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- Cupid's Understudy - 8/8 -

"It's the gospel truth. Perry will think me no end of a snob. I won't know what explanation to make."

"Nonsense! I'll explain it to him myself."

"Then you feel I ought to accept mother's arrangements?"

"You must, if it will make her happy."

"She assured me she would be most miserable if I didn't."

"Then it's settled," I said.

"That's not all, Elizabeth; the duke is sailing for Japan on the twenty-sixth of February."

"And this is the twentieth!" I gasped.

"Yes, sweetheart. And mother has arranged our wedding for the twenty-fourth."

I was silent from sheer indignation.

"I told mother you wouldn't like it. But will you . . .? Do you . . .? Would you mind very much being married on the twenty-fourth?"

"Would you mind?" I asked.

"Mind? I should love it above everything! Life is so uncertain, each day is so precious, and I've waited so long for you, Elizabeth."

"You've only known me a little over a month."

"But I've waited years for you;"

"Yes," I said, "I believe you have: It shall be as you wish, dear."

And then, as a woman's greatest happiness lies in making the man she loves happy, and as no one ever looked so radiantly happy as Blakely, I was so glad I had said "yes," I didn't know what to do.

But Blakely knew exactly what to do; he kissed me.

Cupid's Understudy - 8/8

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