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- Aria da Capo - 3/6 -

THYRSIS: Oh, can't I?--wait and see!--and if you try To lead them over here, you'll wish you hadn't!

CORYDON: I wonder how it happens all the water Is on your side. . . . I'll say you had an eye out For lots of little things, my innocent friend, When I said, "Let us make a song," and you said, "I know a game worth two of that!"

COLUMBINE: [Off stage.] Pierrot, D'you know, I think you must be getting old, Or fat, or something,--stupid, anyway!-- Can't you put on some other kind of collar?

THYRSIS: You know as well as I do, Corydon, I never thought anything of the kind. _Don't_ you?

CORYDON: I _do_ not.

THYRSIS: Don't you?

CORYDON: Oh, I suppose so. Thyrsis, let's drop this,--what do you say?--it's only A game, you know . . . we seem to be forgetting It's only a game ... a pretty serious game It's getting to be, when one of us is willing To let the sheep go thirsty for the sake of it.

THYRSIS: I know it, Corydon.

[They reach out their arms to each other across the wall.]

COTHURNUS: [Prompting.] "But how do I know--"

THYRSIS: Oh, yes. . . . But how do I know this isn't a trick To water your sheep, and get the laugh on me?

CORYDON: You can't know, that's the difficult thing about it, Of course,--you can't be sure. You have to take My word for it. And I know just how you feel. But one of us has to take a risk, or else, Why, don't you see?--the game goes on forever! . . . It's terrible, when you stop to think of it. . . . Oh, Thyrsis, now for the first time I feel This wall is actually a wall, a thing Come up between us, shutting you away From me. . . . I do not know you any more!

THYRSIS: No, don't say that! Oh, Corydon, I'm willing To drop it all, if you will! Come on over And water your sheep! It is an ugly game. I hated it from the first. . . . How did it start?

CORYDON: I do not know . . . I do not know . . . I think I am afraid of you!--you are a stranger! I never set eyes on you before! "Come over And water my sheep," indeed!--They'll be more thirsty Than they are now before I bring them over Into your land, and have you mixing them up With yours, and calling them yours, and trying to keep them!


COLUMBINE: [To COTHURNUS.] Glummy, I want my hat.

THYRSIS: Take it, and go.

COLUMBINE: Take it and go, indeed. Is it my hat, Or isn't it? Is this my scene, or not? Take it and go! Really, you know, you two Are awfully funny!


THYRSIS: Corydon, my friend, I'm going to leave you now, and whittle me A pipe, or sing a song, or go to sleep. When you have come to your senses, let me know. [Goes back to where he has been sitting, lies down and sleeps.]

[CORYDON, in going back to where he has been sitting, stumbles over bowl of colored confetti and colored paper ribbons.]

CORYDON: Why, what is this?--Red stones--and purple stones-- And stones stuck full of gold!--The ground is full Of gold and colored stones! . . . I'm glad the wall Was up before I found them!--Otherwise, I should have had to share them. As it is, They all belong to me. . . . Unless--

[He goes to wall and digs up and down the length of it, to see if there are jewels on the other side.]

None here-- None here--none here--They all belong to me! [Sits.]

THYRSIS: [Awakening.] How curious! I thought the little black lamb Came up and licked my hair; I saw the wool About its neck as plain as anything! It must have been a dream. The little black lamb Is on the other side of the wall, I'm sure.

[Goes to wall and looks over. CORYDON is seated on the ground, tossing the confetti up into the air and catching it.]

Hello, what's that you've got there, Corydon?

CORYDON: Jewels.

THYRSIS: Jewels?--And where did you ever get them?

CORYDON: Oh, over here.

THYRSIS: You mean to say you found them, By digging around in the ground for them?

CORYDON: [Unpleasantly.] No, Thyrsis, By digging down for water for my sheep.

THYRSIS: Corydon, come to the wall a minute, will you? I want to talk to you.

CORYDON: I haven't time. I'm making me a necklace of red stones.

THYRSIS: I'll give you all the water that you want, For one of those red stones,--if it's a good one.

CORYDON: Water?--what for?--what do I want of water?

THYRSIS: Why, for your sheep!

CORYDON: My sheep?--I'm not a shepherd!

THYRSIS: Your sheep are dying of thirst.

CORYDON: Man, haven't I told you I can't be bothered with a few untidy Brown sheep all full of burdocks?--I'm a merchant. That's what I am!--And if I set my mind to it I dare say I could be an emperor! [To himself.] Wouldn't I be a fool to spend my time Watching a flock of sheep go up a hill, When I have these to play with?--when I have these To think about?--I can't make up my mind Whether to buy a city, and have a thousand Beautiful girls to bathe me, and be happy Until I die, or build a bridge, and name it The Bridge of Corydon,--and be remembered After I'm dead.

THYRSIS: Corydon, come to the wall, Won't you?--I want to tell you something.

CORYDON: Hush! Be off! Be off! Go finish your nap, I tell you!

THYRSIS: Corydon, listen: if you don't want your sheep, Give them to me.

CORYDON: Be off! Go finish your nap. A red one--and a blue one--and a red one-- And a purple one--give you my sheep, did you say?-- Come, come! What do you take me for, a fool? I've a lot of thinking to do,--and while I'm thinking, The sheep might just as well be over here As over there. . . . A blue one--and a red one--

THYRSIS: But they will die!

CORYDON: And a green one--and a couple Of white ones, for a change.

THYRSIS: Maybe I have Some jewels on my side.

CORYDON: And another green one-- Maybe, but I don't think so. You see, this rock Isn't so very wide. It stops before It gets to the wall. It seems to go quite deep, However.

THYRSIS: [With hatred.] I see.

COLUMBINE: [Off stage.] Look, Pierrot, there's the moon.

PIERROT: [Off stage.] Nonsense!


COLUMBINE: [Off stage.] Sing me an old song, Pierrot,-- Something I can remember.

PIERROT: [Off stage.] Columbine. Your mind is made of crumbs,--like an escallop

Aria da Capo - 3/6

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