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- The Lamp and the Bell - 1/16 -

The Lamp And The Bell

A Drama In Five Acts

By Edna St. Vincent Millay

Written on the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of the Vassar College Alumnae Association

Dedicated to '1917'

Lorenzo, King of Fiori Julia Lovejoy Cuniberti '11 Mario, King of Lagoverde Valerie Knapp '20 Guido, Duke of Versilia, Illegitimate nephew to Lorenzo Louisa Brook Jones '07

Giovanni Katherine Jones '20 Luigi Muriel Izard '17 Anselmo Lucia Cole Waram '01 Raffaele Eleanor Kissan '20 Gentlemen at the court of Lorenzo

Fidelio Geneva Harrison '20 Jester at the court of Lorenzo

Giuseppe Eleanor Fatman Morgenthau '13 Agent for the Duke's estates

Cesco Gertrude Taylow Watkins '07 Horatio Lucille Stimson Harbey '09 Townsmen of Fiori

Beppo Marcell Furman Newburg '19 A little boy, son to Guiliana

Rigo Ruth Delepenha '17 Louis Emily Gallagher '21 Little boys, sons to Leonora

Clerk Lucy Madeira Wing '96

Messenger Esther Saville Davis '06

Octavia, Lorenzo's second wife Montgomery Cooper '09

Beatrice, "Rose-Red," Clifford Sellers '21 Daughter to Lorenzo by a former marriage

Bianca, "Snow-White," Lois Duffie '20 Daughter to Octavia by a former marriage

Laura Frances Stout Kellman '17 Carlotta Kathleen Millay Young ex-'21 Francesca Dorothy Comstock '19 Viola Lillian White '18 Lilina Caroline Goodrich '16 Lela Sylvia Brockway '20 Arianna Margaret Hughes '18 Claudia Janet Lane '18 Clara Jeanette Baker '18 Lucia Ellen Hasbrouck '15 Ladies at the Court of Lorenzo

Grazia Eleanor Ray Broeniman '99 Nurse to Beatrice and Bianca

Giulietta, servant to Bianca Virginia Archibold '17 "Little Snow-White" Gretchen Tonks "Little Rose-Red" Joy Macracken '36

Leonora Catherine Barr '20 Giuliana Mabel Hastings Humpstone '94 Clara Olive Remington '19 Giovanitta Caroline Curtis Johnson '83 Anna Frances Haldeman Sidwell '84 Eugenia Helen Hoy Greeley '99 Townsmen of Fiori

Eleanora A little girl, daughter to Leonora

Gilda Ruth Benedict '20 A little girl, sister to Beppo

Adelina, another little girl Maiserie MacCracken '31 Nurse Edith Ward

Pierrot Harlequin Pant Aloon Polichinello Colombine Strolling players

Courtiers, Ladies-in-Waiting, Soldiers, Pages, Musicians, Towns-people, Children


[Anselmo and Luigi]

ANSELMO. What think you,--lies there any truth in the tale The King will wed again?

LUIGI. Why not, Anselmo? A king is no less lonely than a collier When his wife dies, And his young daughter there, For all her being a princess, is no less A motherless child, and cries herself to sleep Night after night, as noisily as any, You may be sure.

ANSELMO. A motherless child loves not, They say, the second mother. Though the King May find him comfort in another face,-- As it is well he should--the child, I fancy, Is not so lonely as she is distraught With grief for the dead Queen, and will not lightly Be parted from her tears.

LUIGI. If tales be true, The woman hath a daughter, near the age Of his, will be a playmate for the Princess.



Scene 1

[Scene: A garden of the palace at Fiori; four years later.]

[Discovered seated Laura, Francesca and Fidelio, Laura embroidering, Fidelio strumming his flute, Francesca lost in thought.]

LAURA. You,--Fool! If there be two chords to your lute, Give us the other for a time!

FRANCESCA. And yet, Laura, I somewhat fancied that soft sound he made. 'Twas all on the same tone,--but 'twas a sweet tone.

LAURA. 'Tis like you. As for myself, let music change From time to time, or have done altogether. Sing us the song, Fidelio, that you made Last night,--a song of flowers, and fair skies, And nightingales, and love.

FIDELIO. I know the song. It is a song of winter.

LAURA. How is that?

FIDELIO. Because it is a song of summer set To a sad tune.

FRANCESCA. [Sadly] Ah, well,--so that it be not A song of autumn, I can bear to hear it.

LAURA. In any case, music. I am in a mood for music. I am in a mood where if something be not done To startle me, I shall confess my sins.

[Enter Carlotta.]

CARLOTTA. Ha! I will have that woman yet by the hair!

LAURA. What woman, pray, Carlotta?

CAR. Ho! What woman! Who but that scullery-wench, that onion-monger, That slatternly, pale bakress, that foul witch, The coroneted Fish-Wife of Fiori, Her Majesty, the Queen!

FRA. Hush--hush--Carlotta! You could be put to death for less than that!

CAR. Not I, my duck. When I am put to death 'Twill be for more! Oh, I will have her yet By the hair! [For the first time noticing Fidelio.] Fidelio, if you breathe one word Of this, I will scratch the Princess into ribbons, Whom you love better than your wit.

FID. I' faith, I did but hear you say you are a fish-wife, And all the world knows that.

The Lamp and the Bell - 1/16

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