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- Ancient China Simplified - 60/61 -

Sacrifices, Sacrifices, drum, Sacrifices, family, Sacrifices, human, Sacrifices, spring and autumn, Sacrificial meat, _Saga_ literature, Sagittarius, Salary in grain, Salt flats, Salt trade, Sanctions, solemn, Savages, _See_ Barbarians Scandinavia, Sceptres, Science and religion, Scottish parallels, Scripture, Scythians, See Turks and Hiung-nu Sea, little known, Seal character, Seals, Seasons, Semi-mythical times, Septimius Severus, Settled communities, Seven States, Sha-Sh, modern, Shakespeare, Shan-hai Kiwan, Shan races, Shan Si, province, Shan Tung, province, Shang dynasty, Shang, principality, _Shang Ti_, title, _Shanghai_, modern, Shao, Duke of (in Yen), Shao-hing, modern, Sheba, Queen of, _Shn-wu_, Mikado (see Jimmu), Shen Si, province, _Sh-ki_, history, Shint ritual, Shipbuilding, Shipping, early, Shou-mng, King of Wu, Shrines, Shuh Hiang, statesman, Shuh, state, Shun, Emperor, Siam, Siang, Emperor, Siang-yang city, Siberia, Sin, idea of, Si-ngan Fu, Sinim, land of, Si-ning, locality, Silk, Silk industry, Silk, writing on, sisters as joint wives, _Siwangmu_, country and ruler, Six Kingdoms, Six states (south), slavery, smearing blood, smearing lips with blood, Solstices, Son of Heaven, Songs, 154 (_see_ Odes), Soochow city, Soochow Creek, Soothsayers, Soul, the, Sul (Corea), South, facing, South China, South Sea, South Sea Islands, Southern Yeh, Sovereign quality, Spanish parallels, Spinning, Spirits, (see Wine), Spirits and ghosts, Spiritual power, Sport, Spring and Autumn Annals, Spring functions, Standards, See Flags States, size of, Statesmen, intimacy of, Statistics, absence of, Stone documents, Stone drums, Struggle for empire, Succession questions, Sii Chou, Suicide, Sultans of Turkey, Sun, facing the, Sun, movements of, Sung as Protector, Sung, state, Sung's diplomatic position, Supernatural agencies, Superstition, Surnames, Surveys, Su Ts'in, diplomatist, Swords, Sz, the River, Sz Ch'wan history, Sz Ch'wan, province, Sz-ma Kwang, Sz-ma Ts'ien,

Tablets, ancestral, Tablets, documentary, See Documents Tabu, T'ai Hu, lake, T'ai-p'ing rebels, T'ai-shan, mountain, Ta-liang, capital, Tan, historiographer, Tan-yang, locality, T'ang dynasty, _Tao_, or the way, Taoists, Tarim valley, Tartar advisers, "Tartar," ambiguity of word, Tartar cart-houses, Tartar Emperors, Tartar Empire, Tartar-Generals, Tartar kings, Tartar pedigrees, Tartar treaties, Tartar wives, Tartars, Tartars annexed, Tartars kill Emperor, Tartars, Northern, Tartars, Western, Tartary, Tattooing, Taxation, Tea, Th-an, locality, Temple of Heaven, Temples in China, See Ancestral Tng, state, _Tenshi_, or T'ien-tsz, Territorial names, Teutonic migrations, Theatricals, Thicket country, See _King_ Tho, people, Three Miao, Three Tsin, _Ti_, the word, or Emperor, Tibet, Tibetans, T'ien (disguised form of Ch'en) family, T'ien H&g, Tientsin, modern, Tillage, (see Agriculture), Tin Islands, Titles of vassal rulers, Tobacco, Tombs, Tombs, ancient, Tombs, desecration of, Tombs of Emperors, Tones, Chinese, Tonic languages, Tonquin, Tonquin, early relations with, Tortoises, T'ouman, personal name, Tower of Babel, Trade, Traditions, Treaties, Treaties, Chinese vassal, Treaties, faithlessness to, Treaties, Tartar, Tribute, Tribute of Yii, Triennial homage, Tripods, Nine, Trophies, war, Tropics, Ts'ai, state, Tsaidam, Ts'ao Wn-chung, statesman, Ts'ao, state,

Ancient China Simplified - 60/61

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