellicose seekers will be met with opposition while the one who comes in peace will be greeted with cooperation.

65.Public opinion is what society considers you to be. Reputation is what you have done to enable associates , rivals and strangers to consider you to be. Self-esteem is what you consider yourself to be .

66.Artists create ...what they think the public want .... for the joys of creating ...what they think that the public should see ... according to their whims ...exactly what the public want ... or things which will invite controversy ...for the sake of creating ... for the sake of their sanity.

67.It is much easier to yearn and possess than to cherish and preserve.

68.WHAT CAUSES CONFLICT ? Differing points of view and no middle road for both to tread.

69.Actions are impulses and thoughts brought to the physical realm.

70.Curb fears that immobilise us. Value and harness those which mobilise us.

71.Sometimes the way to peace is to just accept the state of things.

72.The ability to adapt, learn , to be adept and improvise are methods used for mastering situations .The ability to amass possibilities are methods of altering or avoiding situations in which we were cast in.

73.We may not welcome old age yet we ought to welcome wisdom from experience.

74.Among us are those who treasure their childhood and wish to be children and innocent. There are those who treasure adulthood .There are those willing to remain in the world of adolescent joys and pain.

75.Be calm if one is as wise as one ought to be. Fear not if one is wiser too. Fear when one is less than one ought to be.

76.Situations influence our mood. We cannot deny that our moods do exist. We are all moody people.

77.Fear for yourself and for others if you have no control over destructive impulses.

78.A perfectionist can be one who demands perfection from oneself and/or from others. Demands for perfection may be constant or occasional , realistic or otherwise while dealing with human or technological limitations .

79.Swearing to keep secrets is easy. To refrain ourselves from disclosing is the challenge.

80.Sometimes it is the average person with common sense who puts things right not experts weighed down by their theories and principles.

81.It is easy to disclose a secret. It is hard to live with the fact of having done so.

82.Past brushes with fright make either the coward or the brave.

83.The make does not make a person.

84.There are times when changes appear to threaten our plans. They are sometimes inevitable. At times it is our less than perfect ideals which are threatened and to alter them will be to our advantage later.

85.Better to transform faces of the present and deal with the tide of approaching time than undo an established past .

86.Truth can be blurred but its persistence ensures that its implications will not be shrouded indefinitely. Truth outlives schemers .

87.Deny truth and believe delusions. Deny truth and be hounded by its legitimacy .Deny truth but later come to terms with it.

88.We retain the exterior and keep the core vice-versa . Keep both core and exterior or discard both for new.

89.If one searches and discovers common links in the mesh of basic principles , dissimilarity floats on the surface and similarity is submerged below.

90.Conformity tries to cajole individuality to apologise for its uniqueness.

91.If our expressions of individuality in no way transgress human laws or God?s ,there is no basis to demand for a renouncement or recant.

92.It is best that we allow not ourselves to be stunted by well worn methods and well tried ways. Time will tell as to when we are secure and confident enough to venture out from the narrow sphere.

93.If you have been spared certain labour, use the time allocated to your leisure for self evaluation and elevation .

94.It is not adequate to just grow wiser. Disseminate your work so others may derive the same joys as well.

95.The question is laid to every person. Will one travel along the lighted or darkened passage ?

96.Sense of duty comes in various forms. Whatever the preference or nature the end is for some benefit.

97.Society tends to consider us... ...too much of certain things too little of others ...capable of certain things incapable of others ...knowledgeable of some and ignorant of certain things ...should be certain things and not be others ...apt for some and inappropriate for others ...too early for certain things too late for others ...just about right for some others.

98.Desire, goals and interest are among those which have another in place when fulfilled.

99.It takes varying doses of effort to end below, equal to or grander than the manner in which we have started.

PoPHILO - 2/6

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