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- PoPHILO - 6/6 -

sentences. Yet the length of our trail hangs heavily upon circumstances.

303.We may holler out loud. We may be heard by all. All comes to nought till another answers the call.

304.Our tongues make things great and ordinary sound as they are or contrary to their significance and nature.

305.Waiting can be brief respite from outcome or torment of outcome?s uncertainty.

306.Vision to create a cause. Conviction to stay and Effort to pursue it.

307.Dissatisfaction fuels both beneficial and destructive effects.

308.Carbonated drink makers are a jolly lot. They are in a bubbly profession.

309.Critics whine, critics praise, critics appraise, critics condemn , critics dismiss , critics ignore , critics avoid.

310.We complain of work which drain us and we complain of a lack of work.

311.We can say what we really wish to. What hinders our speech are variables in circumstances and its retinue of effects .

312.We recall because there was a yesterday and it has passed. We do because we have today and it passes but once. We plan because we believe in tomorrow and it will come to pass.

313. It is the tempered soul that outlasts the fury of the pyre, the mortality of the flesh, the vicissitudes of fancies, impermanence of favours, the narcissism of vanity and the intransigence of factions. For awhile, and while it lasts, the soul wears the godhead and inspiration, and it sees the wisdom withheld from foolishness and the dues of virtues. How one wishes to have that crowning wisdom, on the strength of our worthiness, unhindered by our most personal and private of pitfalls.

PoPHILO - 6/6

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