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- Types of Children's Literature - 2/107 -

As a compendium of good literature for children it is hoped that this book may interest parents and teachers, quite independently of the fact that it was prepared for classes of young men and women studying children's literature, and that it may be put into the hands of children.

There remains but the pleasant duty of acknowledging the advice and encouragement received from many persons interested in this subject. To the publishing houses who have granted permission to use copyrighted material and to the Librarian of Congress thanks are due for courtesies extended. To Mr. David Dale Johnson of West Virginia University for collating; to Mr. Hunter Whiting for a great deal of copying and collating; and especially to Professor Franklin T. Baker of Teachers College, Columbia University, Professor James F. Hosic of the Chicago Normal College, and Mr. John Cotton Dana of the Newark, New Jersey, Free Public Library, for advice and criticism on the manuscript,--to all of these the editor hereby expresses his gratitude.





CHARACTER SKETCHES Little Miss Muffet Diddle, diddle, dumpling Let's go to bed Jack Sprat There was a little girl

SCENES AND INCIDENTS Jack and Jill Hickory, dickory, dock There was an old woman Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater Little Jack Horner

TALES Old Mother Hubbard Little Bo-peep The Babes in the Woods

NONSENSE AND HUMOROUS RHYMES Old Dan Tucker Old Man John We're all in the dumps I had a little horse

SATIRES AND TAUNTS Georgy-porgy April fool Johnny's mad Cry, baby, cry Tell-tale-tit

TONGUE TWISTERS Peter Piper Swan swam over the sea

COUNTING-OUT JINGLES Ickity, pickity One-ery, two-ery Inty, minty Intery, mintery

GESTURE AND ACTION SONGS Trit-trot Hippity-hop This little mouse Here we go up, up, up

RIDDLES A Cherry A Fodder Field, a Hog, and a Dog Hens A Churn An Egg A Star

CATCHES There, was a man who had no eyes I am a gold lock As I was going to St. Ives

CHARMS AND SUPERSTITIONS Star of light Marble, marble, roll away Honest and true Come, butter, come Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Mole on the neck

WEATHER WISDOM Rain before seven Evening red When the fog goes up the hill When the bees all homeward fly

AIDS TO MEMORY One, two, three, four Naught, one In fourteen hundred and ninety-two Thirty days hath September

PROVERBS Birds of a feather He that would thrive Little strokes See a pin and pick it up For every evil under the sun

PEDDLER'S CRIES Pease porridge hot Hot-cross buns


WILLIAM BLAKE Piping down the valleys wild The Lamb Laughing Song

CHRISTINA ROSSETTI The Wind The City Mouse and the Garden Mouse Lullaby A Flint The Sisters

ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON The Wind Windy Nights The Whole Duty of Children My Bed Is a Boat The Land of Counterpane The Land of Storybooks

LUCY LARCOM If I Were a Sunbeam The Rivulet The Brown Thrush

ANN AND JANE TAYLOR Meddlesome Matty The Violet The Star The Way to be Happy

ISAAC WATTS Against Idleness and Mischief A Morning Song A Cradle Hymn

LEWIS CARROLL Jabberwocky You Are Old, Father William The Walrus and the Carpenter

EDWARD LEAR There was an Old Man of the West There was an Old Man with a beard There was an Old Person of Dean There was a Young Lady whose chin There is a Young Lady whose nose The Owl and the Pussy-Cat The Jumblies


POPULAR Bonny Barbara Allan Sir Patrick Spence Robin Hood and Allin a Dale Kinmont Willie

MODERN The Wreck of the Hesperus, _Longfellow_ La Belle Dame sans Merci, _Keats_ Lord Ullin's Daughter, _Campbell_ Young Lochinvar, _Scott_ How They Brought the Good News, _Browning_ The Revenge, _Tennyson_


Types of Children's Literature - 2/107

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