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- PoPHILO - 3/6 -

100. Biological and mental age has a bearing towards our ambitions and enthusiasm not just the environment. One extract does not make a compound.

101.Philosophy is the sum of experience and knowledge regarding a matter or a scope of matters compressed into blocks of wisdom or expressed in a full length treatise form.

102.What seems to be the start or the end may turn out to be a brief term , long term or perpetual existence of a state.

103.The measure of courage is based on the manner in which we confront the actual event or how one comes to grips with the outcome.

104.We know that we have become more discerning in taste when we are more selective, are no longer smitten or persuaded by one of its elements . We appreciate the entirety.

105.If what that has been expressed does not correspond with what has been done, language is unnecessary and superfluous.

106.When one has nothing to say it is time to reflect on that state of emptiness.

107.There are those who want to prove themselves. There are those who never wanted to. There are those without the chance to do so. There are those who have done so. There are those who go on until enough has been done .

108.There are ...those who are not ...those who want to be ...those who do not want to ...those who will never be ...those who will be ...those who think they are ...those trying to be ...those who nearly are ...those who are

109.Banalities are the light and mundane touches to life. They do not make the larger picture but they assist in completing it.

110.Sleep?s a cure and a disease. Sleep?s a necessity and an addiction. Sleep?s a willing servant and a temptor. Sleep clears the mind and muddles the head.

111.What we perceive as tools of leisure are another?s tools of trade.

112.There are people. There are names. We are known by them. We build them, we besmirch them. We create and alter them. We are proud or embarrassed of them. We remember or forget them. We honour, ridicule, criticise or dishonour them. We play with them, use, abuse and share them.

113.To be fearful and survive, to have confronted countless deaths and lived, breeds strength and calm nurtured by mastery of terror and vulnerability.

114.Victory and euphoria by itself is ephemeral. The spoils and the future matter more.

115.At times we have to clear the conscience that we have expended our most fervent efforts.

116.Sometimes the passage to comprehension is to derive first hand experience. Sometimes it is done through other sources. In any method, dedication is vital.

117.When there?s madness there?s chaos and consequences. When there is craving there is desire. When there?s madness and desire there breeds frenzy and obsession. Reality is lost.

118.When there is a dream there is a drive. Where there are principles you can find conviction. When there is dedication there is responsibility. Where there is consideration, there breeds caution and care. There is a sense of reality.

119.Be one?s life prominent or inconspicuous, hectic or laid back, complex or simple, matters not. Whether one sees the pattern of occurrence and truth matters.

120.A power failure is a bright flash which put us in the dark.

121.It is personal opinion which must be curtailed for fair judgment. Only those who laud or maul know the extent of their personal opinions in their judgment.

122.Those who appreciate most are those who understand best.

123.The world is a hive of variety and we beings of variety.

124.Perspiration forms not only upon the brow of those who toil. The anxious, fearful, industrious, weary, and relieved have the salt on them too.

125.If nothing is of importance , we would not take anything or be taken seriously.

126.When the initial passion had waned, conviction with rational reason sustain interest.

127.In order to atone for past misdeeds, at times, the peace offering comes with a returned opportunity.

128.We back away to avoid involvement, back away to watch. We back away when threatened, back away when instinct tells us. We back away when it?s time to leave, when we care enough for another to manage on their own.

129.You have to be either strong or weak enough to turn your back from something.

130.In most cases, it is poor perception that hinders, not physical impediment.

131.At the commencement, new findings come to us in abundance. At later stages when a sizeable amount had been unearthed, they come at a slower pace.

132.When we worry because of the dearth of things to ruminate on, we have found a chunk to ponder on. Closest things at hand are too often disregarded.

133.We ought to be grateful for all the circumstances which enabled us to attain and those which inspired us.

134.Choices are made according to varying mixtures of rational reasoning and emotions.

135.To bear with resentment is difficult .To take our leave from its misery is happy relief.

136.Repetition enhances appreciation and zeal or heightens annoyance and aversion.

137.To keep is to impede or nurture. To keep is to destroy or preserve.

138.Awareness is not only exploring the inner self but the outer environment as well.

139.We go in pursuit for many aims, to learn, to inflate the ego, to serve a cause, to heighten the reputation, to capture, to treasure, to harm and to protect.

140.There is cost involved in both victory and defeat.

141.What others think of us may or may not be what they thought of us previously. What others think of us may or may not be what we think ourselves to be.

142.From what we know, we can decrease or augment, deplete or replenish, waste or retain, discourage or nurture , obliterate or create.

143.Whether one?s labours are rewarded with favour or spurned, whatever the outcome, one ought to be consoled with the comfort that the execution of our labours were made under the cover of probabilities and guided by clarity of conscience.

144.Sometimes gestures and silence are the most apt communication.

145.Far better to give a sterling performance without an audience rather than to an unappreciative one.

146.Where love resides there is a bond. Where there?s a bond it may not always have love as company.

147.When love is no more, mutual respect and tolerance are left. When these due to friction are depleted, parting is best.

148.Rage so long as it reigns, obscures profundity of all else but raging fever.

149.Our scars and hurt have tales to tell. They are part of the cost of living and experience.

150.Faith is trust.

151.In the imperfect cosmos, enhancement of one feature comes with depletion or sacrifice of another.

152.When we serve for gain or from generosity, we still have to put up with some personal discomfort.

153.One stroke of a thread ferrying needle undoes a stitch. One potent stroke of a drug carrying needle undoes a life.

154.If matters were simpler, there would be more trust, less elaborate schemes and less reading between the lines.

155.If we view valid individualism and idiosyncrasies as unacceptable, then being ourselves is tantamount to an illegal act.

156.At times scarcity and limitations bring about excellence.

157.Our passion indicates our commitment .How our passion consumes and endures testify to the intensity of conviction.

158.To be exceptional may mean being at the extreme ends of classification.

PoPHILO - 3/6

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