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- PoPHILO - 4/6 -

159.It takes effort to create well, duplicate well and emulate well.

160.As we progress what were once seen as luxuries become necessities.

161.To be ennobled through age is a reward. To be debased in character as we age is a shame.

162.No one relishes the ill mannered fledgling or elder.

163.We all play our part towards the well being of civilization.

164.When you fear yourself you will fear your own shadow. When you fear for yourself, you will also fear your own shadow.

165.There is order in disorder when feuding factions champion similar causes.

166.There is pain and relief in both holding on and letting go.

167.For most, fantasy?s encroachment into reality is better received than reality?s rude burst into fantasy.

168.Most would wish to stay with fond fantasies if there are no fond realities. When and where there are fond realities to live with, there we shall stay.

169.It is not sufficient to have one?s facts precise but also to be sure of them and ourselves.

170.In anger it is too easy to draw exaggerated stereotypical conclusions. It takes sensitivity towards conscience and a vigorous spirit to resolve objectively.

171.Circumstances and distractions make the weary and wary fair game.

172.Reality deals with what is. Fantasy deals with what might be even if it is impossible.

173.There is dignity and greatness in the grand and humble. Our eyes need to seek the less obvious for our minds to appreciate them.

174.The pace with which we go about our work manifest calm or alarm.

175.Being immersed in concentration is like tuning out in order to tune in.

176.We came here unsoiled. Our misdeeds soil us.

177.Our struggles wear us away, our passions invigorate us.

178.Society spares neither those who speak too much or those who speak little.

179.A wrinkled brow should not be the price of temporary discomfort.

180.When we try overzealously to be proper in appearance and manners, we at times overdo it to the extent that we end up apologising and blushing over matters which are normal and natural.

181.Let?s face it, not all are compensated equally in material comforts for their troubles.

182.The measure of strength is the volume of abuse which it is capable of withstanding.

183.Some buckle under pressure , some buckle under excessive sweetness.

184.To see truth , we have to see through deceit.

185.One is charred by one?s torch when one is snuffed by the flame of one?s passion.

186.There is the disquiet of unease in either knowing or not knowing. There is the ease of calm knowing and not knowing.

187.Confusion brings forth fear, fear brings forth confusion.

188.In a serious surrounding, we tune in with ease to the significant. In a mundane surrounding , we have to wait for revelations from banalities to help us delve into significance.

189.There is a drive to action or to the brake of passivity when we are overly anxious.

190.Familiarity tends to make us take things for granted while the unknown cautions us .

191.By using our strength we can either do a lot of good or a lot of damage to ourselves or to our surroundings.

192.We appreciate by preserving, devouring, using and by being careful.

193.Control is present in creation and destruction.

194.Credit is given or withheld when justified or otherwise, when expected or otherwise and when under obligation.

195.If we persist against reason, it is like dehydrating a parched desert.

196.There are fantasies which deserve a shot at reality and those which should remain as they are.

197.There are realities which we are thankful for and those which we wished had stayed as unfulfilled fantasies.

198.Fantasies are stakes in a world of intangibles.

199.For the preservation of sanity we reach for relief from orthodox and unorthodox quarters.

200.To stray is to lose or to find.

201.Uncomprehended text are just blots on matter which ignorance is unable to decipher.

202.Despite the worth of a piece of work, if it?s not understood it is worthless or at best a nagging mystery.

203.Be thankful for having both food and shelter during intemperate weather.

204.We forget about others while drunk in our own comforts and pleasures.

205.There are escape artists who perform stunts by liberating themselves from danger. There are escape artists who perform stunts by shirking responsibility.

206.We are given the option to etch our niche in humankind?s odyssey as those who follow the paved path or as those who hacked their own.

207.Fiction is when one?s work is courted by reality and possibility, the logical and illogical.

208.If you want a recital, ask for what one knows. If you wish to witness an accomplishment, ask for what one can do with what one knows.

209.Seek for one and you shall find many. Accept one and you shall accept many.

210.One can only caution oneself or another if one has foresight, the lessons of experience or knowledge.

211.If we hadn?t been particularly exceptional in a certain matter, compensate for it in others if one is able.

212.The enhancing mask of vanity is a lesser vice compared to the deceptive mask of lies.

213.It takes the higher to make the lesser realise. It takes the lesser to make the higher realise.

214.Paces frantic, moderate or leisurely yield results.

215.Variety, uniformity and contrast is to be found in similar or a myriad of elements.

216.There is control in bursts of energy or in composure.

217.We think of things which we believe and do not believe.

218.Reality is as normal or ludicrous as the events which shape it.

219.Keeping ourselves alert is the easiest, most natural and challenging thing to attempt.

220.Seeing the sane and farcical keep our sanity. Being able to tell the difference assures us of our sanity.

221.Wishing for the worst for others bares the worst in us.

222.To commit ourselves truly, it is best that we make as few pledges as possible.

223.We mostly refrain from requesting assistance because of pride, taciturn nature ,fear or over confidence .

224.Pride is forgotten when one is threatened or desperate.

225.When inspiring thoughts leave us , we lose the fervour. We are left with tokens of achievement and the longing to achieve more.

226.Reverberating thoughts impede or propel.

227.Results are produced through depletion of renewable and non renewable resources.

228.We are spent or revitalised when we give or derive.

229.We are all tied to strings of some sort. Some strings are longer, firmer and more essential than some others.

230.Discretion is found in those with many priorities or in those who understand subtleties of human ways.

231.An act of disregard can set the stage for a succession of similar misdeeds because those in a position to rectify chose not to commit and instead conformed to the state.

234.Praise emboldens, inflates or reddens the cheeks.

PoPHILO - 4/6

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