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- Hello, Boys! - 2/13 -

To the Men of the Sea I sing my song; A song that rises from heart to lip.

I sing of the valour that ploughed a path Straight through the snares of a crafty foe, Through billows raging with wintry wrath, And over the dens of the devils below.

To the splendid heroes of Jutland Bank And the Royal Navy I give their due; And cheek by jowl with them all, I rank The brave mine-sweepers and merchant crew.

Trawler--Drifter--or English Fleet - All are manned by the Men of the Sea, And all together in my heart meet, For a boat is a boat to the mind of me.

And who ever over the dread seas fared, And however humble his work or place, To the great Christ spirit must be compared - Since he offered his life for the good of the race.

And how many lie in the deep-sea bed, No man can reckon, and no man number; But not one Soul of them all is dead, For death is only the body's slumber.

And the Men of the Mist, who from dark to dawn On the deck or the bridge stand guard at night, Oft feel the presence of comrades gone Who keep watch with them, though veiled from sight.

Many the songs of the brave boys sent Over The Top in the battle's thunder; But mine is the song of the men who went Over the top of the waves--and under.


'Invisible and silent'--Mystery Surrounded that great Guardian of the Sea. That Father--Mother--of the mighty main. While loud in valley and on field and hill - And over anguished plain The battles thundered. God himself is still And hidden from men's view; and it were meet That this subliminal force Should move in utter silence on its course Invisible--Inaudible--till that hour When Time, Fate's Minister, should speak and say - 'Come forth! and show thy power!' When Time commands, even the gods obey.

'Invisible and silent'; yet the foe Was driven from the Sea. All impotent The brazen braggart went. While commerce sent her brave ships to and fro; And from Columbia's shores there sailed away Ten thousand men a day - Ten thousand men a day! who reached their goals Bringing new courage to war-weary souls.

Oh, silent wonder of the noisy sea! Though alien, with the blood of Bunker Hill Down filtering through my veins, the heart of me Seems with a mingled love and awe to fill And overflow at thought of that sublime, Unparalleled large hour of Time; When bloodless Victory saw the foes' flag furled - That insolent menace to a righteous world.

Great Britain's Fleet unshaken in its might, Proclaimed itself again in all men's sight The Mistress of the Main. Fair Freedom's friend, May peace and glory on thy path attend.


Lie down, and let the billows hide your shame, Oh, shorn and naked outcast of the seas! You who confided to each ocean breeze Your coming conquests, and made loud acclaim Of your own grandeur and exalted fame; You who have catered to they world's disease; You who have drunk hate's wine, and found the lees; Lie down! and let all men forget your name!

You dreamed of world dominion! you! the spawn Of hell and hatred--Foe to all things free - Sworn enemy to honour, truth and right; Too poor a thing now for the Devil's pawn, Let the large mercy of the outraged sea Engulf and hide you evermore from sight.


They rode through the bannered city - The King and the Commoner, And the hopes of the world were with them, And the heart of the world was astir. For the moss-grown walls seemed falling That have shut away men from Kings; And Deep unto Deep was calling For the coming of greater things.

They rode to an age-old Palace Where the feet of the Mighty go - (A Palace that stands unshaken Despite the boast of the foe!) And the King from Kings descending - And the Man of the People's choice In a Super-Man seemed blending, And they spoke as with one voice.

And one voice now and for ever Will speak from sea to sea, Wherever the British Banner And the Starry Flag float free. For our fettering chains are sundered By the evil that turned to good, And Deep unto Deep has thundered Its message of Brotherhood.

It was not a pageant of Victors - Or a triumph hour of man, That ride through the bannered City, It was part of a Mighty Plan; And the sound of old barriers falling Rose there where those Rulers trod, For Deep unto Deep was calling In the resonant Voice of God.


We are the Allies of God to-day, And the width of the earth is our right of way. Let no man question or ask us why, As we speed to answer a wild world cry; Let no man hinder or ask us where, As out over water and land we fare; For whether we hurry, or whether we wait, We follow the finger of guiding fate.

We are the Allies. We differ in faith, But are one in our courage at thought of death. Many and varied the tongues we speak, But one and the same is the goal we seek. And the goal we seek is not power or place, But the peace of the world, and the good of the race. And little matters the colour of skin, When each heart under it beats to win.

We are the Allies; we fight or fly, We wallow in trenches like pigs in a sty, We dive under water to foil a foe, We wait in quarters, or rise and go. And staying or going, or near or far, One thought is ever our guiding star: We are the Allies of God to-day, We are the Allies--make way! make way!


All the world was wearying, All the world was sad; Everything was shadow-filled; Things were going bad. Then a rumour stirred all hearts As a wind stirs trees - Ten thousand men a day Coming over seas!

Soon we saw them marching by - God! what a sight! - Shoulders back, and heads erect, Faces full of light. Smiling like a morn in May, Moving like a breeze, Ten thousand men a day

Hello, Boys! - 2/13

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