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- Rhyme and Reason Volume Two - 2/4 -

I'm Leaving :

Goodbye there's a pensive stillness A short while to reflect the jolt There's a blithe smile of carelessness A short pause to fasten the bolt 8>)

Action Required :

Thoughts that lodge in me should I bolt them and forget ? should I say them and release ? this quandary baits me with a jerk of regret

Questions play within me should I price their logic ? should I leave them be ? this quandary baits me with care I am to pick

Resolve swells in me I should heed apprehension ! I should calm uncertainty ! the last stroke awaits me with an expectation 8>)

Little One's Hope :

Your tiny feet stumble and knees buckle yet you walk with outstretched arms Your hands grapple at awkward angles yet you come with curious arms Child of hope and child of trust Shape your future with our past 8>)

A Toast To Thee :

though the distance for miles swell much from Fortune we can't tell savour rewards and joys we had while sweat and toil made us prepared your quests ahead, I wish you well 8>)

Whimsical Verse :

There was a lady of wavy long tresses who pined for short locks of hair so to her wish she one day addresses and was delighted by a sight so fair! 8>)

A weave of thanks :

'twas inspired by inspiration I thank thee for thy plaudit where reason and words meet 'tis to me a joyous notion with words Bards shape and weave while from the Muses they receive ! 8>)

Quatrain For Friends :

In friendship and in sport Trust and faith scaled the fort In light jest and with truth Hands clasp with regard true 8>)

The World Turns :

for as long as the world turns there'll be cause to go on along its twists and turns from night to new morn sparks alight where fire burns warm embraces and cold spurns events that press us upon when cause and effect churns while hopes and chances spawn sadness and joy have their turns there'll be cause to go on for as long as the world turns 8>)

Pricey Temptation :

Sell us your finest finery To cheer up lively livery the earthly passing passions tempt with comely compulsions 8>)

Your Move :

where does your heart lie ? when it must be true ? the hard questions they pry and they are now due !

to salvation where you're cleansed ? or reap damnation of recompense ? judge and make fateful choice foolish plunge or righteous poise ! 8>)

Restless Reckless :

Mesh of contradictions with likely predilections flirting with chance in a worldly prance

Providence queried with questions varied in a rush hurried of temper unburied

Toasts to eventuality with a toss of probability come fame or infamy taunts decreed mortality 8>)

Three Thoughts at Three Paces :

1 For what is a lavish bauble but sight to behold and marvel ? It cares not how you fare merely a trinket to compare ?

2 Mock not the spartan or ornate swiftly in haste or in debate With stealth change alters priorities makes necessary, luxuries makes luxuries, necessities A restless evolving state fills or wipes a slate

3 Spare traders of things necessary for their lack of tasteful grace Their use and place have longevity with wares to ease passing days 8>)

Some Questions(while Hope still waits) : 1 Will sworn foes swear anew be seated on common pew ? though far easier to renounce strangers bad blood among same blood breeds dangers

2 Will sworn foes swear anew be seated on common pew ? or will peace be only enforced when each choose a separate course ?

3 Will sworn foes swear anew be seated on common pew ? or must ill churn till last breath with no certainty but death ?

4 By own accord, jettison pride Courage on a limb, bare one's hide If sincerity resides on each side...

5 Will sworn foes swear anew be seated on common pew ? if oaths can be retaken can they embrace as brethren ? 8>)

Passing Days :

Cry for joy and sorrow

Rhyme and Reason Volume Two - 2/4

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