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- Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America - 16/16 -

since they (Castor and Pollux) have so willed it, the threatening waves settle on the deep."--HORACE, Odes, I., 12, 27-32.]

[Footnote: 50. Opposuit natura. Nature opposed.]

[Footnote: 51. no theory. Select other instances of Burke's impatience with fine-spun theories in statescraft]

[Footnote: 52. Republic of Plato Utopia of More Ideal states Consult the Century Dictionary]

[Footnote: 53. "And the DULL swain Treads daily on it with his clouted shoon" --MILTON'S Comus, 6, 34, 35.]

[Footnote: 54. the year 1763 The date marks the beginning of the active struggle between England and the American colonies. The Stamp Act was the first definite step taken by the English Parliament in the attempt to tax the colonies without their consent.]

[Footnote: 55. legal competency. This had been practically recognized by Parliament prior to the passage of the Stamp Act. In Massachusetts the Colonial Assembly had made grants from year to year to the governor, both for his salary and the incidental expenses of his office. Notwithstanding the fact that he was appointed (in most cases) by the Crown, and invariably had the ear of the Lords of Trade, the colonies generally had things their own way and enjoyed a political freedom greater, perhaps, than did the people of England.]

[Footnote: 56. This is not my doctrine, but that of Ofellus; a rustic, yet unusually wise]

[Footnote: 57. Compare in point of style with 43, 22-25; 44, 1-6 In what way do such passages differ from Burke's prevailng style? What is the central thought in each paragraph?]

[Footnote: 58. misguided people. There is little doubt that the colonists m many instances were misrepresented by the Lords of Trade and by the royal governors. See an interesting account of this in Fiske's American Revolution.]

[Footnote: 59. an Act. Passed in 1767. It provided for a duty on imports, including tea, glass, and paper.]

[Footnote: 60 An Act. Boston Post Bill.]

[Footnote: 61. impartial administration of justice. This provided that if any person in Massachusetts were charged with murder, or any other capital offence, he should be tried either in some other colony or in Great Britain]

[Footnote: 62. An Act for the better regulating See 87, 23. ]

[Footnote: 63. Trial of Treasons See 50, 20.]

[Footnote: 64. de jure. According to law. de facto. According to fact.]

[Footnote: 65. jewel of his soul.

"Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, Is the immediate jewel of their souls" --Othello, III, iii, 155,156.]

[Footnote: 66. proposition of a ransom. See 8, 13.]

[Footnote: 67. An experiment upon something of no value.]

[Footnote: 68. They stake their fortune and play.]

[Footnote: 69. Such a presumption Is Burke right in this? Select instances which seem to warrant rest such a presumption. Discuss the political parties of Burke's own day from this point of view.]

[Footnote: 70. What can you say about the style of this passage? Note the figure, sentence structure, and diction. Does it seem artificial and overwrought? Compare it with 43, 22-25; 44. 1-6; also with 90, 23-25, 91, 1-25, 92, 1-23.]

[Footnote: 71. enemies. France and Spain.]

[Footnote: 72. light as air.

"Trifles light as air Are to the jealous confirmations strong As proofs of holy writ" --Othello, III, iii, 322-324]

[Footnote: 73. grapple to you. "The friends thou hast and their adoption tried Grapple them to thy soul with hooks of steel" --Hamlet, I., iii, 62,63.]

[Footnote: 74. the cement is gone. Figure?]

[Footnote: 75. profane herd.

"Odi profanum volgus et arceo" I hate the vulgar herd and keep it from me --Horace, Odes, III, 1, 1]

[Footnote: 76. Magnanimity. Etymology?]

[Footnote: 77. auspicate Etymology and derivation?]

[Footnote: 78. Sursum corda. Lift up your hearts.]

[Footnote: 79. quod felix faustumque sit. May it be happy and fortunate.]

Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America - 16/16

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